Bluetooth headphones for kids are boon for parents, who want to soothe their cranky toddlers or to put their kids to sleep in their cradle. But as worried parents, you need to make sure that the wireless headphones you buy for your kids do not send out the high sound. The decibels should be controlled, and the design should be skin-friendly. Well, you don’t need to explore the web world to find the best children’s Bluetooth headphones as we have done this research and created a list of best Bluetooth headphones for kids.

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This collection of kid-safe headphones is for children whose age is between 2 and 11. These Bluetooth headphones are available in different colors and designs; they will comfortably fit on and around the ears and head of your kids.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Top 10 Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

#1. Olio

Olio Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Kids do not like wires, as they don’t want to tangle with them. Olio brings a perfect design in its wireless headphones whose volume is limited to 93dB to protect developing ears of your children. The soft pad of the headphones pampers the skin of your kids, even while they are sleeping on the bed or in the cradle.


  • 40mm drivers for clear sound quality
  • Equipped with port-sharing technology


  • Should be more colorful
  • More decibels

Price: $39.99
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#2. Puro Sound Labs

Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Puro Sound Labs has reduced the decibel to ensure that your kids’ ears remain healthy for a long time. This is why the decibel limit is kept at 85dB. The durable battery gives your kids 18 hours of music play; even if you put it on standby, the headphones are not required to charge for 200 hours. You can put your baby to sleep quickly as the headphones can block background noise.


  • Available in four vibrant colors: black, blue, purple, and white
  • Strong battery
  • Lightweight (made of aluminum)


  • Higher price

Price: $89.99
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#3. Handal

Handal Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

The adjustable headband is exceptionally comfortable with its super-soft ear pads. No matter in which position your child is sleeping, these Bluetooth headphones do not create any obstacle. Another important feature is you can quickly switch between wireless and wired modes; when your kid is sleeping, you can use wireless mode, and when s/he wakes up, you can connect the wire to save battery.


  • Available in eye-catching colors
  • Low price
  • Ergonomic design


  • Not strong battery

Price: $20.96
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#4. Riwbox

Riwbox Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

The foldable Riwbox Bluetooth headphones provide extra comfort to the ears and head of your kids. The wireless headset comes with Red/Blue/Green LED installed on both sides; the light flashes up and down as per the frequency of sound. You can turn on and turn off LED when the headphones are connected to your phone via Bluetooth. This will save battery life of your headphones.


  • Wired and wireless mode
  • Powerful 40mm speaker
  • LED blinking effect


  • Fewer color options

Price: $27.98
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#5. Bestgot

BestGot Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

When your kids are not using these Bestgot headphones, you can wear them to listen to music or to talk with someone. Yes, the headset is equipped with a microphone to allow you to indulge in long conversations with your loved ones. Bestgot presents an impressive and colorful range of headphones in eight different shades.


  • On-ear headphones
  • Detachable 3.5mm audio cable
  • Leatherette ear pads
  • Foldable headset


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  • Not strong battery life

Price: $16.99
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#6. Osla

Osla Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Your kids would love to listen to music and lullaby on these best quality headphones, built with rich and robust bass. Play music on different sound mode for a different genre of music, including rock, pop, classic, jass, blue hall, bass, opera, etc. Travels in mind? Pack the headphones in your travel bag; it has a foldable and compact design, which makes it portable.


  • Highly affordable
  • Colorful range
  • Made of high-quality protein material


  • Poor battery performance (6-8 hours)

Price: $17.99
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#7. eKids

eKids Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Your kids’ ears are delicate, and they should not be exposed to high-decibel sound, not more than 85dB. eKids take enough care of your children as it guarantees kid-friendly technology and material. The brand has reduced the volume to keep your kids safe from loud sound and music.


  • Spiderman themed graphics
  • Padded ear cushions
  • Comfortable & custom fit


  • Themed graphics make it suitable only for kids and not for adult users

Price: $30.99
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#8. Uvital

Uvital Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

If you are looking for the best holiday gift for your kids, you should buy Uvital’s Bluetooth headphones for your children. Even if you are not interested in the aesthetics, you will be impressed by the fact that it has limited the volume to FCC recommended levels. The headphones are available in girlish and boyish colors so that you can buy it for both. A perfect gift item!


  • Extremely affordable price
  • TF card music player
  • 8-hour music play


  • Fragile body

Price: $19.99
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#9. Votones

Votones Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

The headphones are so portable and foldable that your kids would love to keep them inside their bum bag. They can carry the headset everywhere. Votones headphones support TF and SD card to fatten your list of songs and podcasts. One of the glaring features of the headphones is fast charging; you can charge it as quickly as in 2.5 hours and then enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime.


  • Limited volume 85dB
  • Noise-cancellation feature
  • Suitable for kids up to 16 years of age
  • 60 hours of standby time


  • Weak battery performance
  • Aesthetically not up to the mark

Price: $21.99
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#10. Biensound

Biensound Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Kids have become fashion forward, and they want to use products that boast a strong fashion quotient. Biensound perhaps knows this fact, and therefore, the brand has crafted fashionable Bluetooth headphones for kids. While listening to music or their study lessons (podcasts) your kids can pay utmost attention to its CVC 6.3 broadband noise cancellation technology.


  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Fashionable & ergonomic design
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Explosion-proof polymer rechargeable battery


  • Not suitable for children under seven years

Price: $26.99
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That’s it!

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Bluetooth headphones are the best things your kids can use for their entertainment and education. However, care should be taken that they are not exposed to high music sound, as their ears cannot endure high decibels. Which among the best kids’ headphones are you planning to buy? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.