If you are using a smartphone, you must use a smartwatch to connect your phone with. Though the pair is inextricably linked, people normally avoid using a smartwatch for many reasons, the primary one being the cost. Apple Watch and Samsung Gear are two leading smartwatches available at a premium price tag. But then there are many low-priced Android smartwatches available on the market. This collection breaks the myth that smartwatches are exorbitant in prices. Take a look at the best Android smartwatches under $50.

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The cheap Android smartwatches are not poor in performance. These watches are packed with many impressive features like waterproof, pedometer, calories calculation, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring, remote photos, music playing, multi-timezone, multi-language, daylight saving time, notification push and more.

Best Android Smartwatch under $50

10 Best Android Smartwatch Under $50

#1. Heshi Inc Android SmartWatch

Heshi Inc Android Smartwatch

This Android smartwatch from Heshi Inc offers 5.2 years replacement guarantee. With this Android smartwatch, you can make calls and even answer calls by putting the SIM card in the watch. However, for iPhone, it offers and supports some of the partial functions such as Pedometer, call sync, music player, stopwatch, clock, calculator, calendar, hands-free, etc.

But for Android smartphones, it supports anti-lost functionality, phone book, fundo sports app, sleep monitor and much more other feature. The primary two function that this smartwatch offers that it runs Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp independently while you put SIM card and TF card is on the watch.

Price: $15.98
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#2. Qiu Feng Q18 Smartwatch

Qiufeng Q18 Smartwatch

Enjoy the hands-free calling and answering right from your wrists with one of the best Android Watches under $50. If your Smartwatch is connected to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth, then you can even see the caller ID and can sync it with your Smartwatch contact information. This Smartwatch starts functioning as 2G GSM smartphone once you insert the SIM card it in it. Alongside, it also has the function of an image viewer, sound recording, audio player, camera and much more you would love to buy this Android smartphone.

Price: $29.99
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#3. Queen U8 Android Smartwatch

Queen U8 Android Smartwatch

This Smartwatch from Queen offers you 1-year warranty so buy it without worrying about anything. It has 1.44” screen and also has 128×128 resolution touch panel. This is not only a Smartwatch, but it has some very important features like the inbuilt pedometer, barometer, thermometer, stopwatch and other regular features as well. Various international languages like English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc. are supported by Queen. This Smartwatch package comes with 1 USB charger cable for charging.

Price: $10.00
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#4. StarryBay Smartwatch

StarryBay SW-08-1 Sweatproof Smart Watch

The total black and full-color display of this Smartwatch will steal your heart for sure. This StarryBay gadget is so stylish which has three stylish watch faces so that you can use them alternatively and make your Smartwatch look new always. It comes with one adjustable band that perfectly paired with this 1.54 smooth touchscreen.

You can always do hands-free calls and answer the calls right from your wrist itself without any fuss. This Smartwatch also supports the Fundo Sports APP so that you can receive notifications with your connected Android smartphone. There are plenty of functions which will be helpful in your daily work. For more fun and surprises you should check the settings.

Price: $23.68
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#5. Topffy

Topffy Android Smartwatch

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Topffy has packed multiple features in its small smartwatch that is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled Android and iOS as well. If you count the features, you will lose count; there are a pedometer, calories calculation, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring, remote photos, music playing, multi-time zone, multi-language, daylight saving time, notification push and more. Though the watch has stainless steel surface, Topffy has successfully designed it lightweight.

Price: $35.99
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#6. Aeifond Smart Watch

Aeifond Android Smartwatch

Are you looking for a gift for your loved ones? Aeifond brings a smartwatch for everyone. The brand has introduced many functions and make this watch easy to watch for all. No matter how old you are, you can wear this smartwatch every day. Its two working modes allow you to use this watch as an independent smartphone without connecting it to your smartphone. In case, you don’t want to insert a SIM card in the watch, simply connect it to your smartphone with Bluetooth.

Price: $23.49
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#7. Aimion Smart Watch

aimion Android Smartwatch

One of the striking features of Aimion smartwatch is anti-lost. This means you can give this smartwatch as a gift to your kids also, without having to worry about theft or loss. Other notable features are a remote camera, music player, calculator, alarm clock, calendar, file manager, etc. To track your fitness, this watch offers sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, pedometer, daily step recording and more.

Price: $26.99
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#8. CNPGD Smartwatch

CNPGD Android Smartwatch

This is not just a Smartwatch; it is a Smartwatch with cell phone watch, health control, and media control as well. Just sync your Android smartphone with this watch and enjoy most of its app without any trouble. There is another option as well as you can also insert a SIM card so that you can use it as a standalone gadget. This smartphone is compatible with most of the Android smartphones, so you got plenty of choices at hand.

Price: $14.99
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#9. IFUNDA Smartwatch

IFUNDA Android Smartwatch

IFUNDA brings a comfortable and durable smartwatch for men, women, and kids. It can be a perfect gift for someone you love as the watch boasts so many cool features. Made from precision laminating process, IFUNDA has crafted a super-comfortable watch, which avoids sweat during sports and movements and provides a guarantee of the durability of the watch. You can connect all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones to the watch; whether you have an iOS device or an Android one, turn on Bluetooth and pair the watch.

Price: $35.99
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#10. WFB Smartwatch

WFB Android Smartwatch

Although this Smartwatch does have a Bluetooth, it also has NFC for faster connection and exchanging thousands of things with ease. So just check whether your Android phone also has NFC support or not and if it has then just connected your Smartwatch with it via NFC and get the most out of it. Charging this Smartwatch also is not an issue as it can be charged with a simple USB cable with ease. Get the perfect details for distance and altitude only with this Smartwatch by WFB.

Price: $45.00
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