Since Android TV arrived in 2014, there have many updates came, and we get new Android TV apps with every update. Therefore, there are many Android TV apps available for tons of Android smart TVs. Well, most of the apps built-in Chromecast, so you can use it on your Android smart TV as well.

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With the arrival of every new update, we should also know which are the best Android TV apps you can use to get most out of the Android smart TV. After spending many hours online, we have found these apps which are fully compatible with every Android smart TV. You will get all useful apps like Netflix, VLC, Pandora, YouTube, Spotify, and more apps that were usually available for only smartphones. So, are you excited to get the best experience out of your Android TV? If yes, then jump over to the best Android TV apps list.

Best Android TV Apps

15 Best Android TV Apps of 2017

#1. AllCast

AllCast Premium Android TV AppAllCast is not an app made for Android TV; it is an app which helps you to stream video directly from your smartphone to your Android TV. It is very easy to stream video from AllCast as its interface is very simple.

Just open the app and then select the image, music or video you want to stream on your Android TV and then your Android TV will finish the job. Although the app is not free, and you need to pay $4.99, but you can always download the free version to check how it works.

Download AppCast

#2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music Android TV AppSurprised to see this obvious Android app on this list? Well, you should be but it is very necessary for us to give you an app which has a variety of playlists and all the playlists can serve you over 50,000 songs!

This should make your Android TV experience extra enjoyable right? If you are ready to pay as little as $9.99 per month, then you can get millions of songs from streaming of YouTube Red which gives you ad-free video streaming. A must and worth downloading the app for sure.

Download Google Play Music

#3. Hulu

Hulu Watch TV & Stream Movies Android TV AppIn last couple of years Hulu, the video streaming app shown considerable improvement and it is now one of the premier video streaming apps.
What makes Hulu better than say Netflix or any such app is that it immediately gets the prime and big shows on its list. Apart from that, there is a huge choice to make for you from its original contents.

There are three plans to choose from, Free, $7.99, and $11.99. Mind you the free plan won’t last for long.

Download Hulu

#4. Pandora

Pandora Redio Android TV AppLike the name suggests this app has plenty to offer and you can enjoy and forget stuff with ease. Just hit the play button and the entertainment will start flowing.

Browse hundreds of curated genre stations to find the perfect match for your mood and activity. Not only the Android TV but also on your desktop and your smartphone. By paying a small amount of $4.99 per month, you can enjoy ad-free music as many time as you want to, not a bad deal at all right?

Download Pandora

#5. VLC

VLC Android TV AppYou will hardly find a person who is using any smart gadget and doesn’t know about VLC player; such is the popularity of this player.

The best part of VLC is that it is highly compatible with most of the smart devices and also it can play any audio or video content without any trouble. It comes free. Because you can operate VLC on your smartphone, PC and Android TV you can run this app with utmost ease.

Download VLC

#6. Spotify

Spotify Music AppSpotify needs no introduction among Android users. But I am afraid you need because it does not support some countries (India, for example).

Spotify is the most popular music streaming app for Android. But you need to be a subscriber to reap full benefits out of it. Don’t worry! You can still have it without being a subscriber.

The app wasn’t fully compatible with Android TV lately. But the recent update gave it complete support so that you can download and run the app without any issue.

Download Spotify

#7. YouTube

YouTube AppSo far, YouTube is one of the widely used Android TV apps. I know you have been using it on your computer and mobile device as well.

YouTube supports a smartTV platform completely without causing you any trouble. Most of the times, you don’t have to install this app manually as it comes preloaded.

You know the comfort of watching videos on a much bigger screen, don’t you? That’s why it becomes important to have it on your TV to stream videos like never before.

Download YouTube

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#8. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer File Manager AppI bet you heard this name. If you ask me for the best file manager for Android, my answer will be ES File Explorer. You can download this for your Android TV as well. This is going to be beneficial to the television sets with storage so that, you can browse through folders and files.

As ES File Explorer can classify files based on the format, you will never feel a clumsy organization.

A pro version of the same app is available with added benefits. Purchasing it would give you more features.

Download ES File Explorer

#9. Netflix

Netflix AppYou are not surprised, are you?

Netflix is a popular video streaming service in the world (paid, though). You need to pay a few bucks every month to keep on enjoying the videos available on Netflix. A lot of movies and TV shows are there on their platform.

Along with them, Netflix has some original stuff like Orange is the New Black and Arrested Development.

Download Netflix

#10. Google Drive

Google Drive AppMaybe your Android TV lacks internal storage. In such a situation, you can seek the help of cloud storage. Google Drive is so far one of the best free cloud storage provider with a 15 GB of space. You can save files to GDrive and, browse the same on your TV. But you need the app for this.

Moreover, you can sideload any app on the Android TV using Google Drive.

N. B.- Sideloading means installing from external sources.

Download Google Drive

#11. Android TV Remote Control

Android TV Remote Control AppNo, it’s not a hardware thing!

Android TV Remote Control is an app that makes it easy for us to control everything on the TV. The layout is simple as it consists of the navigational buttons along with the Ok menu.

The app supports voice control and, you can choose any keyboard you want to. The best fact about Android TV Remote Control is it’s available for free to download.

Download Android TV Remote Control

#12. Sideload Launcher

Sideload Launcher AppNot all the apps are Android TV supported. So, you have to download APK file and install them on your own. This is what I previously referred to as sideloading. Unfortunately, sideloaded apps can’t be seen in default launcher.

That’s why you need another launcher that displays every single app without sideloading concern. You can install it and keep on sideloading anything you want. You will find it as you do any other app if you choose to go with Sideload Launcher.

Download Side Launcher

#13. Kodi

Kodi AppKodi is the best addition to your Android TV app list. Though Kodi can be used to see media content, you can’t place it as an alternative to Netflix for watching television.

You need to provide media files from local storage, removable media or a remote location to Kodi to make it work. Without any media file on your TV, Kodi remains as just a regular app with no use.

They have a lot of add-ons to cheer you up.

Download Kodi

#14. 500 Firepaper

500 Firepaper AppDo you like it having breathtaking wallpapers on the home screen of your Android TV? How does it feel when the wallpapers keep changing on a daily basis?

Well, 500 Firepaper does the same. It offers you live wallpapers along with regular but impeccable ones. The app is free to download with some in-app purchases.

Download 500 Firepaper

#15. TuneInRadio

TuneIn Radio AppWith over 100,000 radio stations, TuneIn Radio is something worth your time. It supports Android TV, and you can use this one for listening to podcasts and radio. You can download it for free from Play Store.

Because no dedicated podcasting app hasn’t come to Android TV, using TuneIn Radio is an excellent idea.

Download TuneIn Radio

Wrapping Up

So, these were top 15 Android TV app including the attest released Android TV Remote Control. I have taken conscious effort not to choose apps with the same need. Hence, you will never find it wrong even if you download all of them. Not every app is free, though!

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