Safety of luggage is the first most concern during travel. But why? The very common reason behind this is nowadays where thefts are everywhere, and we always need to keep our things safe and secured. While it is about safety and security of our things and stuff the first thought that comes to mind is to pick a bag that keeps everything same inside.

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And it does make sense that to purchase a bag which is theft-proof and while keeping stuff safe even from the weather like rainy weather. So this is the reason that we have rounded up ten of the best anti-theft travel backpacks that cannot only use while you travel because some of them are even good for official or business

Most of all got regular backpacks for vacation or traveling needs. People jam-pack the backpacks with expensive gadgets, clothes and some other stuff like wallet and all. But have you even imagine what if that someone opens the zipper of your backpack and steals your stuff which is inside your usual backpack? Well, this takes just a few seconds for a thief to pillage your stuff from your bag.

This is where Anti-theft backpacks come in fourth. The anti-theft bags help a lot in avoiding this kind situation. The anti-theft bags are built with secret compartments with hidden zipper stops the thieves to find the hidden zipper easily. The market is quite full with the anti-theft backpacks but how to find the best and quality one. Don’t worry we got you all covered with this. With this article, we have suggested best of the ten theft-proof backpack that can make your travel safe and secure with all of your stuff. Just dive into this article and see which can be the best companion for you.

Best Anti-Theft Backpacks for Safe and Secure Travelling

Best Anti-Theft Backpacks

#1. Bobby

This anti-theft backpack is one of the most popular amongst the traveler and people who love to keep their stuff safe and secure from the thieves. The brand Bobby offers one of the fantastic looking Anti-theft backpack and this backpack is well designed and provides excellent anti-theft functions which make it take first place on our top list of anti-theft bags.

Anti-theft backpack by XD Design


  • This backpack combines both the features at the same time which are sleek look and safe and sturdy built.
  • It features with YKK zippers that are hidden on the back of the backpack.
  • This can store a laptop, one tablet and few more small accessories and gadgets inside the backpack.
  • This is perfect travel backpack that features breathable and padded back and straps that won’t let your back or shoulder hurt while carrying it for a longer time.
  • It is made with water-repellent fabric that safeguards all your stuff inside.
  • It also provides a hidden pocket on the back that the only user can get and with this back, your backpack you can even charge your cell phone or tablet.

Price: $95.00
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#2. Oscaurt

This backpack from Oscurt looks contains the look just like a Bobby Anti-theft backpack. With the sleek look, this backpack also offers easy and comfortable carrying of it. With some amazing functions, this backpack can be a great companion while you are traveling because this is a station where you can store most of all your valuable and high-end gadgets as well some other stuff.

Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack


  • With anti-theft design, the zipper of the main compartment is completely hidden on the back of the backpack.
  • It furnished with the secret pocket that is in the bag which makes t super cool backpack for travel.
  • It offers multi-compartment in which the main compartment can be adjustable to 30-degree or 90-degree.
  • In this backpack, you can store phone, wallet, pens, and 14 or 15.6-inches laptop.
  • With the reflective stripes on the bag, it makes it easy for you to find your backpack even in the dark.
  • It is waterproof, and the hidden charging slot lets you charge you a gadget for that you need one power bank.

Price: $45.99
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#3. Lifepack

The brand Lifepack offers cool Anti-theft backpacks for you. This anti-theft backpack is quite different from other because it comes with few impressive functionality. And talking about the look of this backpack, well, the brand doesn’t compromise over there. It looks stylish and modern as well. With the excellent functionality, it allows you to make your travel worry-free.

Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack


  • With this backpack, you can easily leave your freedom on your terms while you are on travel.
  • This backpack is integrated with the solar bank which can be used in three different ways like power bank, high-quality Bluetooth speaker, and solar regeneration portable power system.
  • The solar power bank is equipped with high-quality 4G solar technology, and it is designed with the Solgaard design.
  • The retractable three-number combination lock that comes with a cable that can secure all the compartments of the backpack together and prevents the bag from the unauthorized access.
  • This backpack is water resistant, but it still comes with the protective cover that covers the backpack well and protects it from weather like rain.
  • Four hidden compartments can hold your stuff like credit cards, smartphone and passport as well.
  • You can get this backpack in two different colors such as Stealth Black and Titanium Grey.

Price: $199.00
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With the attractive backpack and one that can be used for your travel and even for everyday use depending on your requirements. With the style factor, it excellently adds Anti-theft function to it and protects your valuable gadgets and other stuff inside the backpack securely. While it is available only in two colors Black and Grey there is no other color options for you. However, both these color adds a professional look to the backpack.

BLSTECH Anti Theft Lightweight Travel backpack


  • This backpack is made from Oxford cloth and polyester material, and both this material make this backpack sturdy.
  • It can also be used as business bag because it is integrated with the rechargeable USB interface.
  • With the high-grade weaving nylon, it is featured with load-bearing ability.
  • The waterproof pull fabric and backpack splicing use the high-density car suture reinforcement which makes this backpack durable.
  • The padded shoulder belt is designed with honeycomb mesh breathable design that won’t let your shoulder hurt while your carry the backpack.
  • There is one main compartment in which you can carry books and laptop and few other accessories, and in the external pocket, you can take a tablet, smartphone, and few more other accessories.
  • It is also equipped with little things pocket that allows you to store little things in it and even you can have side pockets as well.
  • The zipper of the main pocket is entirely hidden on the back of the backpack which makes it a good anti-theft backpack.

Price: $28.99
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#5. Kopack

Are you looking for cool design in an anti-theft backpack? Well, Kopack offers a very cool design in its theft-proof backpack. The backpack comes in medium and large both the size medium and large. Unlike few other brands on this list, it offers completely theft-proof design so with this backpack you can entirely leave your worries about your stuff.

Kopack Shockproof Anti Theft Laptop Backpac


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  • This backpack comes with Stealth zipper design that also offers an outlook that leaves no way to pickpocket at the crowded station.
  • The Ergonomic design concentrate on reasonable weight distribution.
  • Even while you have to carry tons of items, this backpack offers very comfortable carrying and also sticks to the body.
  • The straps feel very soft on the shoulders as it is padded, it gives extra back support and comfort for your regular travel.
  • With the Noctilucent strips offers practical use that helps you move safely in dark places and even in the night.
  • It is water resistance and also offers hidden earphone hole on the shoulder strap along with another hidden pocket on the back of the backpack.

Price: $40.99
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#6. Mancro

Currently, this is one of the best anti-theft backpacks that you can purchase as it comes with some unique lock system and zipper as well. So you don’t have to worry about thieves to steal your essential backpack. With secret compartments it lets you store your valuable gadgets safely and keep it secure as it built with some excellent material.

Mancro Anti Theft Business Laptop Backpack


  • This backpack is made of eco-friendly and durable nylon fabric that features a reinforced bottom.
  • With three different sizes of compartments, it contains nine different small pockets inside the backpack so you can have tons of space to store your stuff.
  • It provides two sides sealed pockets for security loaded pockets more than the mesh pockets.
  • The twos curve padded shoulder straps are ergonomically designed to offer exceptional comfort.
  • Talking about the lock system, it contains the combination lock and metal zipper that makes the bag Anti-theft.
  • This backpack is available in five different colors so you can have great color options to pick from.

Price: $29.99
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#7. Fresion

Here comes another top-rated backpack from the well-known and famous brand Fresion. It offers backpack that is designed in two different color combination which makes it looks more fantastic. Apart from the design, it offers an excellent anti-theft mechanism that safeguards all of your essentials inside the backpack. Let us look for the more such functions.

FresionAnti-theft Laptop Travel Waterproof Backpack


  • Like BLSTECH this is another bag that is made from Oxford cloth and polyester material which makes it sturdy and durable as well.
  • It is a multifunctional backpack that holds around 13 inch-15.6 inch laptop, MacBook or notebook.
  • It is equipped with an external side-mounted USB port and inbuilt cable to charge your gadget like mobile or tablet.
  • However, you need to have power bank to charge your gadgets.
  • It comes with a cover that protects the bag from the rainy weather and makes it waterproof.
  • The design of the back of this bag is breathable that also won’t hurt your back even while you carry tons of weight in the bag.
  • With the anti-theft design, it offers the hidden slot on shoulder straps that can be used to store credit card, debit card, and any other essential card.
  • The brand offers 60 days replacement warranty time to get an exchange or even can get a return.

Price: $44.99
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#8. Loaged

Loaged offers backpack that can be used as a travel bag, school bag, laptop bag and few more other use. The look of this backpack is quite similar to the school bag, but still, it differs from the school bags, because of the mechanism and the material from which it is built. The way it safeguards the stuff it is excellent. Here we go for some more unique functionalities that it offers to us.

Loaged Anti-theft Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port


  • It can hold laptops which are less than 16-inch in size.
  • The best part of this bag is that it comes with front and side buckles that give an excellent protection from thefts to unzip the backpack and to steal the valuables.
  • Like few other bags, this bag is also equipped with convenience USB port and cable that allows convenient charging of your devices.
  • It comes with three main compartment as well as seven small pockets which mean very spacious.
  • The luggage tape design lets you carry with ease while you travel with another bag.
  • The system and straps which are packed with thick pearl wool make it more breathable and comfortable for longer carry of the bag.
  • With the two color options Black and Grey, you will have two different color choices.

Price: $30.99
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#9. Kopack

Again this backpack is the same brand that we have discussed earlier in this list of the anti-theft backpack. Kopack provides us another bag which is completely different in style from the earlier listed backpack. It offers different style than any other theft-proof bags here because with the cool look it gives much more space to store more stuff in the backpack.

Kopack Anti-Theft Travel bag


  • This slim backpack contains separate laptop compartment on the back that makes sure to hold a laptop and also keep few other things safe in the same compartment.
  • It offers bottom private pocket that keeps the essential things secret.
  • With two main compartments, it contains ten small pockets which make this bag perfect for the business trips.
  • This backpack has a dual-layer enhanced zipper that smoothly safeguards your stuff for regular use.
  • It is made with water-resistant fabric so if you are traveling in rainy weather then you can leave all your worries behind and travel with this backpack with ease.
  • It is also anti-scratch and anti-slash as well to keep it brand new for a long time.
  • The adjustable shoulder straps and the back of the bag have a scientific design for breathable and comfortable carrying of the bag.

Price: $37.99
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#10. JSVER

Well, last on this list which we are presenting is an anti-theft business laptop backpack and college backpack from JSVER that offers a fabulous designed bag. This bag manages to secure and hide your valuables while preventing potential theft. Additionally, this backpack has very well constructed design which looks distinct from other anti-theft bags.

JSVER Business Laptop Backpack Anti Theft


  • This backpack is made from a nylon fabric that is water-resistant and light in weight too.
  • With the lightweight, it never compromises with the durability and the sturdiness of the backpack.
  • The main compartment of this bag comes with hook buckle design that makes sure the security and the safety of your devices.
  • The padded handle, curved shoulder straps and mesh back webbing gives fantastic on-the-go comfort.
  • It also comes with a USB port and USB cable which is removable that lets you charge your devices on-the-go. But for that, you need to have power bank.
  • The front of the bag has two reflective stripes that keep you secure and visible in the dark places and at night too.
  • This backpack is available in two different designs at the same price.

Price: $35.99
Buy it From Amazon

Are you concerned about anybody trying to steal your essential things from your backpack? Well, then we highly recommend you to have one of these listed above Anti-theft bags that offers much more than just an anti-theft functionality. Which one of these best Anti-theft backpacks is your best pick? Share your thoughts on it here in the comments section below, or you can leave your valuable comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.