Have you ever felt the boredom while looking at your Android phone when it is locked? Have you ever thought that what if even when your Android smartphone is locked it can still keep you informed?

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Android users can thank Google for allowing a high degree of customization which covers not only visual, but functional aspects and they allow such features which we just talked about. Earlier tweaking was only possible on a rooted device, but now it is also possible with a non-rooted handset to have plenty of personalized features and one of which is to have a best android lock screen apps.

The Android lock screen replacement apps mean saying “bye-bye” to the conventional screen lock, which is same all the times and boring at times. Android provides certain apps which will able to give you happiness even when your phone is locked. Today we are going to know about such apps in details as we have brought ten of the best Android lock screen apps which can give you an alternative to your conventional screen lock on your Android phone. So are you ready to change the way your Android phone screen look forever? Then know about these ten excellent apps.

Best Android Lock Screen Apps10 Best Android Lock Screen Apps

#1. AcDisplay

One can easily declare the AcDisplay app is one of the best screen lock apps. It has a super clear design, and it allows your notifications directly when your screen is locked. The usage of this app is also super easy, and at the same time, it can be customized as well. You can blacklist those apps of which you do not wish to get notifications. You may also tweak low-priority notification settings which will enable an Active Mode that will attempt to predict when you will be using your mobile, and it will wake up the screen automatically!

AcDisplay Android Lock Screen AppPrice: Free
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#2. Start Lock Screen

If you want to access plenty of stuff without unlocking your phone, then the SnapLock app will certainly help you to do exactly that. SnapLock app will let you perform some things like accessing the camera or apps or widgets and also web search directly from your locked screen. Not only that you can even set a password to lock and access even more content like news feed, notification management or weather forecast, etc. What’s more, this app is totally free.

Start Lock Screen Android Lock Screen AppPrice: Free
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#3 Next Lock Screen

For sometimes Microsoft is busy developing apps for Android and iOS, and Next Lock Screen is one of its fantastic app creation for Android phones. What is the best thing about this app is that it lets you do almost everything which you can do when the screen is off and locked, just like you do when the screen is open. You can make calls and address to the notifications directly, play music, launch apps, access the weather forecast and even change the wallpapers among many other things. It also works well with those devices which are equipped with a fingerprint sensor. A worth considering the alternative for locked screen because all these you will get for paying nothing.

Next Lock Screen Android Lock Screen AppPrice: Free
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#4. Go Locker

Go Locker is one of the well-known apps which provide a supreme alternative to your Android phone’s locked screen. This app’s free version will give you the option to read messages from the locked screen and also some shortcuts and a big collection of themes. The app comes in a paid version as well, and the price of that version is very high. The price for the paid app is around $14.99 if you want to get access to all the existing themes of the Go Locker app and also the ones who will be released in the future.

Go Locker Android Lock Screen AppPrice: Free
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#5. Corgi

If you are a news freak, then this app should interest you. Corgie will keep you up with the latest news in a very effortless manner. Corgie has been designed especially for this purpose only. It will deliver your favorite news feeds directly to your mobile when your mobile’s screen is off. Corgie also provides Feedly and Instagram integration. You can access the news by tapping on the title displayed on your locked screen with a quick double-tap. Corgie also supports fingerprint sensor hence the security of your phone won’t be compromised at any point of time.

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Corgi Android Lock Screen AppPrice: Free
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#6. Cover

The cover is one of the most incredible alternatives to the lock screen on your Android phone. It adds a set of app shortcuts which you can directly access when your mobile screen is off. All you need to do is to swipe inwards on the icon displayed. But one thing must be noticed here that this app only allows you to pin into an app and won’t allow you to do any action further. But it is enough to do at least. The app shortcuts on Cover will automatically change their position based on your location and the accessibility of the app when your device is locked.

Cover Android Lock Screen AppPrice: Free
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#7. SnapLock

If you have seen the iOS lock screen, then you must have been highly impressed with it even if you are a loyal Android user. SnapLock can help you to change your lock screen look to the iPhone screen lock look to some extent. It mimics exactly like an iPhone screen lock view and not only has that it also added plenty of other features as well. You can just swipe the notifications to the left or right to clear just like one would do on iOS. With many other customization features, you can make lots of changes on your SnapLock layout.

SnapLock Android Lock Screen AppPrice: Free
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#8. Screen Lock Guardian

If privacy is your priority, then you must look at this excellent app called Screen Lock Guardian. This is one of the best screen lock apps available currently on Google Play Store. It will let you create your lock code, and if anyone tries to attack your privacy by trying to unlock by a wrong code, then the app will automatically take a picture of the person from the front camera. Security is not the only one feature this app carries. It also displays weather and also let you set up shortcuts for five apps, and you can also customize the background. The app also keeps a log of unsuccessful login attempts which is an added advantage.

Screen Lock Guardian Android Lock Screen AppPrice: Free
Download Screen Lock Guardian

#9. Picturesque

This is another lock screen app developed for Android by Microsoft. It has a power of Bing which will deliver a beautiful wallpaper every day and will also offer you the latest news, weather information, flashlight access and also a search bar. This app from Microsoft is incredibly pleasing to the eyes, and it is worth look at for sure.

Picturesque Android Lock Screen AppPrice: Free
Download Picturesque App

#10. LokLok

This is an interesting lock screen app which lets you communicate with others by sending your drawings and that too directly from the locked screen. You can take a picture and then can draw some cool stuff and add to the picture and can send it to your friend by using this app. You can send funny, useful and even romantic stuff with this app. This app is free, but if you want to go for paid features, then you will get some stickers which don’t add much to the value of this app. So you can easily use the app’s free version.

LokLok Android Lock Screen AppPrice: Free
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So did you like the idea of using best Android lock screen apps provided in this article? If yes then you must have liked some of the apps as well. Do let us know which one you started using after reading this article on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in comments.