Nowadays, with the help of some email apps, every person can efficiently manage all emails even if they come from different platforms. Well, there are a lot of email apps available online. But, which are best Android emails apps? So, here we are to make your selection stress-free!

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With these best Android email apps, you can tackle your mailbox every day with ease. These email apps won’t take much time to load. An e-mail will be secure as the breeze through these apps. There would be no delays when you refresh the mail, and all you get is seamless services through the best stock Android email apps.

Best Android Email Apps

Best Email Apps for Android

#1. MailDroid

MailDroid Free Email App Android AppMailDroid is one of the oldest and first mail based app added on Google Play Store. This app is highly secure for you because the app developers do not have backend server, so your emails are not scanned in any case. Plus it is idle for all the IMAP servers that support that kind of emails. You can download any number of attachments to your device by using a file explorer or inbuilt file manager.

You can set the font size, signature, ringtone, icon and LED color according to your choice. There is also a spell check feature which will help you to send an error-free email all the time. If you want to use this app on tablets, then you will get an extra feature called split screen. The best part of it is the cloud integration with Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Price: Free
Download MailDroid

#2. Call & Email

Email Android AppThis is an excellent app where you can get access to all your major email apps. Now get Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo,, AOL and much more emails directly to this app. Despite having such wonderful feature, this app is lightweight and extremely fast. Along with the email, this app also provides a free Caller ID which will show you information about all calls even of those contacts which are not in your phone book.

Price: Free
Download Email

#3. Fast mail

Fast mail Android AppAnother app which integrates most of the popular email apps like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, etc. and that is why you need not download each app for each of your accounts. Most importantly this app supports both IMAP and POP3 accounts. You can even sync multiple mailboxes from all of your email service providers without making sweat.

The best part of this app is that it allows you to manage the notifications according to your wish. You can set a notification for a particular period and adjust them with custom notification sounds and vibration alerts for each of your email accounts.

Price: Free
Download Fast mail

#4. Nine – Exchange

Nine Exchange on Mobile AppThe app is an awesome alternative to your multiple email needs; all sorted under one roof with extra features. It supports your Android Wear as well. The set up for many Microsoft services like Office 365, Hotmail,

Outlook etc will be automatic and swift. The calendar feature comes handy and so does the favorite folder feature. The UI is precise and beautiful with the built-in search feature.

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Download Nine Exchange

#5. Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail email AppsAqua Mail has powered email client with multiple attractive features. The app is also compatible with your Android Wear so you don’t miss anything when you are outdoors. You can configure it the way you like it.

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You can use two accounts at a time in this, and the pro version lets you use more than two. Microsoft exchange is fully supported along with mail accounts hosted at Gmail, Yahoo, and others. The set up is easy and automatic for all popular email clients. You can save attachments and use widgets for messages. It provides seamless integration with Light Flow, Cloud Print, Apex Launcher Pro, Tasker and more.

Price: Free
Download Aqua Mail

#6. Email Exchange by Mail Wise

Email Exchange + by Mailwise Android AppIf you want a simple, organized solution for your emails, this one is the best bet for you. It connects with all popular email providers like Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc. and manages everything with an ease.

It removes excessive formatting so that the interface appears clear and easy to read. The connection is safe and reliable. It also has a feature of the restricted optional exchange email security bypass system for additional protection.

Price: Free
Download Email Exchange

#7. myMail

myMail–Free Email ApplicationThis app is a great way to manage multiple email providers under one decent inbox. The user interface is clean and easy to use. The app is light and incredibly fast.

You can perform all email functions with this app like you can do on the desktop. It shows your entire email conversation under one thread and lets you add, delete or manage folders. You can also manage messages from senders by creating filters for messages.

Price: Free
Download myMail

#8. Blue Mail

Blue Mail - Email Mailbox Android AppBlue Mail is a universal email client with multiple providers like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook etc. The app is thoughtfully designed and can manage multiple mail accounts at a time.

The interface is very easy to use and has multiple user-oriented features. You can custom sounds, LED lights and set alert preferences as per each email account. You can easily configure your signature as well as your logo.

The sync option facilitates to access your email in the offline mode with ease. It can also work well with your Android Wear as well so you can stay in touch even while on the go.

Price: Free
Download Blue Mail

#9. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail Android AppInbox by Gmail is a new approach altogether to the Gmail. You can read your emails without actually opening them and also set snooze email reminders.

It shows the similar message in the same thread so that you can go through them in one go. The reminders can be set in case you need to get back to a particular email.

Since it is developed by the same team as Gmail, you have access to your Gmail messages here. A news feed style layout is stylish, and the interface is impressive.

Price: Free
Download Inbox by Gmail

#10. Newton Mail – Email & Calendar

CloudMagic Email & Calendar Android AppThe winner of many accolades has been the most trustable email client for many years now. It can work with multiple clients at the same time with a unified inbox.

You can create your signature, set password protection lock, send email in your language and do multiple things with its plethora of utility features. It supports Android Wear.

In case you lose your device, it has an option to remote wipe your data for your security. The calendar feature is an added advantage.

Price: Free
Download Cloud Magic

We hope you liked our selection of the best Android Email Apps for your Smartphone. They all are loaded with multiple user-friendly features. Most of them offer compatibility with your Android Wear, so you never miss anything while on the go.

Make the most of these email apps on your Android Smartphone and get yourself sorted. Emails have evolved the same way everything else has. So let’s stay ahead of our business and time with these incredibly fast email apps.

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