The Apple Pencil is rapidly becoming the essential companion for the users of iPad Pro. With it, you can take notes, draw and use Apple Pencil as a simple stylus pen. And it’s pressure sensitivity is also there so you can even share the sketches or pictures that you draw.

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This Apple Pencil has slim cylindrical white body along with its removable magnetic cap, which makes it somewhat a delicate gadget. So if you are too concerned about losing your Apple Pencil and don’t want to get harmed by any element, then you will find plenty of options in holders, cases, and sleeves for your Apple Pencil. But to make this easy for you, we have brought some best cases and sleeves for Apple Pencil.

With the ten best Apple Pencil cases and sleeves you will have excellent pick and options to select from. Here we have collected different types of cases and sleeves so you can have variety. Let’s head over to the list of excellent cases and sleeves for Apple Pencil.
Best Cases and Sleeves For Apple Pencil

10 Best Apple Pencil Cases and Sleeves

#1. Jisoncase

The first Apple Pencil case in this list of the best cases and sleeves for Apple Pencil comes from the one of the well-known brand Jisoncase. This sleeve covers the Apple Pencil very well with the style while protecting it from the scratches, dirt as well as the shocks. As this sleeve is made from the excellent material, it also adds style factor to the Apple Pencil.

Jisoncase Apple Pencil CaseFeatures:

  • This sleeve is made from genuine leather that offers durable use along with the vintage and stylish look as well.
  • With the leather slim sleeve, it also comes with elastic band design that lets you attach it to any iPad Pro cases.
  • With simple and vintage style it offers ultra slim and lightweight profile that snugly fits the case of iPad Pro while adding a very little bulk to it.
  • The length of this holder is up to 22 CM, but it can stretch up to 32 CM so it can fit the case perfectly.
  • This sleeve is available in three different colors such as Black, Brown, and Red.

Price: $12.99
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#2. MoKo Sleeve

Next, we have from another well-known brand MoKo. It offers funky but stylish design on the holder along with the elastic band. With a nice looking design, you will have many other color and design options with this Apple Pencil holder. This case also offers easy comfort carry of your Apple Pencil with its secure design.

MoKo Sleeve for Apple PencilFeatures:

  • This is the perfect holder case for your Apple Pencil that is compatible with both the iPad Pro size 12.9 and 10.9-inch tablet cases.
  • This case holder is made of water resistant PU leather that makes this case very convenient to use.
  • The elastic rubber design allows secure and safe grip on the case so that it won’t slip down from it.
  • It protects Apple Pencil from scratches, shocks while offering the excellent protection.
  • It even protects the Pencil from the dirt and other daily use.
  • You can have 12 different color and design to choose from them.

Price: $5.99
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Here we are presenting another sleeve for your Apple Pencil. This time it is from BENTOBEN that offers excellent accessories mainly cases for the smart gadgets those are available in the market. If you want to have a holder for your Apple Pencil that maintains the professional look of your high-tech device, then this holder from BENTOBEN is for you.

BENTOBEN Case Sleeve for Apple PencilFeatures:

  • This Apple Pencil holder is made from premium leather cases.
  • It is designed that offers compatibility iPad Pro 9.7 inch and iPad Pro 10.5 inch cases.
  • This case sleeve contains the stylish and ultra-slim profile so that it offers lightweight.
  • The leather that used in this holder provides comfortable and secure grip with the elastic band.
  • It protects the Apple Pencil from shocks, scratches, and dirt.

Price: $7.99
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#4. Leeko

With the other top rated and well-reviewed case we are bringing Apple Pencil Sleeve sports that offer excellent ergonomic design to fit your Apple Pencil correctly. It offers easy to install and remove functionality it lets you easy installation of it on your Apple Pencil. Besides only that, this case is precisely designed for Apple Pencil only.

Leeko Skin Case for Apple PencilFeatures:

  • Just like other cases and sleeves on this list, this case is also compatible with iPad Pro Apple tablet.
  • This skin case is made from top quality silicone.
  • It protects your Apple Pencil from shocks, scratch and also protects against dirt and other daily damages.
  • The ergonomic design even offers excellent grip on your fingers so that while it is installed, it lets you easily paint, sketch, and sign a document with your Apple Pencil.
  • It offers you easy peeled aside to let you easily charge your Apple Pencil as well.

Price: $7.99
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#5. Ztylus

From all the other cases and sleeves on this list, this case from Ztylus is very different from most of them. The look of the case is just like a Pen. This brand offers your Apple Pencil a necessary protection against the drops and scratches. So, if you are one of those who loves to provide surrounded protection, then this case is for you of course.

Ztylus Metal Case for Apple PencilFeatures:

  • This case is made from aluminum or metal material that provides ultimate durability.
  • Even if it is made from metal, it doesn’t add any bulk to your stylus pen.
  • The retractable design of this case protects the tip from accidental damage.
  • It offers sleek and polished look while providing an ability to maintain the excellent control.
  • It can easily integrate with clothes or bag with its integrated clip.

Price: $34.95
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#6. eBoot

eBoot features an excellent looking flexible case for your Apple Pencil. However, this case is available in only black cover. But the great thing about this case is that it comes with microfiber cleaning cloth to quickly clean the case very well. With form-fitting appearance it never lets you feel like a case you will just feel like a part of your Apple Pencil.

eBoot Case Sleeve for Apple PencilFeatures:

  • This case contains he practical and scientific design that offers a great and beautiful look.
  • With the rubber grip, it lets you easily hold your Apple Pencil while won’t get impacted by scratches and scuffs.
  • While providing the secure grip on you can use your Apple Pencil very easy to paint, sketch and sign the document.
  • It easy to install and remove as the brand offers instructions to install it and remove it.
  • It is effortless to carry anywhere while it also provides anti-lose Pencil cap.
  • It is also anti-slip and anti-roll on the table.

Price: $5.69
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#7. Kitadvicer

Kitadvicer offers a beautiful multifunctional case that covers the Apple Pencil very well. Apart from all the other cases and sleeves Apple Pencil here on this list, this case is entirely different from them. Because it offers a magnetic case that can attach to any iPad Pro cases this is what makes it stand out from the other case in this list.

Kitadvicer Silicone Case for Apple PencilFeatures:

  • This case sleeve fits the Apple Pencil snugly and very well.
  • The magnets in this sleeves feel very well that finds the magnetic sweet spot on the iPad Pro or its case and stick to it well so that your Apple Pencil won’t fall from it.
  • When talking about the grip, it offers excellent grip while the glossy finish offers a stylish look on your Apple Pencil.
  • It keeps the charging cap in place as it comes with separate charging Adapter Tether that attaches the charging adapter well.
  • It comes with extra two self-adhering metal strip that sticks to any surface.
  • With this case, you will have 30 days money back guarantee and 12 months of replacement warranty.

Price: $11.99
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#8. MiniSuit

Just like few other cases and sleeves in this list the brand MiniSuit offers skin case that comes with a single color option. With black skin case for Apple Pencil, you can make a great combo of the black and white color of your Apple Pencil and this skin case from MiniSuit. This case feels very well while holding it in the finger.

MiniSuit Pocket Sleeve Cover for Apple PencilFeatures:

  • This case is made from soft and grippy silicone.
  • It tightly hugs your Apple Pencil to prevent your stylus pen moving around, scuffs and scratches.
  • It offers an ultra-comfortable and ergonomic design that provides ribbed grip and perfect balance to promote the comfort.
  • The peeled aside skin allows you to charge your pencil quickly.
  • You can easily install this skin case and remove it as well.

Price: $6.95
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#9. Darhoo

Darhoo offers an inexpensive skin case for your Apple Pencil, which you can carry with easy with your iPad Pro. It designed very well that holds your precious stylus pen while providing excellent protection to it. With this skin case, you are having three different color options like Black, Blue, and Transparent that not a single brand offer to you on this list.

Darhoo Cap cover for Apple PencilFeatures:

  • It made of silicone material.
  • The elastic silicone material protects Apple Pencil from scratches and dirt.
  • If you are always in the worry of losing the cap of the Apple Pencil, then don’t because this skin case won’t let it done.
  • It offers an anti-slip surface that optimizes the friction of the hand that brings the user a good touch and feel.
  • The housing body with triangular and non-uniform patterns of the three sides prevents scrolling of your Stylus Pen.

Price: $5.99
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#10. MoKo Protective Case

After Ztylus brand this is another brand that offers a protective case for your Apple Pencil. The MoKo brand offers surrounded protection as it built in a look of the pen. But compared to the Ztylus case, MoKo offers case at an inexpensive price. And all in white color of the case offers to look just like an Apple Pencil which makes it different from other cases.

MoKo Protective Case for Apple PencilFeatures:

  • It is precisely designed for Apple Pencil.
  • The unique retractable design can retract the Apple Pencil tip into the case to protect the Pencil tip from any accidental damage.
  • It offers comfortable hand feeling while holding in fingers.
  • It comes with an integrated clip that can clip on to the cloth and iPad Pro cases.
  • It lets you easily install and remove it while quickly charge your stylus pen.

Price: $9.99
Buy it from Amazon

This is pretty much it! The above-listed cases and sleeves for the Apple Pencil are top rated as well as well reviewed as well. Most of them are packed with some excellent functionality.

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Which case is your pick? And which one of them you would love to purchase for your valuable Apple Pencil? Let us know, by commenting here in the comments section below.