Who doesn’t like to fly? Flying is our childhood dream. Even becoming a pilot was one of the dream jobs we possessed during our teens. It’s a different story that we couldn’t fulfill either of those dreams but we can certainly make our kids living their dream by gifting them one of the best drones for kids we are presenting here.

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We have given ample care while selecting these drones so that you get the ease of picking up the one for your kid. Don’t worry either of these drones requires a permission or registration from FAA in the USA, so just give a good look and select a great gift for your kid to fulfill his dream to fly an object.

Best Drones for Kids

10 Best Drones for Kids

#1. WonderTech

WonderTech Drone for Kids

This strange looking drone can fly up to 300 ft. high and you can control it from 328 ft. distance with ease. The design may look strange but at the same time, the 6 axis gyro which is part of this design will ensure the total stability of the drone. The switches to control the drone allow you to choose 3 speeds like low, medium and high. The drone can easily be recognized at night as it is equipped with LED lights.

Price: $39.99
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#2. Haktoys

Haktoys Drone for Kids

A color combination used in this drone will certainly win your kid’s heart over. The 4 channels and 6 axis will make sure that this kid friendly drone will have an automatic stability. This drone flies at 2.4GHz frequency which means that you will always have a better control over it and also allows you to have simultaneous flight. One thing you have to make sure is to take shorter breaks so you can avoid overheating.

Price: $49.99
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#3. Megadream

Megadream Drone for Kids

This is one of the most fashionable looking drones for beginners and kids. The large capacity battery which is boosted with 1100mAh inbuilt power will let your drone fly for a longer period of time and to have more fun. This one is also having a 2.0MP HD photo and video camera by which you can capture and record photos and videos. The awesome LED lights will let you get the extreme experience of flying the drone at night.

Price: $61.99
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#4. USA Toyz

USA Toyz Drone for Kids

Watch your drone glow when it is flying in the air at nights. This drone has ultra bright LED lights which will give an ultimate and totally different look to your flying device. You can easily do 36-degrees flips and stunts with this drone with just a push of a button. In addition, the design is so compact that it will allow you a précised steering and also maintain your preferable speeds.

Price: $59.95
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HASAKEE Drone for Kids

What about giving a big surprise to your kid on his or her birthday by gifting this drone? This drone is made especially for kids only and that too loaded with 0.3MP camera to take pictures and videos. Why is this a great idea for gifting? Well, because you can flip, go right, left and move ahead and backward with utmost ease and hence your kid will certainly get the full value of your gift.

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Price: $59.95
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#6. Top Race

Top Race Drone for Kids

Another kid friendly drone is here which is brought by Top Race. What makes this drone different than the other drones we are prescribing today is, it’s controller which you normally find in gaming consoles like Xbox 360. The run time for this drone is about 6 minutes which may sound a bit less, but since this drone is made for kids one should believe it is enough as well.

Price: $49.00
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#7. Holy Stone

Holy Stone Drone for Kids

This is probably one of the best drones for beginners apart from kids, and that is why it has the higher price than the rest of the drones in this list. Although it is made for any level of player but kids and drone enthusiasts can easily use it as it is equipped with return and headless security system. The altitude hold function will allow you to release the throttle stick and the drone will keep on hovering at the current height just in case you encounter with powerful air pressure situation.

Price: $109.99
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#8. National Geographic

National Geographic Drone for Kids

This is a powerful drone from a name which everyone can trust easily. It is extremely easy to use for any kid who is above 14 years of age, as it has a user-friendly remote. One button will allow you the take-off, the landing and also 360-degree flips. With a single battery charge, this drone can fly up to 10 minutes which is good for your kid. You will get a complete kit with this drone so you won’t find any hassle in fitting it or operating it.

Price: $49.99
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#9. Wonder Chopper

Wonder Chopper Drone for Kids

Another great looking drone is here. It comes with a complete package like the quadcopter, remote controller, 2 Li-Polymer rechargeable drone batteries, 2 USB chargers, replacement blades and a practice landing pad. So, with this equipment, it will be extremely easy for your kid to operate this drone. The drone has reinforced 3 bladed propellers which will give your drone a perfect thrust and also energy efficiency.

Price: $79.99 [$47.50 on Amazon when we are writing this.]
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#10. Contixo

Contixo Drone for Kids

The drone in question here can give you three different speeds, low, medium and faster. So, now you can enjoy your drone flying as per your mood and requirements. The design of this drone is such that you can always adjust the gyroscope with ease and that will only provide the stability it needs. There is a 150mAh battery attached to it so you will get at least 9 minutes of fly time on a single charge. Easy to operate and maneuver, this drone can be a great gifting idea for your kid.

Price: $27.99
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These best drones for kids can bring a lot of happiness to your kids. By presenting one of these exciting drones to your dear one, you can make his/her festive time truly memorable.

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