As we know that Apple TV’s Siri is not that much capable of recognizing your voice to get the accurate results, you will need the best keyboard for Apple TV to quickly search for a program, app or some specific thing. Well, you can also use an Apple TV gaming controller to play games efficiently. But, using a best Bluetooth keyboard on Apple TV would be the better option to get the spot-on result with ease.

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Here we are sharing the list of best Apple TV Bluetooth keyboards with all new unique features. These Keyboards are not only used for a search but you can use them to navigate, play some basic games, to create a playlist, and lot more. Check them all and pick the perfect keyboard for your Apple TV.
Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple TV

8 Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple TV

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#1. ZAGG Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

ZAGG Apple TV Bluetooth Keyboard

The Bluetooth keyboard for Apple TV from ZAGG will connect with your Apple TV smoothly and not only your smart TV you can use plenty of Bluetooth enabled devices with it at the same time. Just a simple keystroke and you can switch between the devices. There are seven backlit keys you can choose from, and thus it will make typing a lot easier when you are experiencing low light. There is a 12-inches typing area which is perfectly spaced so you can easily type with desired speed.

Price: $39.98
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#2. Chester Creek Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Chester Creek Apple TV Bluetooth Keyboard

If you check functions of this Bluetooth keyboard for Apple TV and compare it with its price, you will feel that it is a good balance between those two ends. The design of this keyboard is so compact and super-slim that will not take much space. The keys will give you the natural feel, and hotkeys will help you to do things quickly. The added advantage here is the re-chargeable inbuilt lithium battery which will be able to give you 120 hours of continuous use.

Price: $69.95
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#3. iPazzPort Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

iPazzPort Apple TV Bluetooth Keyboard

The best Bluetooth keyboard which is specially made for the second and third generation Apple TV. You can manage and control your Apple TV from the range of 33ft, and one can use it for lot many other Bluetooth enabled devices at the same time as well. There are total 82 keys, and you can easily do scrolling, 90-degrees orientation flip whenever you wish to. There is also a silicone sleeve which is attached to this pack for the safety of your keyboard and multimedia controls.

Price: $18.99
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#4. Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple TV Bluetooth Keyboard

Now let us turn our focus on a Bluetooth keyboard for Apple TV which is made by the company itself. Here is the smart piece from Apple. The keyboard is made from the improved scissor mechanism which is available beneath every key, and that will provide not only stability but also optimized key travel. The keyboard is called magic and the way it functions with comfort and gives you precise typing experience it proves its name. It easily pairs with your Apple TV and with the incredibly long lasting battery you can enjoy your shows for long hours for sure.

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Price: $85.99
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#5. Logitech K811 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech K811 Apple TV Bluetooth Keyboard

One of the easiest to use the best Bluetooth keyboards for Apple TV, you will ever see is here, and Logitech presents it. As we all are aware that Logitech is one of the most trusted brands in the tech industry and this Bluetooth keyboard has a button which can toggle instantly between typing on your Mac and Apple TV. It has sharp and bright backlit keys which will help you immensely when you need to type in the night. The illumination is auto adjustable so that your eyes will not get tired looking at it continuously. You can recharge the keyboard even when you are using it, so it is hassle-free as well.

Price: $116.18
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#6. 1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

1byone Apple TV Bluetooth Keyboard

This Bluetooth keyboard for Apple TV has a unique design. This keyboard is foldable and thus you can carry it anywhere and can keep it where there is less space. The material used in this keyboard is an excellent aluminum, and the design is ultra-slim. Not only Apple TV, if you have a few other Android-enabled gadgets, then to you can use this keyboard with utmost ease. The inbuilt 210mAh battery is a lithium battery, and it is rechargeable. This battery, once full, can run up to 64 hours without any trouble. The keyboard is easy to pair, and the magnetic switch can be used for smart auto ON and OFF feature.

Price: $33.99
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#7. Logitech (Keys-To-Go) Ultra Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech Apple TV Bluetooth Keyboard

This is the second and best Apple TV Bluetooth keyboard we are offering from Logitech. It has some of the best keyboard features, and it is extremely slim in looks. Not only your Apple TV but any other Bluetooth-enabled devices can be paired easily with this keyboard. The material used in this keyboard is spill-resistant, and you can just wipe off the spill from this keyboard with a wipeable fabric easily. The usage of this keyboard is comfortable, and you can type fast as the keys are well spaced and full sized. The best part of it is that you will get three full months to charge this keyboard if your average usage is two hours a day.

Price: $62.85
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#8. Matias Wireless Aluminium Keyboard

Matias Apple TV Bluetooth Keyboard

This is a high-end Bluetooth keyboard for Apple TV, but the reason behind such a high price is that it is made from a real aluminum. The design is thin, and it is beautifully molded. The battery can last until even six months between two charges so you can have extremely long hours of entertainment without having any glitches. Apart from your Apple TV, you can pair three more devices with this keyboard easily. Each paired device will have its key just above the number pad. So if you are spending a bit more on this keyboard, then you have a guarantee to get back even more than what you expect.

Price: $110.95
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Hope, you liked our collection of best Bluetooth keyboards for Apple TV. We wish you all the enjoyment and entertainment with the keyboard you pick up from this list. Once you start using anyone on this keyboard, do share your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section.