iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch have become probably the most adaptable tech tools available today. They are few of the most expensive tablets are on the market today. And the Apple’s latest 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro are no exceptions in that regard. Both of the iPad Pro is featuring most advanced technology such as the A10X Fusion chip for the processor and display with the ProMotion technology. These features are some of them, hence from that, both of them are definitely the premium tablets which made out of the high-end anodized aluminum and providing features those are miles ahead of the competition.

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With both of the tablets, we can execute a multitude of functions. Like send message, capture photos, play games, check emails, make calls, set reminder, and do much more things. However, the usage pattern varies from person to person. Many of the iPad Pro users use their iPad to jotting notes or designing logos or doing a lot more other things. For them, Apple Pencil is the great companion. With Apple Pencil, you can make notes, make sketches or can create logos on your iPad Pro 10.5 or 12.9.

There are quite a few good apps available on the App Store that any iPad user can use. But, if you are looking for the best iOS apps works with Apple Pencil then here they are. we have you covered 10 best Apps for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro users.

Best Apps for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro Users

10 Best Apps for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro Users

#1. Linea

Linea App for Apple Pencil and iPad ProIf you love paper tools, then Iconfactory’s Linea app has supplanted it now become many of the user’s all-purpose sketching application. This is a simple but straightforward sketching app for the iPad Pro-10.5 or 12.9-inch. The Iconfactory has released the new version 1.1.1 that adds several excellent new features.

This new version is compatible with iOS 10.0 and later iOS versions. And it supports a wide variety of iPad version including iPad Pro 10.5 and 12.9 inch.

Linea app offers low latency drawing along with the Apple Pencil which is similar to experience had while using the stock Notes app. However, Linea app is much deeper than you found the drawing tools in Notes. It supports given below tools:

  • Soft and broad shading which differs with both the size settings and pressure.
  • Smooth and faded stroke along with the edge of hard lead.
  • Wide flat stroke that which is ideal for coloring large areas of the screen.
  • The flat nib is perfect for hard edges and even calligraphic writing.
  • In which each of the tools works differently when Apple pencil used on the screen.
  • It offers set of layers which can be easily rearranged, merged and even adjusted.
  • With this, you can export your work as in layered Photoshop documents, or transparent PNG and a lot more. You can export your document to the Slack and Dropbox.
  • It offers a broad range of traditional grids, storyboards, 3D isometric lines and even templates for iOS screen or icon design.
  • This app automatically stores all your sketches and projects to your iCloud account.
  • This app even lets you use your finger as an eraser. This is particularly well done. As it now offers built-in backgrounds and storyboard options. It is easy for a conceptual designer to use and get started with it quickly. This iOS app for Apple Pencil is available in paid version.

Price: $9.99

#2. Procreate

Procreate App for Apple Pencil and iPad ProProcreate is one of the favorite drawing apps. The Savage Interactive has already released the new version that is 3.2.4 with the whole host of the new features. This app is compatible with the iOS 10 and later versions, and even it is compatible with all iPad.

Perhaps there is the most significant modification, which is the addition of Apple Pencil and iPad Pro integration. With this app, you can create images with the resolution of 16,000 x 4,000 which is now compatible with the Apple’s latest hardware which iPad Pro 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch has. It offers a deep range of quality features and tools from that professional people can take advantages.

  • Equipped with Silica which means fastest 64-bit of painting engine.
  • Responsive 64-bit of smudge sampling
  • 64-bit of stunning color
  • 250 levels of undo and redo
  • For iPad’s multiple cores it optimized multi-threaded functionality
  • Always save your work with auto-save feature
  • Connect a keyboard and use shortcuts for advanced features
  • Advanced quick menu for quick interface interaction
  • Breakthrough brushes
  • Advanced layering system
  • Dramatic finishing effects
  • Groundbreaking video features
  • Import or Export PSD, transparent PNG, web ready JPEG or multi-page PDF files to
  • various devices and social media platforms.

This app is incredibly amazing because you can share or send your exported images with your clients, friends or web pals. This app even offers print-ready export formats and a live-streaming option. This iOS app compatible with Apple Pencil is a paid app.

Price: $5.99

#3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch App for Apple Pencil and iPad ProProcreate is, of course, the king of the natural media apps for the iPad users. But, if so Adobe Photoshop Sketch is like a deposed soldier, that plotting in its exile to win back its medals. Sketch is actually very good with not only its some lovely natural media types inbuilt, but even few fantastic features that might quickly endear it to you. Here are some excellent functionality and tools listed below:

  • This iOS app has the ability to include multiple images and drawing layers. You can and restack them, rename them, merge and transform them.
  • You can have control over individual brush settings such as pressure sensitivity and even velocity.
  • It let you access to 14 tools with that you can adjust the size, color shading, opacity and even blending settings.
  • It supports multiple Stylus Pen like Wacom, Adonit, Pencil by 53 and also the Apple Pencil.
  • It gives flexibility to you to manage your favorite colors and tools in the toolbar.
  • This app also provides choice to work with shape stencils. You can use them to scale, trace, outline and also stamp.

With this app, you can have 2GB of Creative Cloud file storage. If you want more storage, then you have the option of buying an additional 20GB of data storage on a Creative Cloud it can cost you around $1.99 per month. This iOS app is compatible iOS 9.0 and later versions of iOS. This app supports iPhone, iPad including 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch, and iPod touch.

Price: Free

#4. uMake

uMake App for Apple Pencil and iPad ProuMake is one of the great options for quickly and easily creating blueprints and CAD models on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. While this app supports a wide range of Apple devices and iOS 9.3 or later Apple iOS versions. This app can be used by many of the old Apple device users. Although it is free to use an app and offers varies of features those are listed here:

  • Offers 3D space that lets you create easy and quick 3D model.
  • If offers Pencil-specific functions that include dynamic pressure sensitivity, a live symmetry mode for creating mirrored elements and auto-correction of curves.
  • Import blueprints of photos as reference photos.
  • It’s layers and groups maintain your models organized.
  • There are over 250 pre-made models to begin and enhance your creations.
  • Export your photos to 3D file into formats of STEP, OBJ & IGES.
  • Offers design on the go from anywhere.
  • You can export your blueprint or photos or work to the sculpt, render and animate it with other apps like Procreate, Graphic, Sketchbook, Adobe Photoshop, 123D and a few more apps.

This app is actually available for free but if you want to have access to other professional sketching tools then you need to pay about $9.99 per month for its Pro Version. You can even use Pro version for free for about 30 days. However, the prices may vary by location.

Price: Free

#5. Paper

Paper by FiftyThree App for Apple Pencil and iPad ProIf you want a variety of tools in a single iOS app for doodling or taking notes, then Paper is the one excellent apps that you use right away. This is the best iOs app used with Apple pencil to connect your photos, notes, and sketches.

This app is compatible with all versions of iOS 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0 and supports iPhone, all the iPad version, and iPod touch. Here some of its great features:

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  • With its swipe-to-style formatting, you can create checklists and note very quickly.
  • You can bring photos, sketches, and text together and keep each idea organized in single place.
  • Its unique visual notes are designed to help you get the point across precisely and quickly.
  • It lets you share your idea by just exporting your thoughts into one of the formats of PDF, Keynote or Powerpoint presentations.
  • You can even sort your design in separate digital sketchbooks and can quickly share it to the public paper feed, or OneNote or the Adobe’s Creative Cloud. The only downside of this app doesn’t provide choices for layered or transparent export.

Price: Free

#6. Notability

Notability App for Apple Pencil and iPad ProIf you love to jotting notes, then this iOS app Notability is really your app. This is a premium note-taking apps that includes Apple pencil friendly features like automatic palm rejection and many such features. Let see the detail list of features:

  • It is a multitasking app that lets you take notes while you reads a textbook, researching or watch a lecture.
  • The 3D touch lets you quickly create, preview and open notes.
  • Its spotlight search feature helps you quickly find and open recent notes.
  • It lets you write naturally like handwriting and sketch with beautiful ink.
  • With you can zoom writing and even draw perfect straight lined for designs, graphs, and shapes.
  • The automatic palm detection lets you write naturally with the Apple Pencil and even with your hands.
  • It offers a wide range of fonts, sizes, and colors.
  • You can use its pre-offered outlines and text boxes to capture and organize ideas.
  • It features UI typing which is unique typing style available on iPad Pro, iPhone, and Mac.
  • It lets you mark up lecture slides, class assignment, and even the meeting agenda.
  • You can highlight, speak, copy & paste, define and search PDF text.
  • Import doc and ppt files using Google Drive.
  • Import web pages from any browser with the Share Extension.
  • With this app, you can record audio of your lecture and meeting.
  • You can organize and share notes and sync them with iCloudSync automatically.
  • With it, you can set it to create auto-backup and share it on Dropbox, Google Drive or Box.

There are various options for writing, typing, and many other digital workflow systems that any iPad Pro user can use. This is a paid iOS app with tons of great choices and features to work with Apple Pencil. This app is compatible with iOS 8.0 and later iOS versions and supports all iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Price: $9.99

#7. PDF Expert 6

PDF Expert 6 App for Apple Pencil and iPad ProOne of the best use of Apple Pencil is using it for the annotation. If you are a businessman or an editor who requires to annotate or approve a lot of documents that you like to do it on your iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, then this iOS app PDF Expert 6 is for you.

This app allows you to edit PDF text, replace photos and hide all of your sensitive data. Here are its outstanding features:

  • It lets you markup documents along with handwriting and highlights.
  • It allows you to insert text and stamps, sign and even merge PDFs.
  • You can even fill out PDF forms like text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes and other form elements. Even if there are complex interactive forms along with JavaScript, it works well impressively well.
  • You can draw apple pencil and even with your finger.
  • Make bookmarks in your PDF files for easy navigation.
  • Edit outlines of your large document.
  • Without downloading any document, you change the paper in the DropBox by just sign in to it through PDF Expert 6.
  • You can copy a file from PF or Mac through Wi-Fi and USB.
  • You can save email attachments to this app.
  • Sync you file with many different Cloud service.
  • You can protect your documents with using its Password settings.

From the all the features, we can say that this app could be the handy app for the web designers and project manager.

Price: $9.99

#8. Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Professional App for Apple Pencil and iPad ProBloomberg Professional app is perfect for those who love to manage their portfolio in real time. This iOS app can help them to stay on the top of the latest financial and stock market news. If you want to leverage this app then here are some of its best features.

  • With this app, you can monitor real-time news, insight on topics which matters a lot to you and market data equally.
  • You can see market report immediately with the Today View.
  • You can even connect and share your ideas with you friends via iMessage, Instant Bloomberg and also with Notes.
  • You can even get informed with the important economic, and market news alerts.
  • It even offers option for viewing financial data and security detailed information on any brand of interest
  • You can read, download and share the research reports with your web pals.
  • Even it lets you analyze and manage your portfolio’s performance.
  • If you want to search across all the content and data, you can only use Bloomberg Terminal, and you can quickly find them.
  • They even offer 24×7 help desk for quick customer support.
  • Overall, a great app that supports most of the Apple devices including iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch and support for the iOS 10.3 and iOS 11.

Price: Free

#9. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo App for Apple Pencil and iPad ProThis Affinity Photo app is a photo editing iOS application that makes the experience complete with the use of Apple’s Metal technology and also the iPad Pro powerful CPU to give full support for RAW image files. With this app you can do a lot more things:

  • Complete support for the unlimited layers, layer groups, filter layers, adjustable layers, and masks.
  • You can resize those layers without compromising its quality.
  • You can lock, hide, copy and merge the layers with ease.
  • You can even edit live filters, effects, adjustments, blend modes and masks the non-destructively.
  • You can undo history and can be saved with the document so that you can always undo your modification.
  • With its task-focused workspaces, you can develop, post-process and tone map and even liquefy your work.
  • It offers professional image processing.
  • It even provides quality retouching and correction tools.
    With this tool, any business users can use its advanced brush engine.
  • There are engineered for the professionals.

This app brings important technical details to the forefront with quickly viewable histograms and EXIF data of your images. It even supports the Apple pencil’s pressure, angle and its tilt capabilities for editing. With the support of large device of Apple and iOS 10.3 or 11.0 versions lets, you enjoy complete feature pack of photo editing tools.

Price: $19.99

#10. AstroPad Studio

Astropad Studio App for Apple Pencil and iPad ProAstropad Studio app pairs your iPad Pro with the Mac. This app turns your Apple tablet into a dedicated drawing slate. For a professional creative individual who uses applications like Photoshop and Illustrator, then this app is meant for them. Because this app has access to many different features.

  • Supports pinch to zoom and pan in the Mac Apps.
  • Its liquid extreme is 5 times faster than the baseline liquid.
  • With its Wi-Fi and USB functionality and you can connect your iPad Pro and use your tablet as a graphics tablet.
  • This app supports wireless keyboard to use it with shortcut keys.
  • It equipped with velocity control to balance image quality and latency.
  • Let you completely access on its customization feature.

You can even enjoy its Pro version with advanced features and functionality that can cost you around $11.99 per month. They even offer the annual plan that can cost you around $79.99. However, the plan may vary based on the location. You can enjoy pro versions free trail for 7 days. If you are using iOS 9.1 or any earlier version of iOS, then this app is best for you, and it is even compatible with all the iPad version to work with Apple Pencil.

Price: Free


Drawing, designing, and taking notes is something that we all have to do on a daily basis on iPad Pro. Whether you are designing a logo, sketching any model, or creating a shopping list or even writing the plot for your next massive novel, then all of these apps will come in handy.

All these iOS apps mentioned in this article are compatible with Apple Pencil, both the newly released iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch. Even major apps added here are compatible with all version of iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, and latest iOS 11.

If You are an iPad Pro users and loves to work on your iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, then you really should give any of these apps a try at least a once.

Tell us which one of these apps you feel perfect for you and works extremely well for you? List the name here and if you are using any other app that works well on new iPad Pro along with Apple Pencil then feel free to share them here with us.