Google’s wearable operating system Android Wear 2.0 landed with plenty of new exciting features and improvement. It has a unique darker design, better notifications, Google Assistant, quick replies and of course the app compatibility function to manage your schedule simply. But, you even make your daily routine more exciting if you have some best Android Wear 2.0 apps.

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Whether you want to track your car parking, home temperature or track your fitness efficiently, you will get here all type of apps which can help you do your task elegantly. These apps will undoubtedly change the way you will use your smartwatch and shall help to get rid of your daily routine. These all apps fully compatible with all Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches whether you have LG Watch Sport or Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 or Emporio Armani Connected. Once you start using these apps, you better standalone from your smartphone. Let’s jump over the list!

Best Android Wear 2.0 Apps

10 Best Android Wear 2.0 Apps of 2018

#1. Foursquare

The Foursquare is now with completely different looks, and it is rocking like anything. It is great to see Foursquare available for Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch as it will only make your search for lots of outing activities. Now you can choose best restaurants offering food and drink in your local area or where you are currently within no time with Foursquare. All in all a great help on your hands, err… wrist.

Price: Free
Download Foursquare

#2. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

Google Fit - Fitness Tracking AppGoogle Fit, as we all know is a fitness app, but it probably works at its best when it is on Android Wear 2.0. The reason behind it is that when you are wearing the smartwatch and working it can track your health activity. You can count how many calories you burn every day by walking, exercising or running. With this app, one can set a goal of a certain fitness activity and then try to achieve it.

Price: Free
Download Google Fit

#3. Nest

Nest AppNow you need not pair your phone app to get the Nest working it is easy to track your home temperature with your Android Wear 2.0 apps. Of course, you must have installed the Nest thermostat at home, and then you can control your home heating using the smartwatch itself. If you have a smartwatch having digital crowns like LG Watch Sport or LG Watch Style, then you can just adjust the temperature by using the crown.

Price: Free
Download Nest

#4. Recordr – Sound Recorder Pro

Recordr Sound Recorder Pro AppIt is not always possible to note something when you have plenty on your plate or while you are traveling. So the good idea is to record the important notes you wish to make or convey. With powerful microphone of Android Wear 2.0, it is certainly possible to record anything you wish to. Once you record the note or the message on your smartwatch you can easily transfer or share it to Drive.

Price: Free
Download Recordr

#5. Glide – Video Chat Messenger

Glide Video Chat Messenger AppIf it is easy to send voice messages via Recordr, then it is very easy to send video messages from Glide. This app works on the same logic like above. If you wish to convey a short text message to your colleague or friend then why not sending a video message instead? The camera and the mic are so strong that you will get the best results on Android watches like LG Watch Sports.

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Price: Free
Download Glide

#6. Google Keep – notes and lists

Google Keep notes and lists AppCan’t remember important things? Or want to make sure to reach an event on time? Use your Android Wear 2.0 for the solution. Download Google Keep app, and we bet you will not forget anything afterward. You can add reminders and then you probably will not need any calendar for sure. You can list your priorities like going for a haircut or shopping something essential etc. and this app will remind you at a preset time.

Price: Free
Download Google Keep

#7. Lifesum – The Health Movement

Lifesum The Health Movement AppThis app can be convenient for those who can’t control their food habits. This fitness and health app will help you to make good food options and to improve on how you can exercise better. You can set your health goals and build good health habits gradually. The steps given here are also easy to do, and it will not give you any pressure to achieve. So get a great food and stay healthy.

Price: Free
Download Lifesum

#8. Facebook Messenger

Messenger Android AppThis is a totally different Facebook Messenger app then you get on your Android smartphone. If you wish to keep in touch with your friends via Facebook, always this is the best solution. Sometimes if you are in need to send t a quick reminder or something like that you can do it from your Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch. There is a different interface you will see made especially for smartwatches and for certain features you need to pay a small amount as well.

Price: Free
Download Messenger

#9. Shazam – Discover Music

Shazam Discover Music AppThis is world’s most popular music app and each activity you perform here is free. You can access music, music videos, songs, lyrics and tracks at one tap. You can sync all your devices including your Android Wear 2.0 with Shazam app. The best part of this app is that you can listen to your favorite tracks even when you are offline.

Price: Free
Download Shazam

#10. Find My Parked Car

Find My Parked Car AppFinding your car in a big parking lot is never an easy task, you will all agree. But Find My Parked Car app is making this task rather easy. If you are using this app from your smartwatch, the task is more convenient. Once you park your car just press the park button and your location is saved. When you are back after finishing your work you can open the app and will find the exact location from it.

Price: Free
Download Find My Parked Car

Final words

The apps given here will certainly reduce your daily work and will help you to streamline it. You can check these Android Wear 2.0 apps one by one and then decide which one will make your routine easy than what it is now. Share your views on these apps here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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