Do you love playing games on your Android device? Gone are the days when we used to prefer the computer to have intensive graphic rich gaming experience.

But the immense power today’s smartphone have (be it in terms of CPU, RAM or GPU) made graphic intensive titles possible for Android. You can get games for Android in any category. Especially, when it comes to action-packed and RPG games, you can tons of options. But when it comes to sports category, it’s tough to select the finest of all games.

So today, I am going to share ten of the best Android sports games with you. Are you ready to get yourself into the world of sports?

Best Android Sports Games

I have handpicked ten sports games which I played and found enticing. Explore the list below!

#1. Dream League Soccer 2016

Do you love playing football games? Of course, the renowned Fifa game from EA Sports is out there. But still, I vote for Dream League as it comes in lower size and has decent graphics for the price. In case you are browsing in a low speed, I recommend you download this game once.

You are the manager and player controller of your Dream XI. It is possible to buy players based on the number of coins you have. They gift you with more coins for season objectives and given aims in a single game.

Download Dream League Soccer 2016

#2. World Cricket Championship 2

You must need at least 1 GB RAM to play this game on your device. The liquid graphics the developers integrated into the game may create problems if you don’t have enough power.

I have been playing this game for over half a year now. You can play both limited over or test cricket match. But as usual, the latter is going to be boring.

You can’t play club tournaments like IPL or English county here. Yet, it’s worth your time. You can play over 20 different copy book and modern shots.

Download World Cricket Championship 2

#3. Table Tennis 3D

Next up on our list of best sports games for Android is Table Tennis 3D. You can play a number of tournaments in it and keep on defeating the opponents.

The graphics are fluid, the response is instant and, you are going to love this game. But I find little awkward not to have a control to move the player. And, it caused me miss the shots as the ball goes through one side where I am standing on the other.

Download Table Tennis 3D

#4. 3D Tennis

Maybe you are not a fan of the miniature version of the game (Table tennis). Then 3D Tennis comes to your rescue.

As in the previous one, the game is divided into different tournaments with some of them, locked. You need to win a few to unlock the locked ones.

You can choose the type of court if you choose to play an individual game. And, it’s awesome.

Download 3D Tennis

#5. Pool Break 3D Billiards Snooker

Have you played Billiards Snooker in real life? Doesn’t it keep you go on playing like forever?

I have searched for the best billiards and snooker games for Android and stumbled upon this. Installing the app is not a pain because it is not as heavy as any other titles.

Then, you can open the app and start playing it. Even if you haven’t played the game in real, you will love it if played a few times.

Download Pool Break 3D Billiards Snooker

#6. 3D Bowling

Having the top developer mark, Italy Games never disappointed me with their 3D Bowling game. The sounds and 3D animations will evoke a real-time feeling in your mind, especially when you have earphones plugged in.

As in every game, you need to permit the game to access your Google Play Games service to submit your score for the leaderboards.

The gameplay is easier, position your ball (swipe to left or right), flick your finger to throw and curve the screen to direct the ball to hit the right spot.

Download 3D Bowling

#7. NBA Live Mobile

Here comes officially endorsed NBA Game from EA Sports.

If you are a basketball fan, you must definitely try this game. EA Sports always keep our expectations high and they yet again proved that expectations don’t hurt, at least in their case.

You must have a rich data connection or active Wi-Fi network to download this one.

Download NBA Live Mobile

#8. Archery Master 3D

Olympics is up and running with Archery being one of the first items. Do you want to feel like a master in archery?

Download this game and go through the initial stages. First, you will have to shoot the arrows right onto the spot on the board. After that, you will get to see a bunch of balloons to be burst off with the arrows.

Download Archery Master

#9. Badminton 3D

I have given you two similar games; Tennis and Table Tennis. Maybe you want Badminton and, here it comes. The split screen mode with multiplayer setup seems a unique feature to get your friends involved in the game.

They claim that the game has adopted real aerodynamics into the action as in real badminton. You can play single games, career, and tournaments as well.

Download Badminton 3D

#10. Volleyball Champions 3D

Here comes the last one in our list of best sports games for Android.

Volleyball 3D has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has a rating of 4 stars. So, you can definitely try this game out without any hesitation.

The timing gauge on the left also decides the strength of the smash as well.

Download Volleyball Champions 3D

Wrapping Up

I hope you have got enough number of sports games now.

Tons of titles are there on the Play Store. If you get some time, open the app and browse the gaming section. You can see different categories there. Make sure you choose Sports.

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