In this dynamic world, we are always on the move stumbling upon those picture perfect moments and wondering if our Smartphone had the best Android camera apps. There are many instances where we hardly have time to take out our digital cam or carry those DSLRs with us.

In all those times, our Smartphone is our best companion for capturing those rare moments like a sunset or a rainbow for that matter. Especially for amateur photographers, Smartphone is a boon.

Best Android Camera Apps

We never know when a picture perfect moment might arrive so all we can do is to keep our Smartphone handy and well-equipped. This is where camera apps come to play. Android Smartphone offers a vast scope of photography with its amazing camera apps. Keeping this in mind, we have enlisted the best Android camera apps for you to explore and let the clicking game begin.

Explore 10 Best Android Camera Apps of 2016

#1. Camera Fun Pro

Camera Fun Free AppAs the name says, Camera Fun Pro is a fun app that lets you play with its interactive interface and fun filters. The app features goofy themes and effects that let you modify your pictures, have fun to edit them and share it with your friends. It is not limited to just playing with your shots but you can actually make them a lot better with its artistic filters. These professional filters will transform the picture into something that you were aiming to capture. So it caters to the fun crowd and amateur photographers alike.

Price: $0.99
Download Camera Fun Pro

#2. Cymera

Cymera-Selfie Filter & Collage AppCymera is a widely popular app amongst hobbyist photographers. It ranks in the list of the most popular and one of the highest rates camera apps for Android. You can use the app for taking pictures as well and then you can edit them directly. There is a lot of editing goodness available and its filters are something you will have a hard time deciding on selecting just one. Cymera is different from other usual camera apps as it uses standards features like face shots. The interface is clean and filters are nothing but the best.

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Download Cymera

#3. GIF Camera

GIF Camera AppGIF, as we all know, are the best sources of humor in the digital world. This app lets you edit your pictures and transform them into GIFs. How cool is that? Right. Many times you must have wondered to make those GIFs all by yourself and now you can with this app. The bonus is it is user-friendly and very easy to use. Just set the frame you want to shoot and it will shoot it and automatically convert that into a fun GIF. You can even adjust frame rates or do a couple of settings before you click to shoot. The GIFs can be shared directly with your friends via this app.

Price: Free
Download GIF Camera

#4. HD Camera Ultra

HD Camera Ultra AppHD Camera Ultra is a simple to use camera app with basic features to edit your shots. But don’t be fooled by its simple features. They are powerful enough to transform the picture quality giving you enhanced pictures. You can adjust the white balance, add incredible effects, and focus on details and more on this app. You can play with the zoom modes and also disable the shutter sound even if your device does not allow it. Indeed, a great app to stick to basics and enhance picture quality naturally. The free version comes with ads unlike the upgraded one.

Price: Free, upgrades available at $1.90
Download HD Camera Ultra

#5. Open Camera

Open Camera AppThe open Camera, as the name says, is an open source camera project that is hugely popular among masses for its features. It enjoys high user rating and is a favorite among amateur photographers for its simple design. It comes packed with a plethora of features like white balance, exposure settings, ISO settings and auto stabilization. You can get creative with its focus and zoom modes. The app provides pretty much we need to edit our pictures. Nothing can get better than having a free yet incredible app.

Price: Free
Download Open Camera

#6. Google Camera

Google Camera AppGoogle Camera is pretty much the latest release by Google and it garnered immediate attention. The camera app is a favorite among many and some of its features are just incomparable. The app has two incredible and much-talked features – Photosphere and Lens Blur Mode. Photosphere lets you take pictures with a different quality. More or so like a DSLR and so does the Lens Blur Mode. The app is free and with such features, it is really a must try. Although your phone needs to be compatible to enjoy all of its features yet it’s a win-win situation with a free app like this.

Price: Free
Download Google Camera

#7. DSLR Camera Pro

DSLR Camera Pro AppIf you do not have an actual DSLR Camera, you can still enjoy many of its features with this one. The DSLR Camera Pro app is worth every penny. You can easily fool your friends into thinking that you clicked the pictures with a DSLR camera. The features like ISO settings, exposure, and white balance effects along with grids are just amazing to use to get those high-quality pictures. Besides these, you can also add geotags to your pictures and there are many effects to transform your shots in just one click. Your Smartphone needs to be compatible to use all of its features and it will turn out to be your best purchase ever.

Price: $2.99
Download DSLR Camera Pro

#8. Paper Camera

Paper Camera AppPaper Camera is one of the highest ranked camera apps that enjoy high credibility among Android users. It is not easy to believe as the app has just one filter. Still, users are fond of that filter and you can customize that single filter as per your requirements. The app is fun to use and you can edit your pictures as well as your videos in it. While you are applying the filter or customizing it, the app will simultaneously show your unedited work so that can line up with your work seamlessly.

Price: $1.99
Download Paper Camera

#9. Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera360 Funny Stickers Cam AppThis camera app is a hit among Android users to this extent that it is said to be the best camera app for Android. The app is packed with some amazing features and since it has been here for a long time, it understands the editing needs of users well. All the basic editing features that you can imagine like white balance, focus, zoom, exposure are packed along with a number of filters and effects. The recent version is updated with additional features for an enhanced camera experience.

Price: Free
Download Camera 360 Ultimate

#10. Otaku Camera

Otaku Camera 7.2.8 AppAnother free camera app available for Android users, this is more towards professional editing, unlike the above mentioned regular apps. The app is famous among Manga and anime fans for dedicated graphics that turn your pictures into Manga pictures and more. There are many themes and filters that let your creative juices flowing and most of them are really out of the box. It also lets you make memes and fun pictures.

Price: Free
Download Otaku Camera

We hope you liked our selection of 10 best Android Camera Apps that will cater to every audience. Have fun editing your pictures with them and never let any picture perfect moment skip without a capture.

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