Gone are the days when we were always worried about apps and things eating out our valuable space both on our PC and also on smartphones. Since the arrival of ‘the cloud’ we can store our important data on a virtual drive called cloud drive. It all started when Gmail announced unlimited storage on its cloud to defeat its nearest rival Hotmail. Ever since that happened the entire world got changed.

Then came the most popular and easy to share a cloud-based site called Dropbox. But what users face a problem or the negative about Dropbox is that it allows you only 2GB space for free. Yes if you share it with your friends then you may get more space, but still, it is not enough for those who don’t want anything enough. But thankfully there are many such best alternative to Dropbox which allow us more than what Dropbox offers.

Best Dropbox Alternatives

So, why not we try those drives where we can store our mega files and feel relaxed? Here we are with some of the best options or in other words alternatives to Dropbox. So can we have a look?

10 Best Alternatives to Dropbox

#1. PCloud


PCloud is another alternative to Dropbox as it offers 20GB space for your valuable data storing. The 20GB data storage is free but if you wish you can also upgrade it to 500GB and 2TB storages as well. You can easily access the stored data from PC and from your smartphone or tablet. You can upload your files at 80 Mbps. All in all, it is a good solution for a Dropbox replacement.

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#2. OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft’s very own cloud drive, OneDrive offers 15 GB of whopping space for free. You can store anything which comes to your mind over here. Be it photographs, videos, documents OneDrive is there to absorb everything for you. You can even create, edit and share your documents from the drive itself. The only drawback of it is that you cannot share files as easily as the other cloud options we are going to share with you.

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#3. Google Drive

Google Drive

This is probably the most popular cloud-based drive among the users. The reason behind this is that it is part of the Google package and you can easily save your stuff, whatever it may be, from your PC and Android phone and you need not to exactly download a special app for it if you don’t wish to. Like OneDrive, Google Drive too offers 15GB space but it is shared between Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos so that is a catch which you need to address. You can easily transfer your big files to Google Drive. If you are using iCloud then too you can transfer your data to Google Drive without any fuss. But if you are not a big time ‘file saver’ then this much space is enough for the entire life.

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#4. Box.com


If you visit the website of Box.com then you probably feel that it is for professional only. Well, you probably are right but even for personal usage you can go for Box.com as it allows 10GB free space. It is a cloud-based tool so it also can be sync with your tablet or smartphone and thus you can use it from there also. What makes Box.com as not a preferred cloud-based drive is that it allows the only 250MB for a single file upload which is far too less in comparison to many other such online drives.

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#5. TeamDrive


This one too allows you to store anything you want to but with a limit of 10GB, which we believe is enough for a personal use. There is one feature in TeamDrive which allows the sync with your PC easy and you can share this drive with others as well and they can share documents, images, videos, and music easily with you with utmost ease. What makes this cloud drive different than others is that it also encrypts users’ data and the user only decides which data can be shared and which can’t. So there is an extra layer of security this drive provides.

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#6. Amazon Family Vault

Amazon Drive

Amazon is the biggest online marketing company and that too has come up with sharing idea a few months back which is called Amazon Family Vault. Amazon allows you to store 5GB of pictures and share with your 5 family members only. Yes, you can share your pictures with your family only if you are using Amazon’s drive. You can directly load pictures from your camera, smartphone or tablet and it can also take an automatic backup as well.

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#7. Cloudme.com


Although Cloudme.com gives you 19GB space to store but there is a limit which is that you can store a file which has a maximum size of 150MB only. There is a special Desktop which you can see in Cloudme which is really a unique feature. You can sync your files under personal and professional folders to avoid any confusion. Plus there is also a special music library which you can access anytime.

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#8. Just Cloud


This is a paid alternative for Dropbox as Just Cloud doesn’t offer any free space. You can store from 70GB to 1TB data on Just Cloud by choosing its various plans. You can access your files from anywhere with ease. This site also promises a complete security of your data as they use Google’s cloud. Your data gets automatically backed up hence you may need not to worry about losing it at all. You can also sync multiple devices with a single account so it is the best solution for your office.

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#9. Sugar Sync


Sugar Sync allows you only 5GB space but it allows you to decide that which file you want to sync with which device. It also encrypts your files so that your data remains safe and can be managed easily from any device. Only thing is that the free trial version of Sugar Sync lasts for 30 days only so you need to upgrade it to paid version by choosing existing packages on their website.

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#10. SpiderOak


This is a free-cum-paid cloud drive where the free space is just 2GB but you can get 100 GB space at $10 per month. It also offers a strong backup system so even if by mistake you have deleted any file you can get it back easily. It is very easy to sync and share files using SpiderOak as you are allowed to choose which file you want to access from which device. Everything stored here is protected via a password which is an extra layer of security.

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So if you feel that Dropbox is not enough for you to store things for you then choose one of these best Dropbox alternatives and get some real extra space. Which one did you pick up? We are waiting for your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and here in comments.