Facebook is one of the most-popular social networking apps with 2.01 billion monthly active users. But, since it uses more of your mobile data, memory, and battery life of the device, many people decided to move to alternative of the Facebook app. Well, the auto-play videos, fake news feeds, and unknown friend requests are also major reasons to give up Facebook. That’s why; I thought you would love to have one of these best Facebook app alternatives for Android and iPhone.

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Currently, there are some Facebook app alternatives available online. But, here we have collected the best apps like Facebook for Android and iPhone. These all are the user-friendly apps that make your device run smoother while eating fewer data as well as memory. Are you really got tired of Facebook and wanted to switch? Then, let me give you a short ride the best alternative Facebook apps so that you can get a complete idea to choose the finest one.

Best Alternative Facebook apps for Android and iPhone

8 Best Facebook App Alternatives for Android and iPhone 2017

#1. Friendly for Facebook

Friendly is the combination of Facebook and the Messenger app. It is specially designed to let you access the Facebook website and FB Messenger at one place by saving your mobile data, battery life, and space on your device. Whether you want to search your favorite news feed with a specific keyword or want to ignore any type of annoying feed, you can sort and filter news feed by highlighting or hiding some keywords over the app. You can also block FB ads, set fingerprint & passcode lock or download videos from Facebook app. Let get it and have fun!

Friendly for Facebook App for Android and iPhone

Download for Android | Download for iPhone

#2. Mini FB

Mini FB Android app is specially designed for low-end devices to read Facebook news feed efficiently without affecting performance and battery life. It has the incredible and impressive design with side slide menu to let you use it most pleasantly. It works great with the 2G network. Additional, it also has the function to download Facebook videos and a mini CallerID to know the unknown number. Thus, we call it best alternative of the Facebook app.

Mini FB App for Android

Download for Android

#3. Fast – Social App

Whether you want to read the latest news feed or video from YouTube, the Fast-Social app is one of the best alternative apps of Facebook to get everything at one place. If your device is less powerful, then you can use this app to manage your Facebook account efficiently. It allows you to create your own list of a page to access main feed and chat with your friends. You can also download Facebook videos and view YouTube video directly from the app. Furthermore, you can also send, share, line and comment on contents. You should try this Facebook app alternative on your Android device.

Fast Social App for Android

Download for Android

#4. Swipe

Swipe is a lighter version of the Facebook app which is available for Android only. After going through this app, we can say that this app can be the best possible alternative to Facebook app, at least on Android. The reason behind sounding so confident is that you can do almost anything with your Facebook account using Swipe just like you can do on the official Facebook App.

If you don’t want to waste much of your data then just simply stop loading pictures and videos and that would be it! More, you can also use the night theme which will then allow your battery to breath for more time. Add or remove suggested friends on the top of your feed and also can remove ‘What is in your mind’ box easily if you don’t have anything to share and just want to surf through the Facebook timeline.

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Swipe App for AndroidDownload for Android

#5. Puffin for Facebook

Thankfully this wonderful app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. If you are a data conscious like many other smartphone users, then Puffin for Facebook is the app for you. What it does is that it uses a cloud system and then compresses everything before you can see it on your smartphone.

The developers of this app claim that it saves almost 83% of your data! You will get a good quality photograph while surfing through Puffin but if you want to watch the same picture in full quality, just shake your smartphone, and you can see it. You can even make changes in your Facebook timeline by moving things up and down features which will improve your experience of Facebook totally. Sadly this app doesn’t work the same way with Facebook Messenger so keep that option open, after downloading Puffin.

Puffin for Facebook App for iPhone and Android

Download for iPhoneDownload for Android

#6. Toffeed

The bad news is that Toffeed, an alternative app for Facebook is available just for the Android users only, but the good news is that it has a Facebook Messenger inbuilt so that you can get rid of not the only Facebook official app but also its Messenger app as well. This app is a very clear app, and it has a unique design as well. You can check all your notification under the ‘Globe Icon’ at the top right corner of your screen and rest of the functions are hidden inside the burger menu on your left side.

All in all a great alternative to Facebook as it also carries the burden of Messenger app as well. Secure an enormous amount of space on your smartphone with just one app.

Toffeed App for Android

Download for Android

#7. Social Media Vault

The name pretty much suggests about the app itself right? This app is not a full-fledged alternative to Facebook as it involves other social media platforms as well, but at the end of the day, it gives you a great comfort to handle all social media accounts at one place. The Facebook version is light, and thus it will benefit you for sure. You can quickly jump between different social media platforms by just shaking the phone or swiping the screen. You can even secure your Facebook app and other apps with a PIN, so there is an extra layer of security you have. The best feature this app has is the hackers’ log where you can see who tried to hack your Facebook account from where and at what time.

Social Media Vault for iPhone and Android

Download for iPhone | Download for Android

#8. Metal

Another cool app which can take care of your Facebook official app and also the Twitter app as well. This Android-only app can also take care of Facebook Messenger app as well. So, just imagine a large chunk of your smartphone’s memory getting saved by downloading just one app. There is a burger menu which can take care of all your groups, pages, online friends, etc. and it is very easy to pop that menu as well. You can even open another window on Metal, and you can do multitasking easily.

Metal App for Android

Download for Android

Although all the alternatives Facebook app work for Android, we even tried to give you three good options for iPhone as well. Hope you like our suggestions on the best Facebook app alternatives for Android and iPhone.

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