These 10 best before, we know about the 10 best Android icon packs, we should know what exactly these icon packs are. An icon pack is an application which can customize your smartphone’s various icons according to your mood and taste. But, to run an icon pack on any smartphone, one needs to have a launcher. With the help of launcher, you can easily apply those icons which you feel reflect your mood. There are hundreds of icon packs available on Google Play Store, so you got a bucketful of choices as well.

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Once the launcher is downloaded, then it is extremely easy to install and use these icon packs, and because there are plenty of choices, we have selected some of the best Android icon packs for you which will certainly help you to choose for your smartphone just like any of the best Android productivity apps would do for you. Just go through all the ten Icon Packs apps we have suggested and picked the one for you.

Best Android Icon Packs

10 Best Android Icon Packs (Free & Paid)

First of all, we need to download suitable and best launcher for icon packs to make them compatible with your smartphone. There are many launchers available on Google Play Store, but we have found Nova Launcher (Download) and Apex Launcher (Download) better than the most. So, download one of the launchers from the link given. All the icon packs we are going to furnish here will work with any launcher, but if you don’t have any launcher yet, it is advised to download one of these launchers.

#1. Benas Dzimidas

Benas Dzimidas Android icon packThis icon pack by Benas Dzimidas is a package of three different icon packs in one. These three icon packs are Ronodo, Lai and Toca UI. The icons in Rondo are flat, round, and also material inspired, whereas Toca UI icons are almost the same but they having rounded squares. Another option we got here is the Lai icon pack where we can find rectangular icons with muted colors and with over 2200 icon options. So, you got plenty of choices to decorate your smartphone and make it look different than others.

Price: Free
Download Benas Dzimidas for Android

#2. Click UI

Click UI Android icon PackYou might feel that you have probably seen similar icon packs before you have checked Click UI, but if you look at the icons provided by Click UI, you will know that the style adopted here is unmatched. The icons have long shadows, and that will give you the delicate sense of motion, and that applies to all those 2000 icons provided by them. Click UI updates with new icons time and again, and you can even request your icon tool if you feel that a certain app icon is not covered by Click UI and they will take care of that sooner. You can certainly feel paying the $1 charge worth once you start using this icon pack.

Price: Paid
Download Click UI for Android

#3. GSeth

GSeth Android icon packNot one, not two and not even three, Gseth gives you eighteen different icon packs to choose the one for you. Yes, all these icon packs are paid, but they will change the entire look of your smartphone according to your style and preferences. The icons presented by Gseth are fun and also sophisticated as well. The icon packs are named like Circlons, Vibion, Ruggy, Vion, Viby etc. Gseth believes that they can provide the best icon packs which are unmatched, to confirm the same you can click on the link given below and visit their Google Play Store page.

Price: Paid
Download Gseth for Android

#4. Retrorika

RETRORIKA Android icon packAs the name suggests, this icon pack will bring back the memories of old days when Android was just like an infant. If you are a fan of those old days and classic icons, then this icon pack is certainly made for you. Each of the icons you will find in Retrorika has been made with enough care and thus they will bring the original feel to you whenever you give it a look. With great detailing, you can certainly say that the developer has brought all his passion for designing this app. So give your smartphone one of the best icon packs around with paradoxical retro feeling within a modern and latest design.

Price: Paid
Download Retrorika for Android

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#5. Hooolm

Hooolm Android Icon PackWhen you see all 14 icon packs offered by Hooolm, you will notice that most of the packs are based on glass design. Packs like Smoke and Glass, Spatial Glass and Tinted Glass will confirm your belief also. You will also find 3D icon packs from Hooolm which are modern but the developer has made sure that they still keep their classy look going and gives you a sophisticated feel as well. So, if glasses are your passion, then you will get the icons matching your style from Hooolm pack. Some of the packs will cost you more than $1, but you won’t mind once you start using them.

Price: Paid
Download Hooolm for Android

#6. Polycon

Polycon Android Icon PackIf you are looking for big, attractive yet sophisticated icon pack, then Polycon will certainly have an answer for you. The icons here are sleek but will give you nice and noticeable touches. You can mix these icons with any wallpaper as Polycon offers more than 500 icons. There is also an icon request feature built in, so if you think any icon is not covered by the app, you can suggest them. The best part of these icons are that they don’t have any set pattern, they also give nice curves and corners to keep things nice and different.

Price: Free
Download Polycon for Android

#7. Kovdev

Kovdev Android Icon PackIt seems that whatever Kovdev touches becomes gold! Kovdev doesn’t offer too many icon packs but whatever they have offered till now have become extremely popular and have gone viral. Despite all the icon packs offered by Kovdev cost more than $2, they are always in demand. The reason behind this popularity is the diversity in its packs. In Nox icon pack you will see sharpness and modern looks, in Lumos pack, you will notice that they are softer and muted and in Domo pack, you will observe that both complexity and simplicity are easily mingled. So if you are ready to pay the bit more, then just go for Kovdev.

Price: Paid
Download Kovdev for Android

#8. CandyCons

CandyCons Android Icon PackBringing the mother of all icon packs here with CandyCons icon pack. Despite, these icons are pretty simple but they are also handcrafted to flourish their looks, and that is where CandyCon wins hands down. You will get multiple color choices from more than 1000 icons in just a minute. What makes CandyCon different than many other icon packs we are suggesting here is that it also offers wallpapers as well which will complement your icons. If you feel that there are certain icon or icons are missing then you can request with the inbuilt feature, and you will get it in next update.

Price: Free
Download CandyCons for Android

#9. Samer Zayer

Samer Zayer Android Icon PackWhen you look at the icon packs offered by Samer Zayer, you will observe that the developer has worked hard and thought out of the box. There are icon packs offered by Samer Zayer which are glass based, flat, neon, paper, and brushed metal based as well. All these icon packs have been rated highly and have got top reviews by the users. The best part of Samer Zayer is that most of its icon packs have over 1000 icons so you will have a huge choice in your plate similar to have a great choice for the best Android Email apps on offer.

Price: Paid
Download Samer Zayer for Android

#10. VIT

VIT Android Icon PackWhite is the color for VIT and you will surely join the bandwagon of those people who have overwhelmingly declared that VIT is their favorite icon pack. This pack has over 2000 icons, and all of them are white only with crystal clear effect. Because of the consistency in color, it will bring purity to your smartphone and also the dramatic flair to your smartphone’s setup as well. It doesn’t matter what kind of wallpaper you are using, VIT will either immerse in it or will light up that background. The best part of VIT is that with such fantastic icon packs it will cost nothing!

Price: Free
Download VIT for Android

We are sure; after reading this article you must be itching to download one of these best Android icon packs for your smartphone as well. We have made sure to keep enough balance between both paid and free icon packs so that you get the ease of choice. Do let us know which icon pack you found suitable for your style and then let us know more about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.