Best Android Apps for Entrepreneurs

A rapid decision-making entrepreneur like you always needs a Smartphone besides you to increase your output and your role in the organization. To work efficiently you need certain apps on your Android device which help you to work easily, but there are tons of such business-friendly apps already available, so what you will do? To help you to get maximum gain from business-friendly Android Apps, we have chosen 10 of the best of those, just for entrepreneurs like you only.

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Best Android Apps for Entrepreneurs

10 Best Android Apps for Entrepreneurs

#1. Skype – Free IM & Video calls

Skype free IM & video calls Android AppSkype has now become a popular household name, but yet it has its own prominence in business related communications as well. There have been major efforts to cut Skype to its size by its competitors, but they were miserably failed. So if you have an Android phone, then the Skype App is the most effective communication for every entrepreneur. You can not only chat or send photos you can also make group calls. So for those entrepreneurs who mean business, Skype comes as a very handy tool. This app is also the multi-platform app so you can get in touch with others who have iOS, Windows, Linux phones pretty easily.

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#2. PayPal

PayPal Android AppFor entrepreneurs who also are decision makers, always in need of making payments as well because they are frequently using different kinds of services. For such matters, PayPal app is the best Android app as far as making payments are in the question. PayPal is one of the most popular platforms for making and receiving payments across the globe. All you need to do is to link your credit and debit cards and also your bank account with your PayPal Android App and that’s all it takes if you need to pay for someone’s services.

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#3. Rescue Time: Time Management

RescueTime Time Management Android AppAre you worried about your team spending time on social networking sites more than their actual work? Then Rescue Time is among the best Android apps you can get to keep an eye on them and also to evaluate on where the actual time for the productive work has been spent. The Rescue Time app comes in two versions, Lite and Premium. The Lite version is free, but if you spend some money and purchase the Premium version, then you will get some extraordinary features which will surely provide an edge. Entrepreneurs surely want to eradicate bad habits from his or her team, and Rescue Time, certainly, like its name, will come to their rescue.

Download Rescue Time

#4. Dropbox

Dropbox Android AppAnother popular Android App even outside the business environment is Dropbox. This app has been operated by Microsoft on the cloud. This app is the best for those who want to share their business related information with the telecommuters and likewise to the other groups. The best part of this app is, that it is freely available on the Android platform and it carries very slow space on your mobile hence it is really affordable. Time and again Dropbox get updates on its own, so you going to have a hassle-free experience all the time

Download Dropbox

#5. Expensify – Expense Report

Expensify  Expense Reports Android AppTraveling a lot also means expending a lot as well. If you are tired to keep a track of your daily expenses while you are on a business tour, then this app is made for you only. This app will keep all the records of your expenses and give you the exact idea of your spending. You can also link your credit or debit card with this app and it will add the amount charged for them, directly to its reports. If you don’t want to risk your credit or debit cards, then just take a picture of your receipts on your Android handset and Expensify will automatically examine the proper information. Simple! Isn’t it?

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Download Expensify

#6. Slack

Slack Android AppThis is a must Android App for an entrepreneur’s ‘A’ team. Why? Because Slack will make the chat between your team members as easy as you can ever imagine. Slack allows you to chat with your team members, both in public and also in private. There is also a facility where you can directly send messages to a particular team member. You can add as many members as you want to as there is no limit on the numbers in Slack. The best thing about Slack is that it is very easy to share any type of files and later it automatically archives and indexes them, so that in future if you need them again you can get an easy access. What’s more is that Slack is free and if you want an upgraded version you need to pay a very reasonable fee every month.

Download Slack

#7. Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meetings Android AppThis is an anytime meeting Android App and you will certainly feel being blessed once you start using it. The best thing about Fuze is that you need not log in to host a meeting plus what you get is an extraordinary HD video and crispy sound quality. Along with that, to host an online meeting you are not required to register yourself, just download the app and start your online meetings.

Download Fuze Meetings

#8. Evernote – Stay Organized

Evernote stay organized Android AppOne of the most incredible Apps available on the Android platform is Evernote. It is a personal organizer but the best part is that you can sync your mobile and desktop with it as well. So when you are on the move and your mind strikes with some idea you can just put a note on Evernote and it can be accessed later on both on your mobile and also from your desktop. What’s more is that you can also add your to-do lists and also checklists as and when you are in need of them. Not only this, you may also like to attach various Microsoft office documents or PDFs, then Evernote is there to allow you the same. Evernote will allow you to streamline all the aspects of your business world.

Download Evernote

#9. SignEasy : Sign & Fill Documents

SignEasy Sign & Fill Documents Android AppAnnoyed with printing, scanning, re-scanning and signing documents often? Well , most of the entrepreneurs are all but same. But you need not worry now as we have found a fantastic Android App called SignEasy, especially as a solution for this problem. SignEasy is a far-fetched Android tool which will let you sign, print, scan and re-send all of your documents every day. All you have to do is to open any document you wish to sign and then click on the sign and it is done just by tapping your finger. This app is made not only to make your work easier but also to save your valuable time.

Download SignEasy

#10. Mint: Personal Finance & Money

Mint Personal Finance & Money Android AppIf you are concerned about where your money is flowing and you are bothered about checking your bank statement frequently, then Mint is the best option for you. Entrepreneurs are decision makers as well, so they need to understand the management of finances as well. The best Android App available for such entrepreneurs is Mint. Over here you can able to get the information of your expenses and also your personal cash flow. Not only this, Mint will allow you to create budgets and can manage your various savings plans. So, all in all, you will be in touch with your hard-earned money.

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Before Signing-off

We have furnished all those Android Apps which we felt the best for those entrepreneurs who want to work in a more effective way than the rest. If you start using all the apps mentioned above or even those which you feel are important for you then you will agree with what we have suggested in this article.

Happy Entrepreneurship!

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