Communication with the smartphone has not only become a necessity but for many of us, it has also become a part of our daily life. When something has this big importance in someone’s life then it is expected that a particular thing works constantly. But smartphone batteries drain so fast that sometimes it becomes so sickening and while doing our important work on it. we are more worried about the reducing battery life percentage on our mobile screen than our work. There are power banks available for sure but that doesn’t help to keep on working freely.

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Basic mobile phones used to give us 2 to 3 days of battery backup, but smartphones with so many features on offer like a bigger screen, high-speed CPU, GPS, high-speed internet and so on; the battery backup is bound to suffer. We are very much addicted to social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and a few more. We also love to play those video games as well when we have some spare time to spend. So all in all battery will always drain faster in the smartphone is a given. Is there any solution? Well, definitely there is.

Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Battery Saver Apps for iPhone and Android

There is certainly a way out for the problem of fast battery draining and that is using some apps specially made to save your mobile battery. These apps are available for both the iPhone and Android phones. So let us check out some of the best out of them.

#1. Battery Life Magic Pro

Battery Life Magic Pro iPhone AppThis is one of the oldest apps available on iTunes, but let us tell you that it still is very useful. The Battery Life Magic Pro not only will tell you that how much battery life is left on your iPhone when you are supposed to leave it idle but it will give you all the details you may require. It will give you the information on how much data time you have along with talk time and audio and video playback time. This app is filled with all the tips and tricks which will help you to stretch your battery life for some more time.

Price: $0.99
Download Battery Life Magic Pro for iPhone

#2. Battery HD+

Battery HD+iPhone AppThis app works like Battery Life Magic Pro only as it gives you all the details about your phone’s battery in various categories. But what makes it different than the previous app is its stylish looks. This app will also show you how much time is left while you are listening to music or watching a video or even playing a video game. If this app is installed on your iPhone then it will not let your phone overcharged, hence it is an extra benefit for you.

Price: Free
Download Battery HD+ for iPhone

#3. Carat: Collaborative Energy Diagnosis

Carat iPhone and Android AppPrevention is better than cure! This is what the University of Helsinki believes in and that is why they have developed this battery saving app called ‘Carat’. This app has personalized recommendations on how you can always improve your battery life via observing your activities on your iPhone for an entire week. The app will automatically generate reports and will advise you on how you can improve on increasing the time for your battery to live. So apart from saving the battery life what more you can do with Carat is that you will learn plenty of things regarding saving iPhone battery life.

Price: Free
Download Carat for Android

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#4. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor iPhone AppThis is one of the most popular battery saving apps which is developed by one of the well-known internet company Cheetah Mobile. This app is also known as the clean master. The app developers claim that once you download this app your mobile will save the battery life up to 50%. It is worth downloading it as well because it is totally free. With Battery Doctor, you can easily adjust your mobile settings so that your battery can have a longer backup. The app itself will suggest you the battery health with 3 stage charging system. For the different power saving situations, it can give you different battery saving modes as well. All in all, it is a complete battery saving app.

Price: Free
Download Battery Doctor for iPhone | Download Battery Doctor for Android

#5. Greenify

Greenify Android AppThis is one of the better battery saving apps specially developed for Android phones. Greenify will automatically find those apps on your Android phone which downgrades the battery life. It will by its own, will take those apps to hibernation which you are not using at all. We know that there are some apps which automatically start when you start your phone and keep on draining your battery, Greenify will keep a check on them and keep them at bay. What’s more is Greenly doesn’t take much space on CPU and RAM hence you will remain happy always with the speed of your phone.

Price: Free
Download Greenify for Android

#6. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver Android AppThis DU Battery Saver app is called the best battery saving app by many because you will find many Android users who have actually installed it on their phones. We can easily call this app as Android power manager because it can increase your smartphone’s battery life up to 50 percent for sure. But if you use its pro version then you can even boost your battery life up to 70 percent! DG Battery Saver has “Optimize” feature, tapping on which it will find the problem on its own and will solve it to give more life to your fast draining battery.

Price: Free
Download DU Battery Saver for Android

#7. Battery Saver

Battery Saver 2016 Android AppJust like its name this app is a no-nonsense app. It sticks with the basics and just keeps on saving your Android phone’s battery life only. It will keep on monitoring your activity on your mobile and then let you know which apps are draining your battery more than the rest. It also contains toggle on Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Airplane Mode, GPS etc so you can manage the ones which you are not using right now and thus it will save loads of your battery life. Although all those menus are already available on your phone but by using Battery Saver for them, it’s really fun, try it!

Price: Free
Download Battery Saver for Android

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Which one of these best battery saver app has bowled you over? It would be great to have your feedback in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Google Plus.