Who doesn’t like to remain fit? One would believe that every person living on this earth always want to stay healthy. Fitness fuels the stamina to work for the entire day and not only that, but it also keeps the harmful elements like heart trouble and blood pressure away.

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There are some best fitness apps for Android, which can certainly be the helping hand for many of us.

Just like the best Fitbit apps for Android and iPhone, these best Android fitness apps will give you novel ideas to exercise, keep the record of what you are doing and they can even give you encouragement to keep it going until you feel absolutely fit. There can be some fitness apps, which gives you advice depending upon your current fitness level.

Best Fitness Apps for AndroidSo, all in all by using any of these best Android fitness tracker apps; ultimately you are going to get benefitted for sure and we believe that you should go through the list we provided below just to make sure that you remain fit forever!

Best Fitness Apps for Android

#1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal Android AppIt is good that you exercise to keep yourself fit, but what about the food you intake? The food you eat is also as important as the exercise is. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is one of those apps which keeps track of your food and how much calories you are taking. Just enter your everyday diet in the app, and the app will give you an accurate figure of calories you are taking every day. This became possible because the app has over four million food recipes as its database and hence it can give you meticulous details about the calories you are taking. You may also receive help from the web interface it offers.

Apart from the regular features you would also like its Recipe Importer, Restaurant Logging, Personalized Experience and Customize Your Diary features which will give you more tips on how to keep your food on track. The app is free but if you wish you can make the in-app purchase.

Price: Free
Download Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal App

#2. FitNotes – Gym Workout Log

FitNotes Android AppSometimes you don’t like those fitness apps keeps on advising you on what you should do and what you should not. If you feel that those apps are bothering you too much in your routine then here are the best fitness tracker apps for Android which we are bringing you right now.

This app is called FitNotes Gym Workout Log, and it works exactly the opposite the way other fitness apps work. It lets you decide your fitness program by giving you a log entry board. Just feed your schedule and follow it accordingly to stay fit. If you are bored with routine and want to change it, no problem, you just need to swipe and check your workout history and can make changes accordingly.

There is also a rest timer and vibration option, just in case you wish to take a break while working out. Reordering or editing the current workout schedule is also easy to do on this app. The best part of this app is that despite being free to download it is also free from ads as well!

Price: Free
Download FitNotes – Gym Workout Log App

#3. Ingress

Ingress Android AppAll those who know a thing or two about Ingress must be wondering that how on earth a gaming app is included into this best fitness apps for the Android list? Well, we got some solid reason to prove our case. Actually, Ingress is a game where you need to roam around and hack portals around your area.

This app brings the virtual world to the reality by doing just that. So if you are not motivated enough to go out of the home even for a walk, then Ingress will just push you out of the home just to complete the task in the game. There are missions which you need to achieve, and these tasks are provided by the game, and you may even create your mission. Theses missions are very complex, and it will keep you going once you are into it. It doesn’t matter which mission you are doing; you have to come out of your home and do it. In this way, Ingress can keep your fit, after all, walking is also a good exercise, right?

Price: Free
Download Ingress App

#4. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga Android AppYoga is an ancient Indian way to live a fit life, and after decades of deliberations, even the West has accepted Yoga as one of the best ways to keep fit. So, if you are inclined towards Yoga to keep yourself fit then Pocket Yoga app could be a great help for you for sure. Get detailed information about different poses via animations and voice instructions.

The Voice instructions will guide you on how exactly you are going to do the asana. You may also keep the log about your daily Yoga workouts and check what improvements you need to have at a later stage. There is also a description along with the pictures which show what pose has what kind of benefit for your body. Throughout your journey of Yoga, with this app, you can also unlock new environments. If you are a newcomer then also you can get a quick preview and practice to check whether it is right to start Yoga or not.

Price: Free
Download Pocket Yoga App

#5. RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

RunKeeper Android AppRunKeeper fitness app is regarded as best Android fitness apps by many Tech based websites, and hence you can understand what level this app has set. As the name suggests, this app tracks your running and walking habits. You can also keep track of your everyday performances. You can even create your running routes and then maintain the record tracking going.

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The app allows you to make your fitness plans and if you wish you can sync various hardware to ensure that your heart rate is good enough. The good thing about RunKeeper is that not just running or walking it also allows you to track other types of workouts as well. If you are planning to do a marathon, then also RunKeeper will help you out. Just like external hardware, you can even sync RunKeeper with the other fitness apps as well. If you are using any Android Smartwatch, then it is very easy to pair RunKeeper with it.

Price: Free
Download RunKeeper App

#6. Sports Tracker Running Cycling

Sports Tracker Running Cycling Android AppApart from running and walking cycling is another way to keep yourself fit and to keep a record about your cycling there is an app called Sports Tracker Running Cycling. This app is certainly helpful to keep track of your daily cycling activity, and then you can analyze your progress every day. After you analyze it, you can even make changes accordingly. All you can do with the utmost ease with this app. You can also share your activities on various social media platforms through this app and boast about it. Get the help from different maps, time and distance calculators so that you can remain informed always.

Apart from keeping you informed about your cycling activities, this app can also give you details about your heart rate, so that you can increase or decrease your speed. Sports Tracker Running Cycling is also considered to be the best fitness app for Android free download, and you can check it why on Google Play Store ratings this app has got.

Price: Free
Download Sports Tracker Running Cycling App

#7. Sworkit Personal Trainer

Sworkit Personal Trainer Android AppDon’t you have time to go to the gym? Don’t worry here is a fitness app for you which can act as your personal trainer. You can get the fitness right inside your home without going to the gym. You can select any of the fitness regimes which are pre-loaded in this app and start working out accordingly.

Apart from fitness regimes the app also has over 160 different exercises which you can choose to remain fit. It also has Yoga which can benefit you even more. If you are not happy with those 160 exercises, then you can craft your exercise and start getting benefits of it. For the beginners, there is a six-week program to get fitter and stronger. You may also like to select plans for intermediate and advanced exercises. If you don’t have much time, then there are also five minutes stretch advise which you can do even in your office.

Price: Free
Download Sworkit Personalized Workouts App

#8. C25K Couch to 5K RunDouble

C25K Couch to 5K RunDouble Android AppThe app believes that you can run 5K despite being a couch potato! Yes, it has inbuilt programs which include zero to 10K and 5K to 10K and a half marathon training programs, and by following them religiously, you can gain fitness for sure. What’s more, this app also has an integration with MyFitnessPal, the app we already talked above. The app also has something which will not let you bore while exercising because the app allows you to create your favorite music playlists which you can listen while working out.

The best part of the app is the flexibility it gives you during your workout lessons. You can keep on editing your workouts by reducing or increasing according to your wish.

The free version of the app is just a trial version, and if you are ready to spend as low as $1.60, then you can unveil some of the best fitness tricks with the app.

Price: Free
Download Couch to 5K by RunDouble App

#9. Endomondo

Endomondo Android AppEndomondo is hugely popular fitness app available right now on Google Play Store. It has gained 4.5 stars on the Play Store from over 434,000 downloads, and that shows the volumes about this app.

With Endomondo you can track your fitness every day and also track your performance and what kind of change you may need or not. What makes this app different than the other fitness apps is one feature which allows you to record pep talk and share it your friends. Even they can do the same and can advise each other on how to go that extra mile to remain fit.

The app also provides you the big list of other things you can do and access to gain that fitness which you always wanted. Make a personal training plan and also analyze your heart rate always. Again, this is a free download app, but you can also make $2.50 payment every month as an in-app purchase to get rid of ads and plenty more helpful features.

Price: Free
Download Endomondo App

#10. Google Fit

Google Fit Android AppEnding this excellent list of the best fitness apps for Android, we are presenting the fitness app from Google. Surprisingly not lot many people talk about this app when it comes to discussing fitness apps, but Google Fit is working quietly on updating various cool features for you and we though you should take a look at this app. You can effortlessly track your fitness activities like walk, run or be cycling throughout the day on your smartphone and also on the Wear Watch. The app keeps track of your activities and gives you instant insights. You can check real-time status for each exercise you do.

The app will also keep you motivated by providing you details about your workouts. Set goals based on steps, time and distance. Check how much calories you burned and you can also receive personalized recommendations and be coaching for activity goals. You can check your activity details from anywhere, be it a phone, tablet or even website, fit.google.com easily.

Price: Free
Download Google Fit App

So, these were the best fitness apps for Android. Hope you liked the versatility of the selection as we have avoided too many apps offering the same kind of fitness guidance. Do let us know which app you downloaded (even if it is more than one app) from above and how it keeps you fit, here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.