As Android has the customizable interface, every user can simply tweak some settings and make the device novel. Just like some Android shortcuts, you can get some of these best Android launchers to increase the productivity & flexibility while adding the new look to your smartphone.

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In this post, we have covered 10 best Android launcher apps to change the way you use your Android phone. These apps are not just enough to change the look; they can also help to save the time and energy to enhance the user-friendliness of the phone. Are you ready to modify your device? Let’s check out all these best launcher apps for the android phone.

Best Android Launcher Apps

10 Best Android Launcher Apps

#1. Action Launcher 3

Action 3 Android LauncherAction Launcher has been one of the most favorite launchers for Android users for last many years now. The main reason behind it is its frequent updates and that too by offering some of the best themes one can ever imagine. One of such themes is the Quicktheme which will help you to design the theme with designing folders as well. This launcher is like a hidden screen which you can use anytime anywhere.

Price: Free
Download Action Launcher 3

#2. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Android LauncherIf you wish to have clean, simple and easy to use a launcher, then there is no better alternative than Google Now Launcher. This launcher comes as a default in Nexus smartphones, but one can install it on a normal Android phone directly from Google Play Store as well. You will get basic but quick experience while accessing your apps and widgets while using Google Now Launcher. Get the extra benefits like advanced options for gesture and themes with this launcher for paying absolutely nothing.

Price: Free
Download Google Now Launcher

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#3. ZenUI

ZenUI Android LauncherYou will always get the high-quality themes from ZenUI launcher as it has a pool of such themes. You can easily choose and customize features and can get a real different Android experience with this launcher. There is a bloatware launcher like search menu which you need to access with an upward swipe, and it comes as a default as well, but you don’t need to worry as it is easy to remove it. ZenUI also provides counting of notifications, so you know how much unread messages or notifications you have got for each app easily.

Price: Free
Download ZenUI Launcher

#4. Apex Launcher

Apex Android LauncherApex launcher app for Android is another iconic and well-known launcher app for Android just like Action Launcher. It will give a totally different feel to your Android smartphone, and it has many extra features to make it even better. You can get the ability to alter transition animations and scrolling habits. You will also find a scrolling dock in which you can store plenty of icons. The best part of this launcher is that it supports some of the best Android icon packs so that you can change icons with more frequency.

Price: Free
Download Apex Launcher

#5. Nova Launcher

Nova Android LauncherEven nova launcher can give you some of the most beautiful and interesting icons and wallpapers and also themes, so why it is present over here? Well, what makes Nova Launcher different than the other Android launcher is its ability to integrate with Google Drive. So now you can take a backup of Nova themes and layouts of your choice directly to Google Drive. Certain features of this launcher may look loud to you, but if you spend some time on it, then you can gain more expertise and make use of this launcher even better.

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Price: Free
Download Nova Launcher

#6. Smart Launcher Pro 3

Smart Pro 3 Android LauncherA fully paid launcher is not only the unique thing about Smart Launcher Pro 3 but unlike the other launcher apps we are suggesting here, once downloaded you need to go through a setup procedure before start using it. You need to setup a preferred dialer app, photo app and music app and then you can move on. There is a smart and organized drawer which the app organizes automatically according to your usage. There is plenty we can talk about Smart Launcher Pro 3 because it is full of extraordinary features. So it is better if you download the app and check it yourself.

Price: $3.99
Download Smart Launcher Pro 3

#7. Arrow Launcher

Arrow Android LauncherWhen first launched Arrow Launcher had not so encouraging reviews, but since then this Android launcher app designed by Microsoft has grown steadily. You can put your apps on a great home screen and then you will get a variety of home screens with Arrow Launcher. You can get the home screen with a reminder which is powered by Wunderlist and also frequently used apps. For those who are aware of how Microsoft systems work they will find it very easy to operate this launcher at least.

Price: Free
Download Arrow Launcher

#8. Evie Launcher

Evie Android Launcher App IconEvie Launcher is the smooth, clean, and simple launcher for Android phones. Once you install it on your phone, it makes your device’s home screen beautiful, and you can get all apps in one place with a single swipe. There is a lightning-fast search to search for an app quickly, and if you don’t want to use that, then you can swipe up instant access all apps. There three different search engine option available (Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing) you can choose as per your choice. Besides, you also customize the layout, wallpaper, icon size, app icons, icon size, and more.

Price: Free
Download Evie Launcher

#9. Atom Launcher

Atom Android LauncherAtom Launcher is a new addition to the best Android launcher apps, and it is currently providing features which are right for any Android user. You can make the variety of themes by using the theme maker feature provided by the app. Atom Launcher also has a hidden dock loaded with extra settings, and it also has gesture controls, icon pack support and many things which are required by Android users these days.

Price: Free
Download Atom Launcher

#10. APUS

APUS Android LauncherOne can easily say that this launcher is fluid and can become the energy saver for you. It takes over your app drawer and transfers them all to your desktop. If you download APUS Notifier, then it will take this launcher to another level. It can count a number of notifications and messages you have received for all the apps, SMS, MMS, emails and much more. The best part of this launcher is that it doesn’t eat much of your smartphone’s battery hence your smartphone can live just a bit longer.

Price: Free
Download APUS Launcher

After reading this article, you are now having Top 10 best Android launcher apps which can change the entire look of your Android smartphone within no time. So pick the launcher app which you feel is great for you and then let us know about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.