Just bought a brand new Android TV? First of all congratulations to you and this is the best time for you to know about the best Android TV tips and tricks. Once you know these tips and tricks, you will be able to operate your Android TV in much better way and can also customize it according to your needs.

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Even those who are already using Android TV for some time they will also get extra knowledge so that their experience can get even better than what it is right now. We tried our best to cover the valuable tips and tricks so that you get an overall idea of how you can use your Android TV in the best possible way.

12 Tips and Tricks for Your Android TV

Best Android TV Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Try Voice Search to Make Things Easier

Nowadays voice search is becoming a real handy tool to do various searches online and Android TV is no different either. It is better to do a voice search for the information you need on the Android TV rather than doing the tedious typing job. So, just press the voice search button at the top of your remote, and the same option is also available on the home screen too.

Just say, “current time in Los Angeles” or “Weather in Chicago” to know the specific details of cities, and you will get the desired results. You can also search your favorite movies and shows by saying their names, genre and actors names.

Tip #2: Know your Carousel

The best part of Android TV is its personalization of your television experience. Once you start using various services of Android TV, you will get those services upfront in a carousel which is going to have personalized recommendations for videos, TV shows, music, movies and much more. The more you use a particular service like Google Play or YouTube more suggestions on them is what you will get in this personalized carousel.

When you scroll through this carousel, you will notice that the background is changing itself as well. So now you don’t need to see that same old boring TV screen as your Android TV screen is livelier than that.

Tip #3: Sideload Apps for More Fun

Only authorized Google Play Stores apps are allowed on your Android TV, but what if you want more apps which are not part of the platform? Well, then you need to do a process called sideloading of apps where you can get ‘any’ app you want on your Android TV.

To make sideloading available on your Android TV. First, you need to allow the unknown sources option through ‘Security & Restrictions’ choices in the settings. Now use the file manager, say ES File Explorer and move the downloaded APK files of your selected apps from cloud to your TV. We saw most of such apps work fine with some glitches here and there.

Tip #4: Your mobile is your Remote

Android TV does come with good remotes. MI Box has perhaps the best remotes for any Android TV one can get. But being a Bluetooth remote, it has its restrictions. Still, we need not worry because Google provides an Android TV Remote Control app which can be helpful as you can control the TV even when you are not at home.

The app has a remote control interface, and you can easily use it by using your WiFi or your phone’s data connection through your smartphone.

This remote app can be helpful for you when you want to enter text on Android TV by using the keyboard on the app. This is a much faster option than the Leanback keyboard which Android TV has.

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Tip #5: Customizing the TV display by Input

You can easily customize the Android TV screen. Just scroll down to Settings app on your Android television and then choose ‘Display’ option. Here you got many choices like brightness, color, black levels, and gamma, etc. There are many preset picture modes available, and you can also select them if you wish.

What makes this feature best compared to others, is that you can set all these options given above for each input, which is connected, to our Android TV. For example, you can set a different setting for your cable box and also for your console and more.

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Tip #6: Inbuilt Google Cast

One of the best features you got in your Android TV is that you can also use the gadget as Chromecast. Because Google is using the Google Cast technology for both the Android TV set-top box as well as for the Chromecast, it is very easy to use this feature as you just need to cast a tab as you normally do and then it will appear on your Android TV screen. Now you don’t need to switch between Android TV and Chromecast.

Tip #7: Your TV is Your Internet Browser

Bigger is always better, so it ‘s nice to surf the web right from the big screen of your Android TV. We already know now that we can sideload things on Android TV, just sideload a browser on your Android TV and that’s it! You can easily surf the internet on Android TV. Get a much more clear idea about pictures and other things on the big screen than on smaller screens of your PC.

The only drawback which thankfully also has a solution is that it doesn’t work well without pointing device. But, there is a solution to it also. Just connect a mouse with your Android TV, and the deal is done!

Tip #8: Discover the In-Picture Feature

The feature we are going to talk about now is limited to Sonia Bravia, Panasonic and Sharp models of Android TV only. Just hit the Discover button and then you can browse through the apps without closing your current channel. Now you can surf through channels like YouTube and Netflix while you are on something other.

What’s more, you can even customize the content of the channels and also the way they appear. If you press the ‘Action’ button on the remote, then you will get more ‘In-picture’ options available for you.

Tip #9: Try Gamepad with Mouse Mode

Android TV just now is not that viable to be called as ‘gaming platform,’ but efforts are certainly ON from Google, and casual gaming is you can always do on this gadget. Most of the Android gamepads can be connected with Android TV with ease through Bluetooth. But if you try Amkette Evo Pad 2 then you can use it as a gamepad and also as a mouse.

As we already gave you tip on how you can use the internet on your Android TV, this gamepad-cum-mouse can be helpful for you for that purpose also as Google Chrome doesn’t allow surfing without a pointing device.

Tip #10: Use Screen Saver when the TV is Not Active

Android TV can dish out some pleasant and real eye-catching screensavers for you. It comes with a predetermined length and activity feature. The default setting is five minutes of inactivity, but you can set a longer period according to your wish.

Even if you want to check those pleasurable pieces of photography you just need to follow this path:

Settings → Display and then set up your choice of screensavers.

You can also set the TV to remain awake if you are working and listening to music which is streaming on your TV and that is how it will not die down.

Tip #11: Take a Screenshot on Your TV

Yes, you can certainly take screenshots of your various activities on your Android TV, and then you can share them with your friends. Whether you are playing a game or watching a favorite movie or show, just take a screenshot by pressing and holding the Power button and the Volume Down button at the same time, and you will be able to take the screenshot.

If you wish to see your screenshots, then you can check it at “/sd card/Pictures/Screenshots” and then can share them with anyone.

Tip #12: Update your Apps Automatically

The process of updating apps even on Android devices is quite a cumbersome exercise, but you must have an up-to-date version of apps you are using on Android TV if you don’t want to miss the latest features and bug fixes on your favorite apps. We all don’t like to update apps individually, but thankfully Android TV has an easy method to update all your apps as and when required.

So just go to the slide-out menu of the Google Play Store and check the ‘auto update’ option to each of the apps you always want to remain updated. You need to do this process only once so you may like to check that box on all Android TV apps right.

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With these 12 fabulous tips, you can easily manage your Android TV and can get the most out of it as well. Remember you should also download 10 best Android TV apps so you can enjoy more with the tips we provided here.

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