They are especially useful in a multi-lingual environment or while traveling in countries where you encounter every single thing, from sign boards to food menu in their native languages. Learning language is also an additional skill in the fast-paced corporate culture to give you an edge over others.

So, make any language your forte and learn to translate random words with 10 best translation apps for Android that we have curated just for you.

10 Best Translation App for Android 

#1. Google Translate

When you are looking for an app that has almost all the languages beneath the sun, where you expect the interface of the app to be excellent and want it to be user-friendly, then you can head over to this all-rounder app from Google.

Since you would need a translator for any occasion, the app needs to be handy for the user. That is why this app not only works on Android phones but also in Android digital timepieces. So if you are roaming around in Rome, and you need to converse in Italian, just look at your wrist for your Android watch translator.

Price: Free
Download Google Translate

#2. Dolphin Translate

Do you prefer multi-functional apps? Don’t want to compromise with the user interface? Then, Dolphin Translate is a wise choice. Dolphin, due to its excellent performance, is gaining popularity.

There are many pluses in the app, for instance, Dolphin will translate the whole webpage for you in one click. Also, the app remembers your preferred language, so you need not waste time in choosing the language. Download the app to gain more and learn even more.

Price: Free
Download Dolphin Translate

#3. Translate voice Translator

Who does not like the combination of simple and sophisticated? Trust us in this, Translate voice translator is just that. It’s simple because it is too easy to use, and sophisticated because of its interface design. Just speak the word, phrase or line you want to translate, and within few seconds, this app will do that for you.

This search engine friendly app will share your needs with search engines like Google and share your progress on social media networks.

Price: Free
Download Translate voice Translator

#4. R2D2 Translate

A sensational icon in the gaming industry, R2D2 is most popular for the way it says, “What the…”, now you can also learn this using their official app. Use this R2D2 app to have fun using so many languages. You can make the R2D2 robot speak all this for you. It’s not exactly a substance based app but it’s definitely a fun app.

Price: Free
Download R2D2 Translate

#5. Translator

Like Google, Microsoft has also introduced a translation app in the market. This app is a very steady and well made, perfectly made up to compete in the aggressive Android app business.

The features offered by Microsoft are also competitive; but the added advantage is its cutting edge technology, that is used in Microsoft’s major productions like Office and Skype.

Price: Free
Download Translator

#6. DuoLingo

From Portuguese to Spanish; From Turkish to Russian; Duolingo has is a comprehensive app for everyone encompassing many languages. Along with this huge collection, this app makes the learning process easy and fun.

You can play games, compete with fellow subscribers, practice pronouncing, answer test series and do a lot more.

Price: Free
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#7. PONS Online Dictionary

If you don’t consider yourself a cramming machine and prefer to know the roots of the words before learning them, then PONS is an impressive option. It’s a dictionary cum translator.

You can know the difference between two similar words, you can translate idioms and proverbs, and you can do so much with this one.

Price: Free
Download PONS Online Dictionary

#8. iTranslate

There are plenty of apps available on Google Play Store which can translate for you, but there aren’t many which deliver accurate results. One of the accurate ones is iTranslate. It is equipped with the software to translate up to 90 languages.

A good thing about the app is its wipe feature through which you can swipe and copy the word which you hope to translate. It eases the translation process altogether.

Price: Free
Download iTranslate

#9. Voice Translator

80 languages that can be translated using voice in one app, and more than 40 of them support both voice input and voice output, this is Voice Translator for you.

Easy to use, easy to understand, the app is also compact in size. The best thing about Voice Translator is that it can be accessed offline as well, so you can use it even when your internet connection is disabled.

Price: Free
Download Voice Translator

#10. Camera Translator

Camera Translator an amazing photo translator app by using a feature called OCR- Optical Character Recognition. This handy and very well designed app is very user oriented. Just click a snap and assign the translation of that picture to this app, and it will do it for you in a matter of minutes and that too with complete accuracy.

Price: Free
Download Camera Translator

Your search for 10 best translation apps for Android Smartphone ends right here. All these apps are laced with unique features and access to a comprehensive list of languages to simplify your translation problems in few clicks.