Instead of carrying bulky DSLR cameras to capture beautiful moments and stunning objects, people love to use smartphone’s camera. The ease of carrying, greater comfort, portability and high-end technology give fierce competition to the DSLR cameras. And on top of this, accessory makers now design excellent camera lenses. Each feature of a camera lens inspires you to turn your mobile phone into a DSLR camera. Why should you carry that large piece when you get a better option? Install a cool camera lens on your mobile phone and click awesome pictures. Check our list of best camera lenses for iPhone and Android phones.

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The lenses for your smartphone have features like a fisheye lens, wide-angle, universal compatibility, high-quality material, ability to capture objects in details, maximum clarity, brilliant crispness, and more. Explore this collection of smartphone camera lenses and buy the best one for your device.

Best Camera Lenses for iPhone and Android Smartphone

10 Best Camera Lenses for iPhone and Android Smartphone

#1. AMIR

Amir Camera lenses for iPhone and Android Smartphone

The super wide-angle lens from AMIR is made of high-quality glass, and therefore, it reduces glass flare and ghosting caused by reflections. The 180-degree fisheye fulfills all your demand. With this lens, you can largely expand the field of view and capture your entire family or team into one picture. Check its enhanced 10x macro lens, which allows you to click photos at a distance of 1.18-1.57 inch from your object. Capture bright and gorgeous images in crisp details.


  • 180-degree fisheye lens
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • HD lens reduces glass flare and ghosting


  • Fragile material

Price: $12.99
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Aukey Optic lenses for iPhone and Android Smartphone

AUKEY offers a versatile camera upgrade in the form of this camera lens for your iPhone and Android phone. If you don’t want to spend money on a DSLR, you can turn your smartphone photography into a professional art. Each shot clicked by AUKEY lens will put you above the peck. You would love to experiment with different effects and fields of view. Use its included clip to attach the lens to any mobile device. The universally compatible lens fits on cameras of the most smartphones and tablets. You can also use this lens with your laptop webcam.


  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Easily adjustable on phone’s camera
  • 110-degree wide-angle view


  • Not compatible with a dual-lens camera (iPhone 7)

Price: $14.99
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#3. Mpow

Mpow angle lens for iPhone and Android Smartphone

Mpow is one of the leading brands in smartphone accessories. This time, Mpow has come up with a supreme fisheye lens that can take you into a fantastic world of photography. This 180-degree lens boasts universal detachable clamp design to be compatible with most mobile phones (camera lenses should not be bigger than 13mm diameters). Apart from smartphones, this lens also works with laptops. Take clear shots every time with this pro-lens.


  • Compatible with most Android smartphones
  • Detachable clamp


  • Cannot fit on camera lenses bigger than 13mm diameters

Price: $12.49
Buy it from Amazon

#4. BC Master

BC Master Lens for iPhone and Android

The multi-element coated glass on the BC Master’s camera lens minimizes ghosting, reflections, lens flare and other artifacts. You will see a significant change in the photos taken with this lens. While other camera lenses leave dark corners and cause distortion, this 58mm wide-angle lens will reduce the distortion and dark corners. You will get more stunning photos every time. The aluminum alloy and black layer impart a professional look to this camera lens.


  • Distortion-free photography
  • No dark corners
  • Best for capturing travel scenery and wide landscapes


  • High price

Price: $20.00
Buy it from Amazon

#5. Pocket Lens

Pocket Camera Lens for iPhone and Android

A professional photographer turns an ordinary thing into an extraordinary with the help of his/her camera lens. If you don’t have a high-end camera but have a knack for photography, turn your smartphone camera into a professional camera. Pocket Lens camera lens is your best choice if you want to capture the most mundane stuff into an awesome one. When you attach this wide-angle lens on your phone camera, you get approximately 20% more image. This wide-angle lens also helps you click monuments and heritage sites.

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  • Compatible with 95% of smartphones
  • 10x macro lens
  • Works also on dual-lens camera


  • Not made of robust material

Price: $13.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Bito Store

Bito Store Camera Lens for iPhone and Android

Bito Store has crafted this seven-in-one camera lens from superior quality aluminum alloy. To get rid of glass flare, reflection, and ghosting, this camera lens is equipped with HD professional glass. You will notice a remarkable improvement in your photos and love to capture the most beautiful images. You can use this lens on the front and back of the camera of your iPhone 5S, SE, 6, 6S, 6S+, 7, 8, X, Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S7 Edge, S8, HTC, Sony, LG, Google Phones, Huawei, and more.


  • High-quality aluminum alloy frames
  • Advanced optical glass
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Too costly

Price: $24.95
Buy it from Amazon


MEMTEQ Camera Lens for iPhone and Android

If you take your phone photography seriously, MEMTEQ camera lens is your right choice. The smartphone lenses from MEMTEQ can be a fantastic upgrade for your phone camera and social media. Made or premium optical glass and high-quality material, the lens allows you to click stunning quality photos in high definition. Take each shot with better clarity and crispness, reducing unwanted noise in photos. Expand the field of views and capture your extended family or your football team in one picture. The 8-in-1 cell phone camera lenses can be used with a wide range of smartphones like iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung phones, and other Android devices.


  • HD Wide lens
  • Super fisheye lens for 235-degree view
  • Boost color and contrast in the image
  • Premium optical glass


  • Multi-device compatibility is missing

Price: $16.19
Buy it from Amazon

#8. Shuttermoon

Shuttermoon Camera Lens for iPhone and Android

Shuttermoon’s multi-coated HD lens will help you pause every single important moment of your life. The premium optical glass of the professional camera lens efficiently reduces flare and ghosting. The easy installation allows you to clip the lens to the front or back camera of your smartphone or tablet, and then click the world around you transformed through the different features of the lenses. Leave your bulky digital camera at home and use high-quality mobile phone camera lenses to click landscapes, selfies, group pictures, portraits, and close-ups.


  • Secure installation gives bright and crisp photos
  • 198-degree fisheye lens
  • Telephoto zooming lens
  • Anti-slip and anti-scratch pad


  • Android users need to check compatibility before buying

Price: $19.99
Buy it from Amazon

#9. M WAY

MWAY Camera Lens for iPhone and Android

The wide-angle lens from M WAY extends the edges of your pictures on all sides to give you the best shot of an overall view. The lens is your perfect choice for clicking pictures of larger ranges, and ideal for group shots. You can use this macro lens for taking extreme close-up pictures of small objects. Nature lovers would love to capture the beauty of most miniature wonders including flowers, leaves, and insects. Moreover, you can take indoor shots of stamps, jewelry, fabrics, and fingerprint, etc.


  • 10x zoom telephoto lens
  • Universal directional clip
  • Can take extreme close-ups


  • May not work for selfies and group photos

Price: $18.89
Buy it from Amazon

#10. Shock Tech

Shock Tech Camera Lens for iPhone and Android

Take your photo game to the next level with Shock Tech’s 5-in-1 lens kit of various universal lenses that attach to your smartphone and do the best job for you. Suitable for every smartphone and tablet, you can use these lenses on the front and back camera of your mobile phone. Enjoy endless photo opportunities and shoot fun circular pictures with a fisheye lens. For landscapes and group photos, you can use a wide-angle lens, which is paired with the macro lens.


  • 15x macro lens
  • Circular polarized lens
  • Can take funny pictures with the 198-degree fisheye lens


  • Not strong enough

Price: $19.99
Buy it from Amazon

That’s It!

Camera lenses offer you multiple benefits. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend extra bucks on a pricey DSLR camera and still get the same effects in your phone photography.

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