So, today I am going to list some of the finest BBQ Android apps to make sure that you take your barbeque to next level and feel like a pro! Not making you wait anymore, let’s face it:

Best Android BBQ Apps

10 Best BBQ Android Apps of 2016

#1. Grill and Barbeque Timer

grill and barbecue Timer Android AppOops! Did you overheat the meat? Well, that’s what you don’t want to happen. Grill and Barbeque Timer Android app give you details about the time to grill the meat. It gives you the healthiest grill when you use it for sure. You can also set a customised timer with the help of this app. It’s easy to use and moreover, it has an alarm so that you never overheat your meat and turn the flames off on time!

Download Grill and Barbeque Timer

#2. SteakMate

SteakMate Android AppBesides, the app you need live suggestions from your mates? Then, SteakMate is just made for you. Apart from the cooking guides and you can also add your loved ones so that they could know what you are up to in grilling. This app gives you perfect measurements to cut the meat to perfection. Overall, it will tell you how to cook, how to cut and how to grill to make sure that you have the tastiest meat served on your dining table.

Download SteakMate

#3. Grill Recipes Free

Grill Recipes Free Android AppEvery detail in Grill Recipes app is simply amazing. Right from the ingredients to nutrition and from cooking guides to hand-picked recipes, you will find everything in this BBQ Android app. Be it a simple sauce or Chicken dish, you can search all recipes for free. Besides this, there’s a list of some healthy recipes which makes sure that you are never eating junk food. So these many things in a single app and that too for free, I am surely going to recommend this app to you.

Download Grill Recipes Free

#4. CookBook: BBQ Recipes

CookBook BBQ Recipes Android AppAlthough this app is not popular in the Google Play Store, it’s still very informative when I used it personally. Nice navigation and detailed recipes of various dishes keep you on your feet to taste more! The collection of 100 recipes is more than enough to make sure that you have the best and healthy food served in your dishes all the year. Grilling is quick but barbequing is the best as it takes time and makes the food delicious.

Download CookBook

#5. Barbeque Grill Recipes Free

Barbecue Grill Recipes Free Android AppIt’s a real fun when you meet your college friends at late night parties and it’s even awesome if the grill is on. The first thing that strikes your mind is delicious recipes of meat. Don’t they? The dishes that you love are always good to make it on your own. This app also gives you ideas about the related recipes that taste the same. Now this is just like icing on the cake. You can also add ingredients and share it with your friends as well. So what keeps you waiting? Go for it now!

Download Barbeque Grill Recipes Free

#6. BBQ Buddy Grill Timer

BBQ Buddy Grill Timer FREE Android AppNow this app is a little bit different from the above apps. Its unique feature of indicating when to flip the food and what temperature makes it unique. Of course, there are plenty of recipes available within the app. But the timing is the most important factor when you are planning to grill something. Obviously, you don’t want to burn your meat and spoil the party mood. BBQ Buddy Grill Timer is the perfect app to avoid such problems. Download it now!

Download BBQ Buddy Grill Timer

#7. BBQ TankMeter

BBQ TankMeter - Grill Gauge Android AppDid you ever face problems while cooking food because your propane gas was over? It’s time to see how much of gas is left in the tank by using a simple app, BBQ TankMeter. Take a note that this app works only for 20-pound steel propane tanks. To know how much of gas is left in the tank, just turn on the app and hit the tank with the phone near to it and that’s it! It will display how much of gas is left in the tank. Of course, this app doesn’t have any recipes in it but it is useful when you want to check how much of gas is present in the app.

Download BBQ TankMeter

#8. The Pit Pal BBQ App

The Pit Pal BBQ Android AppIt doesn’t matter what ingredients you have used but if the temperature and the time are taken to heat the food is wrong, everything messes around. And it obviously ends up serving unhealthy food in your dishes. Temperature and the time take to cook the food are most important if you are playing with grills and flames. The Pit Pal BBQ App is just made for it. It gives perfect information about the temperature needed to heat the food with specific time so that you don’t overheat it!

Download The Pit Pal BBQ App

#9. BBQ Planner

BBQ Planner Android AppIf you are too much into the late night parties and BBQ, this app is for you. BBQ Planner app gives various options to plan your BBQ in a perfect way. Be it a check-in at a certain place, the beverages you carry, the camping requirements or my lists, it has everything well planned in a single app. Overall, it’s a nice app to plan your parties in an effective way. You can also invite your friends and sync all the information in the cloud as well so that you can use the app across all devices.

Download BBQ Planner

#10. Google Play Music

Google Play Music Android AppWell, you might be thinking that what Google Play Music has to do with BBQ? Aren’t you? It’s often observed that many prefer listening to music while cooking and when it comes to barbeque and grilling what else can be better than Google Play Music to listen to the finest songs? There are many tracks that keep you on your feet while barbequing.

Download Google Play Music

SO this ends the list of top 10 best BBQ apps for Android devices. I hope that you will never burn out your meat after trying these BBQ apps on your smartphones and tablets.