For the best music pleasure with your high-end and latest smartphone, you need one of the best Bluetooth headphones for LG V30. All of these headphones are different from each other at offering amazing features, and all of them are made in such way to enjoy the ultimate sound and feel it while having this with you.

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Even most of them are offering a good range of the connectivity so that you can move around with it with all the ease. Besides talking about the comfort that they provide all of them are well equipped with the best functionality of sound. And some of them are even equipped with the noise cancellation function so that you can enjoy your music while eliminating the background noise.

Overall you will get the best value as compared to money because all of the listed headphones are well equipped regarding technology and also offers excellent features that you can leverage from it. So, here will have a vast range of the Best LG V30 Bluetooth Headphones. Let’s check the list of it.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for LG V3010 Best LG V30 Bluetooth Headphones

#1. Pkman

Here comes the first Bluetooth Headphones with the latest design and with the 100% best quality brand guarantee. The Pkman with the foldable Bluetooth headset offers upgraded wireless neckband Bluetooth headphones. The design of this headphones is entirely different than listed here other Bluetooth headphones for the LG V30 smartphone.

pkman Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Headphones for LG V30Features:

  • It comes with the built-in CSR8635 chips this is what supports the stable wireless connection.
  • The headphones also combine the 6.0 CVC noise canceling and APTX as well for the crisp sound transformation.
  • It uses first-class Hi-Fi audio quality with the super bass quality which will thrill you with the excellent sound transfer.
  • The foldable design which is super humanized to save space will make the storage of it much easy for you.
  • The retractable earbuds equipped with a push of a button which is design to have a simple but unique approach cord management to don’t have the hassle of wires dangling.
  • It supports outstanding battery life that also informs about how much battery left in it.
  • Besides that, you can enjoy your music session for about 16 hours and 18 hours of talking time along with 300 hours of standby time.
  • The brand offers 30 days of money back guarantee and one year of warranty.

Price: $33.99
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#2. TaoTronics

The TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones have a unique approach to stay around the neck because it comes with magnetic adsorption design. This is means wherever you are not listening to your music just attach both the earbuds with each other back-to-back, and so they can be spotted and even easy collect them.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones for LG V30Features:

  • This best seller is completely equipped with the Bluetooth 4.1 system.
  • With the secure fit, it also equipped with the IPX5 splash proof that makes it durable at the same time.
  • The built-in Bluetooth comes handy so that always stay around your neck without falling.
  • It offers crystal clear audio without a single hitch because it features CD-like sound quality thanks to the Apt-X support for the music.
  • The CVC noise cancellation mechanism for the phone calls so that you can get the high-quality audio while from this portable headphones.
  • It comes with trusted in-line controls such as play, pause or even more changes the volume right from the headphone.
  • Even more, you will always be informed about how much battery is left in it along with the power level.
  • The battery can run up to five hours, and you can even have 175 hours of standby time.

Price: $25.99
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#3. Treblab

The brand Treblab is a quite favorite brand in the market of the headphones right now and few other accessories as well. The Bluetooth headphones are even well rated and reviewed a product on the Amazon store with now. Right now these headphones combine the sound quality and style at the same time so that you can have a significant combo with this wireless headphones.

Treblab Bluetooth Earbuds for LG V30Features:

  • This wireless headphones supports 4.1 CSR Bluetooth system, and it also helps Bluetooth profiles like HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP.
  • With the CVC6.0 noise cancellation system, it offers noise-free music session with amazing HD sound.
  • This is perfect headphones for sports lover because it is equipped with IPX6 sweat-proof and waterproof headphones.
  • Just like the few of the headphones this also features the AptX compatibility for the crisp sound transfer.
  • The anti-drop security of it ensures that it stays put during your most demanding athletic routines.
  • The battery offers 9 hours of music session on a single charge while the complete charging time takes around 2 hours.
  • The brand provides 100% satisfaction guarantee with the 30 days of returns guarantee and lifetime warranty as well.

Price: $36.97
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#4. Paww

The Paww brand is known for offering some of the best and top quality headphones which are available in the market. And the WaveSound 2 is no exception. The headphones here provides pro-grade sound with some high-quality features. These cool looking headphones are universal that you can connect with any other devices.

Paww Bluetooth Headphones for LG V30Features:

  • These Bluetooth headphones equipped with Active noise cancellation for the batter and quality sound.
  • It supports onboard microphone that even lets you answer your incoming calls, so there is no need to answer the call using your phone.
  • This function also allows you have control on audio, volume, shuffling playlists and skipping songs as well.
  • It offers incredible battery life for about 36 hours of listening time and is user replaceable as well.
  • These headphones include a durable storage case, a micro-USB cable for the on the go charging and also features premium 3.5mm audio cable.
  • It features highly sensitive microphones which capture and reverse the ambient noise so you can listen to your music without any interruptions.

Price: $64.99
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#5. Senso

Senso headphone is affordable Bluetooth headphone which is portable and compatible with LG V30. It is also fantastic for sports use as well. Whether you are sports lover or a fitness freak, this wireless headphone is excellent at it. You can use these headphones for running or while you are working out at Gym. It won’t fell on your ears because of the perfect fit.

Senso Wireless Sports Earphones for LG V30Features:

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  • With the real HD high fidelity sound, these headphones feature latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology.
  • State of the art acoustic components produces the excellent sound quality along with the bass and crystal clear treble.
  • The ActivBuds are equipped with the ergonomic design that offers flexibility to the ear hook so that it stays comfortably and firm in a place.
  • As they are best at sports and workout session, it is apparent that it offers IPX-7 waterproof ratings.
  • With the Bluetooth 4.1 technology, it also provides CVC s6.0 noise suppression technology for better listening.
  • It allows seamless enjoyment of your music for around 8 hours longest time and 240 hours of standby time.
  • As it is equipped with improved lithium polymer battery, it takes only 1-5 hours of charging while giving most extended hours of music listening time.

Price: $34.97
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#6. SoundPEATS

The SoundPEATS is one of the well-known brands in the market of the headphones. This brand offers one of the fantastic and attractive looking Bluetooth headphones that really can easily pair up with the LG’s latest smartphone LG V30 as it supports latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology. Besides that, these headphones also look good while in use.

SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphone for LG V30Features:

  • These Q12 Bluetooth headphones support two gadgets that are connected simultaneously and lets you automatically reconnecting if they are paired successfully.
  • It also has high fidelity stereo sound along with its aptX codec.
  • They are light in weight so that you don’t have to carry any bulk on your ears and your neck as well.
  • The built-in magnets allow you to attach the earbuds to each other just like a necklace around your neck.
  • The ergonomic design of this headphones comes with the oblique angle to fit your ear canal very well.
  • The in-line microphone and volume buttons it enables you to make a hands-free call while managing music as well.
  • The brand also provides 12 months of hassle-free warranty to make sure the enjoyment of the purchase.

Price: $19.99
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#7. Jarv

Jarv offers another gem from this list of best LG V30 Bluetooth headphones. This top grade quality headphone can be used while you are having your extreme workout such as running, jogging and even while you are at the gym. This wireless headphone is just like the earlier discussed headphone from this brand that this headphone is also sweat-proof and splash-proof.

Jarv Wireless Earbuds for LG V30Features:

  • These headphones are genuinely moisture and splash proof that makes it perfect workout partner.
  • There are lightweight, compact and stylish and offers silicone ear hook design, so that stay secure yet being comfortable fit as well.
  • Apart from that, these headphones provide onboard functions so that it allows you to track control over your music seamlessly.
  • The Noise isolation technology eliminates the outside noise so that you can enjoy indulging your music and even conversation as well.
  • It offers 6 hours of music session on a single one-hour of quick charge.
  • They are designed for an active lifestyle that offers superior HD stereo sound.
  • These headphones are not only compatible with the LG V30, but it is also compatible with other devices like Android and iOS devices.

Price: $39.99
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#8. Ounice

Here comes a different Bluetooth headphone from all those headphones which are listed here in this list. This LG V30 compatible Bluetooth headphones are versatile for all types of the activities whether you are at work, while you are working and even while you are resting. It allows you to enjoy the hands-free while doing other tasks.

Ounice Bluetooth Earbuds for LG V30Features:

  • This latest ultra-small sports wireless headphones are equipped with the most recent Bluetooth 4.1 technology.
  • The soft material which is used to make the earbuds provides secure and comfortable in-ear earbuds.
  • These true wireless headphones set you free from all the hassle of the cords and wired headphones.
  • They are also great for running, gym, jogging, driving and even while you are sleeping.
  • The built-in A2DP/AVRCP audio processing system offers excellent sound experience and reduces the noise as well.
  • The built-in mic provides convenient phone talk while reducing the background noise as well.
  • It comes with storage box along with the portable power back so that you can quickly charge them.

Price: $19.99
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#9. Cell-Stuff

For extreme comfort wear along with the security to try these Bluetooth headphones from the Cell-stuff which is one of the known brands in the market of the headphones and earphones. What makes these headphones different than others is that it offers removable ear hook with soft silicone that provides comfortable wear.

Cell-stuff Wireless Stereo Headset for LG V30Features:

  • These headphones are the extremely fantastic sound of your favorite music.
  • It uses wireless 4.1 technology that uses less power consumption and gives more stable wireless connection.
  • This headphones case connect phones at the same time.
  • The removable ear hook is very convenient and easy to attach.
  • Along with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, it is also equipped with the aptX CSR technology.
  • These headphones are designed to withstand for the most rigorous workout. It means it is having sweat proof and splash proof design.
  • The earbuds also offer noise cancellation functionality.

Price: $29.99
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#10. M-TK

M-TK is one of the best wireless headphones for the LG V30 smartphone. This smartphone works exceptionally well with the LG V30 no matter whether you are enjoying music or you are answering calls on your phone. This wireless is fantastic at offering the best sound quality for your favorite smartphone.

M-TK Bluetooth Wireless Earphone for LG V30Features:

  • These wireless headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology to enable stereo earphones.
  • These Bluetooth headphones use stereo HD 10mm speakers with the 100 dB+/-3 to provide the accurate and robust music sound.
  • It can easily stow the earphones by just wearing them around your neck without feeling any bulk.
  • The built-in in-line microphone and other controls like volume control, music control and also on/off button.
  • It is packed with the fabulous rechargeable battery.
  • These wireless headphones offer the perfect fit and will not hurt your ear as well.

Price: $11.99
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We are sure that after having this much exclusive list of these best LG V30 Bluetooth headphones you can quickly pick the best pair of headphones for your LG V30 that fulfill your all needs. Do let us know your feedback here by commenting in the comments section or you can also leave comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.