Today, a Smartphone comes ready with an advanced camera which offers zoom in, zoom outs, panorama views, texture edits, et al. But for a better camera lens, you would need to pay a better price. Most of the times charging a high price in Smartphone for those cameras does not feel justified.

In that case, an economical optical is ready for you in the form of Smartphone camera lenses.

The lenses equip you to be part of photo walks and other photo enthusiasts’ activities without having the baggage of a heavy DSLR camera.

Best Camera Lenses for iPhone and Android Smartphone

Following are the best iPhone and Android Smartphone Camera Lenses which you must prefer amongst the spectrum of choices available.

Best iPhone and Android smartphone Camera Lenses

#1. Amir Smartphone lenses

Amir Camera lenses for iPhone and Android SmartphoneThe Amir lines of lenses offer many advantages as compared to other brands. The 3 in 1 fisheye lens also offers 0.4x super wide angle lens. The good thing is that the lenses offer 140 degrees super wide view. The lenses are made with high- quality glass with professional precision which means the quality of pictures is sound and pleasant.

Best features:

  • The fisheye lenses come with attached macro lenses for a clearer picture.
  • Reduces glass flare and ghosting effects.

Price: $39.99 ($12.88 on Amazon at the time of writing this)
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#2. Aukey Optic lenses

Aukey Optic lenses for iPhone and Android SmartphoneIf you are looking for a particular type of lens in order to test the entire set, choose Aukey Optic lenses. This 3 in 1 kit is the best choice if you need a combination of fisheye lens, macro lens and wide angle lenses. Hence your issue of clicking quality pictures is sorted. From travel photos to celebration photos, Aukey is equipped to click awe inspiring pictures.

Best features:

  • One of the best lenses is for iPhones.
  • Detachable rubber clip to avoid scratches and marks.

Price: $19.99 ($14.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this)
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#3. Mpow angle lens

Mpow angle lens for iPhone and Android SmartphoneAnother detachable Smartphone camera lens, Mpow has built these super functional lenses that work efficiently well with iPhone like 6/6s and also with another set of Smartphones like Samsung, etc. The 180-degree scene capture through fisheye lens undoubtedly delivers you crisp and sharp images.

While clicking pictures maintain a minimum distance of 0.4 inches for a perfect shot.

Best features:

  • The universally detachable design offers working of the lens in many devices like iPads, laptops, etc.

Price: $13.43 ($11.89 on Amazon at the time of writing this)
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#4. Sony Smartphone attachable lens

Sony attachable lens for iPhone and Android SmartphoneWhat else a customer needs except a reputed brand name! The good thing about brands like Sony is the quality assurance. The detachable 4.45-4.50 mm lenses from Sony are NFC/Wi-Fi equipped; hence they can be easily connected via Smartphone in one touch. The camera lens has a unique zooming feature which can zoom up to 10x.

You can never go wrong with a Sony product.

Best features:

  • Not just Sony phones, the lens goes well with most Smartphones (iOS and Android).

Price: Black- $149. White-$ 265.69 (On Amazon at the time of writing this)
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#5. Oldshark Macro Lens

Oldshark Macro Lens for iPhone and Android SmartphoneIf you require a masterpiece that delivers quality picture just like a DSLR, then the next best option is a good quality Smartphone lens. Oldshark, the 3 in 1 HD Camera lens is just that for you. So if you are looking for extreme close up pictures, the brand offers the same with the help of the 15x macro lens. Also, 0.35x wide angle lens helps to project a large image circle than another typical lens.

Best features:

  • Captures the image in 180-degree view
  • Works with all types of Smartphones including Apple and Samsung.

Price: $ 38.99 ($18.99 on Amazon while writing this)
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#6. Oniza Lenses

Oniza Lenses for iPhone and Android SmartphoneThe Oniza line of optics works with the majority of Smartphones. They offer a perfect 3 in 1 camera lens kit for iPhones as well as iPads. Since the lenses are made of aluminium, the picture clarity these lenses deliver is top notch.

Another good thing about Oniza is its easy-to-use feature. From an amateur to an expert, this brand offers a good user interface for all.

So if you are in look out of an easy to carry camera which is obviously not as big as DSLR, you must choose Oniza.

Best features:

  • The aesthetic appeal of the camera lens adds more value to the piece.
  • Comes with a utility fibre bag to carry the lens around with ease.

Price: $6.99
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#7. Kodak Pixpro lenses

Kodak Pixpro lenses for iPhone and Android SmartphoneThis black hued beauty from Kodak is as smart as the name suggests. Offering a macro zoom of 10x, that too in High Definition, the smart lens also has a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. The product also has a 3” CMOS sensor to click shoots with precision and accuracy, so if due to sunlight the picture appears dim, the lens will take care of that.

Best features:

  • 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps burst shooting
  • Zoom lens of 28-280mm.

Price: $ 89.95
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#8. Pocket Lens

Pocket Lens for iPhone and Android SmartphoneThe Pocket Lens range of optics works well with almost every Smartphone available. From utility to quality, the brand promises satisfaction to the customer in all spheres.

This 2-in-1 lens offers macro view (10x zoom) and a wide angle view of 0.67x. The wide angle view means a wider view for your selfies without using a selfie stick. And, the best part is the product’s price compatibility.

Best features:

  • Aluminium lens with plastic clip

Price: $ 29.99 ($14.99 on Amazon while writing this)
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There is no stopping to good photography with these best iPhone and Android Smartphone camera lenses. Take your pick and let your pictures come out vibrant and more vivid.

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