For professionals, a business card is their sole identity. Not even they prefer to present their business cards to their clients and people in the industry, but they also like to have the business cards for their records from the other side as well. To get rid of this tiresome and boring exercise of keeping the cards we now have best business card scanner apps for iPhone and Android.

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With advanced technology, one can easily keep the copy of the business card in his smartphone or a pad. This facility will let you free from stacking the cards in your office desk drawer. There are many such business card scanner apps available right now both on Google Play Store and on Apple Store but we have tried to bring out the best of them for you so you get a better choice in hand.

Best Business Card Scanner Apps for iPhone and Android

10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps for iPhone and Android

#1. CamCard

CamCard App for iPhone and AndroidThis is one of the most popular card scanner apps available right now for both Android and iPhone. This app is having not less than 100 million users. What it does is to allow you to keep the business card in your phone directly with an additional feature like an exchange of e-cards as well. You can directly find the directions from the cards within the app. What’s more, it can read 16 different international languages. If you have tired of searching business card scanner apps then this one is for you.

Download CamCard For iPhone | Download CamCard for Android

#2. Business Card Reader (ABBYY)

Business Card Reader Plus OCR Cards Scanner app for iPhone and AndroidThis is almost an identical app to keep your business card safe in it. It not only scans and saves your business cards within the apps but it can read 21 international languages as well. So you will have an added advantage to read a card in a language which is totally foreign to you. What makes this app different than the others is that you can even add a note to each card so you need not remember it everything. You can even share the cards within your circles easily.

Download Business Card Reader for iPhone

Download Business Card Reader for Android

#3. Business Cards Info (BCi)

Business Cards Info (BCi) App for iPhone and AndroidThis app for business card scanning can be called infancy if we compare it with the other such apps offered in this article. It does the import of cards and scanning it with ease and also lets you search them easily. But what adds value in this app is to search for the stored cards in the app via an interactive map. For example, if you are looking for the address mentioned in a particular business card where you want to go for a meeting then the interactive map will guide you towards it.

Download Business Card Info for iPhone

Download Business Card Info for Android

These were the apps which you can find on both iPhone and Android platforms. Now let us see some of those business card scanner apps which are made exclusively for Android or iPhone only.

#4. Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader App for AndroidThis is a simple yet effective business card scanner app for Android. It performs the scanning of a business card and then stores it within the app. Apart from this simple feature the app also offers the additional features like reading seven international languages and a great undo-delete feature. If you delete a business card you have scanned then you can retrieve it back within 5 seconds of deletion. This feature makes this app different than many other apps available right now.

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Download Business Card Reader for Android

#5. FullContact Card Reader

fullcontact-card-reader-app-for-androidThis is one of the more polished apps for business card scanning than any other app you will see. Apart from scanning and saving the business cards it also has a property scanning feature. It also has a feature of which is that it is compatible with more than 250 card scanning apps. Apart from those apps, this is compatible with Evernote and Dropbox as well. Like many business related apps available only for Android, this app might be a great option for you.

Download Full Contact Card Reader for Android

#6. Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable on the App for iPhoneThis is one of the most prolific and multi-purpose apps for scanning. Not only business cards but this app can even scan your receipts and bills etc. Once you set a reminder with your scanned business card you will get reminders according to how you have set them. What’s more, the users can create their own Evernote profile and then can connect it with Facebook and Linkedin. So if a contact you have stored in this app finds an association with these two social media sites then it will trigger a notification for you.

Download Evernote Scannable for iPhone

#7. Business Cards

Business Cards App for AndroidThe unique feature about Business Cards app is that it scans not only the front of the business cards but also the back of it and then it saves it within the app. You can also add notes if you like to on the saved business cards if there is any update or an additional info to it. One more extra feature this app has it that you can share common cards through app’s own cloud service.

Download Business Cards for Android

#8. WorldCard Mobile

WorldCard Mobile App for iPhoneThis app is equipped with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature which will enable you to instantly transfer the information from your business card directly to your stock contacts app. What’s more, you can even manage and contacts by company, name, position, address and many other ways. You can even merge your current contacts with this app and then can use it to find them on Facebook and Linkedin. Only thing is that this is a paid app.

Download WorldCard Mobile for iPhone

#9. Card Scanner Business Free

Card Scanner Business FREE Android AppThis app is for those who don’t want any extra special features and want their app to be simple. This app just allows you to scan and store business cards within it. Yes, you can add additional info if you wish to with each and every card stored. Sometimes it is better to have an app which has simple functions rather than loaded with extra features.

Download Card Scanner Business for Android

#10. FoxCard Pro

FoxCard Pro App for iPhoneYou may use this app to scan and import important business cards directly to your iPhone’s contacts app. Once they are linked then you can easily identify business cards and once they are identified they can easily be equipped with photos, image texts, and notes and saved. There is one feature which will enable you to keep the contacts private if you wish to. This app is a paid app but worth looking at with some extraordinary features.

Download FoxCard Pro for iPhone


These are simple and easy to use best business card scanner apps for iPhone and Android. There are apps which you can find on both the platforms and there are apps which are exclusive to each platform. Hope you have liked our collection. Which app out of this you have downloaded and how it is working? Do not forget to let us know here in comments and also on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.