Since the introduction of smart speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo, HomePod, and lots of smart speakers, Chromecast has become the alternative to Smart TV to enjoy content seamlessly. To do that, you will need to get some of the best Chromecast apps for iOS and Android device.

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Whether you need a best Chromecast music apps, games apps, or movies apps, these Chromecast apps list has included every kind of app to fulfilling your desire. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new user of Chromecast or a ‘pro,’ you still need guidance to choose the best Chromecast app for iPhone and Android. Let’s begin the ride!

Best Chromecast Apps for iPhone and Android

10 Best Chromecast Apps for iPhone and Android

#1. Spotify

Spotify Music Streaming App for iPhone and AndroidFor all the party lovers and of course the music lovers who are having Chromecast stick at their disposal must have this one of the best Chromecast music apps- Spotify on their iPhone or Android phone for their Chromecast. Get the best music from almost all the genres for free with Spotify app. You will also get some of your favorite and the best party songs with this app as well.

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Price: Free
Download Spotify for iPhone | Download Spotify for Android

#2. Netflix

Netflix App for iPhone and AndroidNetflix has created an image that once it gets into you, it will never leave you. If you are new to Netflix then one can easily bet that you will have to complete all the seasons played on Netflix till date with at least one episode of it per day of a particular TV show. All in all, Netflix is quite addictive as it gives you quality content at a throwaway price. The Netflix app of iPhone or Android for Chromecast are free but you need to pay a subscription to get entertained with some of the best TV shows and movies on Netflix.

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Price: Free
Download Netflix for iPhone | Download Netflix for Android

#3. Now TV

NOW TV App for iPhone and AndroidIf you are a big fan of Sky Go and Sky Sports then Now TV is the best option for you. Now TV allows you not to pay the entire Sky subscription but it lets you pick the packages with your choice. Now get the best TV shows like True Detective and Game of Thrones from Sky Atlantic and also the best sporting events from Sky Sports at your decided price on Now TV App on iPhone or Android via your Chromecast.

Price: Free
Download Now TV for iPhone | Download Now TV for Android

#4. BBC Sports

BBC Sport App for iPhone and AndroidNow you need not have BT subscription if you want to enjoy BBC Sports on your Chromecast. The app made by BBC is having a straightforward interface like all other BBC apps. The best part of this app is that you can easily search the video you want to cast on your Chromecast. The videos are of high quality and they are quick to start and the live streaming too is having good enough speed as well.

Price: Free
Download BBC Sports for iPhone | Download BBC Sports for Android

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#5. YouTube

YouTube Chromecast app for iPhone and AndroidYouTube is one of the best Chromecast apps to watch videos and movies on your Android as well as iPhone. The latest YouTube interface let you simply Chromecast and seamlessly stream your favorite content on your smartphone. So, just install this app on your smartphone and start watching content through Chromecast!

Price: Free
Download YouTube for iPhone | Download YouTube for Android

#6. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll App for iPhone and AndroidIf you are a fan of Japanese animations or want to increase your taste bud on it then Crunchyroll will entertain you the most on your Chromecast for sure. The Crunchyroll app is absolutely free if you won’t mind the ads running around your screen. But if you want to watch some of the greatest Japanese animations without getting disturbed by ads then there is a subscription option available as well.

Price: Free
Download Crunchyroll for iPhone | Download Crunchyroll for Android

#7. KODI

Kodi Android AppFor some local entertainment and excellent live streaming on your Chromecast, you got to get KODI for sure. Although you first need to check the legality issues related with it, But if it is clear in your part of the world then you will get some of the best and excellent Add-ons from KODI which are unmatched for sure. Unfortunately for iPhone users, KODI is not available on their platform but Android users can certainly enjoy the benefits of it.

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Price: Free
Download KODI for Android

#8. Twitch

Twitch App for iPhone and AndroidIf you don’t play too many games but you certainly love to watch others playing some exceptional games then Twitch is the app for you. It will allow you not only watching some of the greatest gamers playing games on gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4 live but you can also interact with them as well by using Twitch on your Chromecast.

Price: Free
Download Twitch for iPhone | Download Twitch for Android

#9. Dashboard

Dashboard Cast Android AppThe Dashboard app is a mirror of your Chromecast where you can organize your Chromecast dashboard with utmost ease. You can create and organize and also add new widgets and can shift then across your screen according to your choice. This app will make your task easier on how you can use Chromecast in its best possible way. Get all the important info like Weather update etc. now directly on your Chromecast from Dashboard if you have an Android phone.

Price: Free
Download Dashboard for Android

#10. Tricky Titans

Tricky Titans App for iPhone and AndroidTricky Titans is one of the best Chromecast games to have fun with your friends. So, if you have 3 to 4 friends having Android or iPhone, then you can certainly enjoy it as it is highly addictive and entertaining. We recommend you to play Primal Smackdown game from Tricky Titans where you need to take down your opponent with a mixture of attack, defense, and strength.

Price: Free
Download Tricky Titans on iPhone | Download Tricky Titans on Android


To make your Chromecast more active and organized with more entertainment, sports action and gaming you need to get one of these Chromecast apps for sure. One thing is certain that if you download these apps, you probably won’t regret having any Smart TV at home.

Do share your experience with us on these apps here in the comments section and also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus so that we get the firsthand knowledge about these apps.