Google Chrome is the most advanced web browser which rules the roost across all the platforms including iOS and Android. One of the prime reasons for its superiority is a range of impressive features that make it exceptionally user-friendly.

In order to include brand new features in its web browser, Google uses Chrome beta app and Chrome Canary app. Besides, there is a Chrome Flags page that has experimental features which you can give a try—well in advance. Look forward to giving them a try? Let’s cross over!

Best Chrome Flags for Android


  • Chrome Flags are experimental features which are yet to be included in the public version of the web browser.
  • Chrome Flags could be full of bugs and cause the browser to crash.
  • Though you can “Reset” the entire settings if don’t want to use the Chrome Flags.
  • To access the Chrome Flags page in Android, simply enter “chrome://flags” in the address bar of Chrome Android.
  • To search for flags, just tap on the three-dot menu button and use the option “Find in page”.
  • Go through this complete guide to enable and use Chrome flags on your Android device.

Offline Bookmarks

There is an “Offline Bookmarks” flag which allows you to save web pages in bookmarks for offline usage.

It’s a very useful feature for those who don’t have internet connection all the time on their device. Personally, whenever I travel I use this feature to save some of my favorite web pages to access them even when the internet connection is not available.

Smooth Scrolling

At times, scrolling becomes a tedious task, especially when loading up extensive web pages on Android device. Though powerful smartphones with more RAM and storage are able to sail through, several Android devices don’t offer smooth scrolling experience.

Meet “Smooth Scrolling” flag has been designed to provide better scrolling in web pages. It’s very practical and a must if you want to have a hassle-free web scrolling experience.

Chrome Home (Currently available in beta and canary versions of Chrome.)

Recently, Google launched a super handy Chrome Home flag that lets you bring the address bar or the the omnibox to the bottom.

Simply go to Chrome Flags page, locate the Chrome Home Android flag and then enable it. Now, when you open Chrome again, address bar, as well as the menu button, will be available at the bottom.

It’s a very useful feature for the folks who use ultra-large smartphones or tablets as accessing the address bar at the top in Chrome is a bit inconvenient on a large-screen device.

Scroll Anchoring

While shuffling across different tabs or opening long pages, you may have experienced the page jumps which make it a little difficult to tap properly. If you no longer want to bear with this annoying problem, you can fix it using “Scroll Anchoring” flag.

Simply look for the flag in the Chrome Flags page and then enable it as usual. Once enabled, it adjusts scroll position to prevent text reflows.

Switch to Existing Tab

While working on the computer, I open several tabs in Chrome. There are times; I open the same tab twice as I forget to remember that it was already opened. It would be better if we open the same web page twice, the web browser would move to the already opened tab.

Meet “Switch to an existing tab for New Tab Page suggestions” Chrome flag that does exactly what it’s named. You have the option to select from the options like, “Match by URL” or “Match by Hostname”.

Reader Mode

Reader Mode has existed for long and it’s one of the finest Chrome flags. Locate “Reader Mode Triggering” flag and select one of the options as per your need.

What I like a lot about this flag is that they let you read articles with the desired peace of mind. It’s something you should also try if you want to enhance your reading experience.

Content Snippets

The latest versions of Chrome don’t feature “Bookmarks” and “Recent tabs” buttons which were found in the new tab.

You will find cards or snippets of several articles at their place. What if you don’t like the snippets feature? You have the option to disable it using Chrome Flags.

Find the “content snippets” flag and disable it. Make sure to tap on “Relaunch Now”. Now, when you open a new tab in Chrome, the Bookmarks, and Recent Tabs buttons will be seen at the bottom.

Wrapping Up

These Chrome Flags are highly user-friendly. I have found them pretty cool and didn’t have any problem while taking them for a ride. Though you should always be a little cautious before having a go at them as they are still a work in progress. I would recommend you to test them on the device which you don’t use as a daily driver.

Have you come across any exciting Chrome flags? It would be really nice to know that in the comments.