In this paperless (or less paper) age, electronic gadgets are the ones who run the show at our workplace. To do business more efficiently we need to have some helping business apps for Android smartphone which are the best to work with as well.

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By taking in mind, your business requirements, we have chosen 10 of the best business apps for Android smartphone. We have ensured that you get variety when you look at these apps so that it can become a helpful tool for you. So, just go through this list and make sure that you get the best out of your business.

Best Business Apps for Android

Best Business Apps for Android of 2018

#1. Asana

Asana organize team projects Android AppThis app will make sure that you manage your daily routine amicably and you can make sure that your team wins its goals. The app enables you and your team to keep track of your projects and tasks all the time, and hence the coordination between everyone remains smooth. Whether your team is small or big, we believe every team manager must have this app because it lets you assign tasks for each of your team members. The app is free with basic features, but if you want to get most out of your job, then you can also go for paid option as well which is $8.33 per member per month.

Price: Free
Download Asana

#2. Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder Android AppAs the name suggests, this app is to store the bulk of your business cards. It will help you to search the business card which is lying there with you for a long time within no time. You got separate sections to store both your personal and business contact cards. There is also a voice search which will make your task even easy. Create categories and tags to make your search even easier. It supports double sided business cards, and you can even share these cards with your friends via messages or email.

Price: Free
Download Business Card Holder

#3. CamScanner

CamScanner Phone PDF Creator Android AppYou never know when the need for scanning a document arises when you are into a meeting or going for a presentation. This is the time when you need CamScanner App. This app is very useful or in other words essential for your work as it turns your camera into a scanner. You can easily scan invoices, business cards and other documents which need to be digitized. Once scanned the searching process for those documents is very easy as well. If you download the professional version by paying few bucks more, you can even print or fax the documents you scan.

Price: Free
Download CamScanner

#4. Google docs and slides

Google docs and slides Android AppThe first of such free business apps is Google’s service like docs and slides app. This app has a spreadsheet editor called ‘Sheets,’ presentation maker ‘Slides’ and a word processor called ‘Docs.’ Today Google Docs app is one of the most competing apps on the Android platform. It also allows you to insert images, tables, charts and many other complicated things into your documents and they are easily compatible with the Microsoft Office files as well. So now you can have a perfect transition between your mobile phone and your desktop computer. The best part of this app is that you can edit docs even while remaining offline, so now you need to worry about nothing!

Price: Free
Download Google Docs | Download Google Slides

#5. OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

OfficeSuite + PDF Editor Android AppWhile receiving a countless number of documents with different kinds of file types you always feel irritated when you need to open them with different tools. Now you need not get irritated as we have found OfficeSuite + PDF Editor app which can open any local to cloud files, including Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel also, it will make you feel working on your desktop only. This app also gives you additional features like formatting, Oxford dictionary, and a spell checker. There is one more extra ordinary feature which can certainly prompt you to download this app right now, and that is PDF file editor. Yes, this app allows you to edit PDF files as well. The security features can let your confidential files remain confidential only.

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Price: Free
Download OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

#6. Square

Square Register POS Android AppWonder whether we can call this an app or not but still, this smartphone solution is really good for the small business owners and individuals as they can save on costs. Those who are involved in the traditional point-of-Sale (POS) system can certainly use Square app which comes with a complimentary phone attachment, as a successful alternative. The Square app accepts all kinds of payments made from MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa for just 2.75%. What’s more is that there is no commitment required; no down payment or contract needed either. To keep the pace with current business scenario, an app like Square which comes for free is certainly the best available solution, isn’t it?

Price: Free
Download Square

#7. Teamup Calendar

Teamup Calendar Android AppFor those business persons who work with a big team and always want their team to know every detail about their presence and their meetings, we have found out Teamup Calendar app, just made for them. This app will synchronize all the updates, schedules and calendars so that your team members can easily arrange meetings and functions without looking at the time constraints. This app also enables you to use a wide range of schedules like travel reservations, events, and school calendars. This app automatically updates and syncs itself on all the devices connected, so no updates will be missed. This is not it; it gives you a range of colors so that you can categorize various people according to your choice. The best thing about Teamup Calendar is that it comes for free.

Price: Free
Download Teamup Calendar

#8. Expense IQ

Expense IQ Android AppManaging finances and processing budget have become a big headache for any professional because these works lack a mass appeal. The worst part of all is that one can’t just stop spending habit as well. We have found out that Expense IQ app is the best solution for managing and tracking all types of spending and also finances as this is one of the most user-friendly apps available for Android. The best part of this app is that it gives you a very simple summary of various transactions happening under various accounts including expenses and categorization. It also has a pin lock so you can save all your confidential financial data whether it is personal or professional easily.

Price: Free
Download Expense IQ

#9. Slack

Slack Android AppOften the lengthy meetings and dull emails can affect the efficient nature of your workflow. If such things can affect you, then certainly it can affect your team as well. If your team has been disconnected because of certain things affecting you then you probably need Slack, an Android app, which brings your team together under a single platform. Slack allows small or big organizations equal opportunity to remain transparent, effective and productive by having all types of a file at a single place. Over here team can collaborate all the services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and various social media networks and enable them to find attachments within no time at all. Although the app is free but its premium version also offers services like messaging, file management and data retention policies.

Price: Free
Download Slack

#10. aCalendar

aCalendar Android AppThis Android app is made for business people’s personal use and it is rightly being named as aCalendar. It has many powerful features but it is very easy to use as well. It can simply allow you to do all the basics and to toggle between days, week, month and also year views. It is very easy on aCalendar to set reminders for important engagements as well. The best part of this app is that it allows you to handle business related features like scheduling a meeting and inviting people without even leaving the app.

Price: Free
Download aCalendar

Signing off

We are sure that you will like these entire 10 best Android business apps for your day to day work. We have made sure that you get all kinds of variety so that it can give you a precise solution to each of your needs.

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