Apple Watch the best companion to get notifications, check the time, do the workout, and use apps without touching your smartphone. While you go on the trip, the 18 hours battery life of Apple Watch is not good enough. But, if you have an excellent portable charger, then you can keep juice up your Apple Watch and have fun without pause.

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As it has a lot of amazing features, you cannot control yourself to use the smartwatch without any break. Therefore, we have lined up best Apple Watch portable chargers to provide faster and multiple time charging anytime. These are chargers made to wirelessly charge your device while keeping it safe from shock and other harmful elements. So, just go through this list and choose a perfect Apple Watch portable battery charger.

Best Portable Apple Watch Chargers

Best Apple Watch Portable Chargers

#1. Oittm

Starting this exclusive list of the best Apple Watch portable chargers with this pocket-sized charger which looks like a keychain. Well, it can also work as a keychain if you wish to but the main job of this charger is to charge your Apple Watch whenever you need it to juice up.

portable apple watch chargering dockFeatures of Oittm Portable Charger Keychain

  • It comes with a micro USB cable to charge the Power Bank.
  • The battery used in inbuilt Li-ion with a proper charging management IC.
  • 700mAh polymer battery with Stylish and unique keychain design.
  • Free from harmful elements like overcurrent, overheat, short circuit and high temperature.
  • It uses MCU management so that you can operate Apple Watch quickly
  • Portable and wireless charging for Apple Watch.

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#2. Belkin

This portable charger from Belkin for Apple Watch has a power of 6700mAh, and that can be a distinctive feature among many standard portable chargers available right now in the market. Despite carrying an enormous amount of power the size of this portable charger is still pocket-friendly, which is an added advantage.

belkin portable charger for apple watchFeatures of Belkin Portable Charger

  • Easy to charge the Apple Watch: You need to do is to push the button, and it will start charging your device automatically.
  • Apple MFi certified to charge Apple Watch.
  • There is a special inbuilt magnetic charging module for Apple Watch.
  • If this portable charger is full with the juice, then it can charge the Apple Watch from 0 to 100 percent for not less than eight times!
  • 3.9″ Micro-USB cable included

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#3. ZENS

Traveling a lot? Well, one can understand that you probably need a repeated charging of your Apple Watch while you are on travel, especially on long trips. To cater your charging needs during long traveling only we have found out this ZENS portable charger for your Apple Watch.

zens apple watch power bank chargerFeatures of ZENS Portable Charger

  • Get the great charging speed from this 4000mAh strong power bank.
  • It can charge the Apple Watch for ten times, and it is also compatible with iPhones as well.
  • Extremely travel-friendly as it allows you wireless charging on the go and gives you a portable charging in its real sense.
  • Smart charging technology enables this portable charger to stop charging when Apple Watch gets the full charge.

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The portable charger meant to charge the Apple Watch from TOPVISION is certified by Apple MFi, FCC, CE and RoHS. Hence you can consider this portable charger as one of the safest for your Apple Watch. It is compatible with all the Apple Watches released till date, so that gives you great flexibility.

topvision apple watch power bank battery chargerFeatures of TOPVISION Portable Charger

  • The sealed system, free of exposed contacts enable the Apple Watch to get the juice from 0 to 100 percent within one and half hour if this portable charger is charged fully.
  • The best option for those who travel a lot and always in need of quick charge of their Apple Watch.
  • The company also offers one year’s hassle free warranty.

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#5. Pantheon

This Pantheon portable charger for Apple Watch can be called as one of the ‘cutest’ portable chargers around. The cuteness of this car charger comes from its design and the two color choices it offers. Now you can select your portable charger from two color choices of Gold and black.

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pantheon apple watch magnetic chargerFeatures of Pantheon Portable Charger

  • There is a 700mAh lithium battery which is built in this charger and lithium battery is considered to be the safest battery as on today.
  • Extremely portable as you can carry it anywhere without feeling any extra bulk.
  • This portable charger is certified by Apple, So now you need not look around for cheaper chargers and put your Apple Watch’s life in danger.
  • Offers 100% money back guarantee should you are not satisfied with it within the time limit of 18 months from the date of purchase.

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#6. Nomad

We are sure that the name of this portable charger for Apple Watch must have given you the idea that it is extremely portable and easy to carry. Yes, this Nomad portable charger comes with plenty of useful features, and it has a different design than the traditional portable chargers we talked about till now.

nomad portable apple watch chargerFeatures of Nomad Portable Charger

  • Packs a 1800mAh battery, it will keep your Apple watch juiced up all the time.
  • The distinctive design allows to have the Apple Watch charger and also the cable manager wrapped in one.
  • Equipped with pass-through charging technique which allows your Apple Watch to charge first and then itself.
  • With such a compact design you can charge the smartwatch on the go always.

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#7. Smatree

The design of Smatree portable charger for Apple Watch is unique than above listed portable chargers. It comes with a case where you can quickly put your Apple Watch, and it starts to power up your smartwatch. The power capacity of this portable charger is 3000mAh.

Smatree Apple Watch Portable ChargerFeatures of Smatree Portable Charger

  • As it has 3000mAh battery inside, so you can charge your smartwatch anywhere with 4-6 times faster.
  • Get the maximum security as this portable charger is safeguarded against overcurrent, overheating and also short circuit.
  • It comes with case, so you can easily put it in your bag while keeping juice up.
  • While there is no magnetic charging cable included, you have to manage yourself an original charging cable.

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The power this FLAGPOWER portable charger for Apple Watch may be just 700mAh, but it can give you considerable speed when you put your smartwatch into charging. Again, this is a charger which has a portable and compact design which allows you to carry it anywhere and everywhere you want to.

flagpower apple watch keychain chargerFeatures of FLAGPOWER Portable Charger

  • The portable charger is made from ABS and metal shell which provides the best visual and haptic experience.
  • The keychain style design allows you to hang the power bank in your bag or backpack apart from carrying it in your pocket.
  • The four bright LED lights will keep you always informed about the current situation of juice.

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#9. Outtek

Not only the design but the functioning of this Outtek is also different from almost all the portable chargers we have advised for Apple Watch till now. This portable charger is having a barrel like design which allows two-way charging not only for Apple Watch but also for iPhone as well.

Outtek portable apple watch charger keychainFeatures of Outtek Portable Charger

  • The power this charger carries is 400mAh from the Grade-A lithium polymer battery.
  • Allows charging Apple Watch numerous times if this portable charger is fully charged.
  • Four LED indicating lights keeps on indicate you the discharging process of the battery built into the power bank.
  • The cylindrical appearance, super lightweight and beautiful show of beauty and simplicity makes it one of the most desirable Apple Watch portable chargers available in the market.

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After providing you the above list of the best Apple Watch portable chargers, we believe that you must be satisfied with our choice of products. When you are ready with your feedback on any of the above products, do give it here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.