Bluetooth headphones for OnePlus 6 are essential accessories especially when you want to have long conversations or conference calls with your colleagues or business partners. These wireless headphones enable you to watch videos and movies in hands-free mode. When you are watching your favorite late night show on your brilliant OnePlus 6, you may disturb others in your bedroom. Thanks to wireless Bluetooth headphones for OnePlus 6, you can enjoy those videos and episodes by keeping the volume to yourself. In case you are looking for a smart headphone that runs on Bluetooth technology, check this list of best OnePlus 6 Bluetooth headphones.

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People use Bluetooth headphones for greater comfort and convenience. When you have connected your smartphone with Bluetooth wireless headphones, you can continue your tasks and keep talking to the people or continue your routine tasks with agility. The compact and lightweight design never come in your way; you can easily carry the headphones or pods to your office or anywhere. Many wireless headphones are waterproof and water-resistant, and therefore, you can use them even while you are working out at the gym or outdoors. Moreover, you can also carry on adventurous activities like hiking, biking, camping, or jogging when you have inserted the headphones.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for OnePlus 6

Top 10 Best OnePlus 6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

#1. Audbum

Audbum Bluetooth Headphones for OnePlus 6

Audbum brings a pair of Bluetooth headphones that fit all size. The product is designed for sports lovers. With its memory metal technology, its adjustable ear hook loops your ear profile fully, and this provides better dynamic fitting than other headphones. These Bluetooth headphones are perfect for avoiding falls or drops while working out in gym or outdoors. Moreover, Audbum’s wireless headphones are available in three pairs different sizes ear tips for a custom fit.


  • Comfortable wearing
  • Super stereo sound
  • Waterproof
  • Longer music time


  • Complex design

Price: $25.99
Buy it from Amazon


SOWAK Bluetooth Headphones for OnePlus 6

Experience HiFi stereo sound with Sowak earbuds, which are made of metal materials. The metal magnetic earplugs have a mobile phone control, volume control, English voice prompts, magnetic earbuds, and flat cable design. When not in use, the two microphones can connect together like hanging necklace fashion. The Bluetooth headphones are made of the most advanced IPX6.0-rated manufacturing process, which makes them waterproof.


  • Eight hours playtime
  • Rich and heavy bass
  • Strong anti-sweat performance
  • Supports various mobile devices


  • No super stereo sound

Price: $12.99
Buy it from Amazon

#3. Mpow

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones for OnePlus 6

Mpow is a leading brand in manufacturing Bluetooth headphones. This pair of sweatproof earphones is made of IPX7 standard that keeps the headphones water-resistant. The nano-coating effectively protects sports headphones from sweat and ensure more lifespan. The Bluetooth headphones are ideal for running, jogging, hiking, yoga, exercises, gym, fitness camps, traveling and more. Mpow’s improved lithium polymer battery brings up to 7-9 hours pleasure musically and socially with a quick charge of only 1.5 hours.


  • HD sound
  • Soft ear hooks
  • Battery capacity display (iOS devices only)
  • Voice prompt operations


  • Low battery

Price: $19.98
Buy it from Amazon

#4. Cowin

COWIN Bluetooth Headphones for OnePlus 6

Cowin packs professional active noise canceling technology in its Bluetooth headphones, which can effectively reduce noise for travel, work, and anywhere in between. Its advanced active noise reduction technology can quell airplane cabin noise, city traffic or a busy office. You can focus on what you want to hear – whether it is your favorite music, movies, or videos. Note that noise cancellation function can perform both in wire and wireless mode.


  • Soft and flexible earpads
  • Thirty hours playing time
  • Reduce airplane roar to a whisper


  • Larger size, not comfortable for workout

Price: $62.99
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#5. dostyle

dostyle OnePlus 6 Bluetooth Headphones

dostyle presents pure white and pitch black color design in these Bluetooth headphones, which boast high fidelity stereo sound and CVC6.0 noise reduction technology. The built-in HD microphone features CSR chip and CVC6.0 noise canceling technology. With reduced outside noise, you will enjoy the amazing sound quality with superb deep bass and crystal clear treble. The wireless headphones have IPX4 water-resistant design that enables you to listen even as you are having a run in the rain or your head is getting splashed.

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Premium stereo sound
  • Movable wire buckle
  • Can be connected to two devices simultaneously


  • Ear pads are not soft

Price: $18.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. Allke

ALLKE OnePlus 6 Bluetooth Headphones

Allke seems to have taken inspiration from Apple’s AirPods. The two separate wireless headphones, which allow 2-3 hours of premium quality play time and 40 hours standby time with a single charge of one or two hours. The portable charging case has built-in battery supports. The advanced Bluetooth 4.2 and A2DP/AVRCP audio processing system lets you enjoy hi-fi sound, faster pairing speeds, and a stable connection.


  • Lightweight design
  • Easy access to the charging port
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to carry


  • Pods are not connected, so you may lose one of them

Price: $10.00
Buy it from Amazon

#7. Tozo

TOZO OnePlus 6 Bluetooth Headphones

Tozo is extremely minimalist in design and shape. The Bluetooth headphones are truly wireless with qualities like lightweight and hassle-free, and there are no strings attached (this can be a drawback though). Take out the two pods from the box, and they will pair with each other automatically; next, enter pairing mode with the mobile phone automatically. These wireless headphones come with three sets of silicone caps (Size Small, Mid, Large), and they are designed for various ear size to provide comfortable wearing.


  • Easy to pair
  • Smaller than a coin
  • Portable battery case
  • High-quality stereo sound


  • Difficult to locate when misplaced

Price: $29.99
Buy it from Amazon

#8. SoundPETS

SoundPEATS OnePlus 6 Bluetooth Headphones

Add an element of fashion to your listening with SoundPETS. The lightweight Bluetooth headphones are crafted with a metal casing for a high-end look. For smooth Bluetooth transmission and high fidelity sound, SoundPETS has employed Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX codec technology. The headphones are widely compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, both Android and iOS. Built-in stronger magnets stick both earbuds together like a necklace around your neck for better storage when not in use and keep you away from the tangled wire.


  • Rich sound and smooth transmission
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • In-line controls
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices


  • Delicate construction

Price: $25.99
Buy it from Amazon

#9. Phaiser

Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones for OnePlus 6

Phaiser Bluetooth headphones deliver super accurate HD sound with strong bass. The bullet-shaped earbuds provide complete isolation from external noise while you can easily stow your earbuds by wearing them around your neck. Keep your earphones around the neck, and you can instantly access them anytime without searching your pockets. No more water-damage as Phaiser has manufactured sweat-proof wireless Bluetooth headphones protected by Liquipel Nano coating to withstand sweaty workouts.


  • HD sound
  • Designed by Swiss audio engineers
  • Smart microphone
  • Patented anti-drop earphones


  • Not water-resistant

Price: $27.59
Buy it from Amazon

#10. Cornmi

Cornmi OnePlus 6 Bluetooth Headphones

Cornmi presents Bluetooth headphones with superb sound quality and great bass. Once you charge the headphones, you can keep listening to your favorite music for seven hours; once the battery drains, you can quickly charge the earbuds and keep an eye on the light indication. You can check the headphone battery status on the connected iOS devices (not on Android phones/tablets). The pair is best for a workout, running, jogging, hiking, and biking.


  • Good sound quality
  • Low noise
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Wide compatibility


  • May drop or fall off your ears
  • Not come with a connector to join the two pods

Price: $35.99
Buy it from Amazon

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Whether you are associated with a white-collar, blue-collar, or a pink-collar job, Bluetooth headphones are your constant companions. Simply focus on your job and stay connected to the people important in your life. Which wireless Bluetooth headphones is your choice? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.