Twitter addicts, pay attention!

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Twitter is certainly far-reaching and we are sure you want to stay up all the time tweeting either to voice your opinion, make some global friends on the common interest or use it for your business. But then, managing this whole affair is a tricky task, isn’t it?

So, if you are ( one of those) fed up with Twitter’s official app and looking for an enhanced Twitter experience then this post is definitely for you.

Best Android Tools for the Twitter Addict

Now, you have a good chance to manage your Twitter account in the easiest way you can!

8 Best Android tools for the Twitter addicts

#1. Statusbrew

Statusbrew for Twitter growth AppLooking to manage your Twitter followers? Know who followed you, who unfollowed you, who don’t follow back, compare followers’ stats and more with this amazingly designed app. Initially known as, the app is now Statusbrew, meant for your Twitter growth. You can make the connection with people of your likes and also keep an eye on those who unfollow you.

Download Statusbrew

#2. Mention

Mention Android AppMention is a great tool used by professionals to manage their online presence on Twitter. You can link your Twitter, get updates about mentions in real-time, get customized stats about your twitter activity and monitor keywords.

Know what people are saying about your site through Mention. Not only that, it will let you know about your competitor’s activity on Twitter with complete stats and links.

Download Mention

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#3. Tweets Nearby

Tweets Nearby Android AppLooking to know who tweets nearby?

Get all the tweets tailored as per your location with Tweets Nearby. The app does this using a map viewfinder.

You can view profiles of people around you, know their tweet activity as well as the tweet or follow them. The app comes handy while you are in a new city and want to know what locals are talking about or what’s brewing in a specific locale.

The app shows a map of the tweets geo-tagged around you on Twitter Geo Map and enables you to meet new people in an area.

Download Tweets Nearby

#4. Buffer

Buffer Social Media, Twitter Android AppThe buffer is hot among users for its ability to schedule a tweet, target it, custom time to schedule for events and get analytics for your tweets, all in one place. It shows the detailed stats for your tweet activity and let you distribute your tweets for better interaction throughout the day.

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Download Buffer

#5. TweetStats

TweetStats Android AppWant to know what’s the hot topic on Twitter in real-time? Searching for the most happening keywords or Twitter groups? Or looking for tweets with geo-tags? Get it all under one roof with TweetStats.

This app presents a wonderful concept of letting you know about the real-time status of various aspects of Twitter. It provides you the full spectrum of useful features like average tweet-length, tweets per user, ongoing twitter trends, trending predictions and more.

You can also keep a track of your tweets by hours or months.

Download TweetStats

#6. TweetNEST

TweetNEST Twitter Archiver AppIf you are looking for a dependable and reliable tool for twitter archiving, then this is the one for you. You can archive any user’s tweet, label tweets, search tweets by selected keywords, view metadata for tweets and more with this one tool.

It is used by professionals to manage the tweet activity as well as customize their own settings, for instance, internet connection timeouts. There is no need to follow any user to archive their tweets with this tool.

Download TweetNEST

#7. Tweet Analysis Pro

Tweet Analysis Pro for Twitter Android AppTweet Analysis Pro, as the name suggests, is a pro at managing your Twitter feed. There is a dedicated search bar that lets you search for a hashtag to know the latest trends, top participants in that trend, search for people, tags, retweets and just anything that you need to know about. The interface is simple and very user-oriented.

Download Tweet Analysis Pro

#8. Tweet Out Loud

Tweet Out Loud Android AppTired of opening up your twitter account each time and type tweets? Tweet Out Loud offers you a simple solution with a widget placed on your Smartphone’s home screen that lets you tweet easily with your voice.

Many times, Twitter becomes a nuisance with umpteen numbers of mentions flooding your timeline. It is not feasible to take out your phone every time to type a reply and then do the same after few seconds.

This widget lets you use your voice command for sending a tweet without the need of opening your Twitter account time and again. You can also attach an image in a few taps. The best thing is that this widget won’t drain your battery even while sending location-based tweets.

Download Tweet Out Loud

Twitter addiction is something we all can’t help ourselves with. This is why we curated these 8 great Android tools for the Twitter addict so as to make things easier for you. There is no further need to compromise on your experience.

Tweet to your heart’s content using these brilliant and thoughtfully designed Android tools.

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