Amazon has been delivering a gorgeous voice assistant Alexa in its product Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, and Echo Show. You can do some smart things with this product like control home lights, operate the television, make a schedule and more that you are now aware of. So, if you are using an Echo Show at your Home or Office then I have found some tips and trick of Amazon Echo Show to do the things efficiently. Well, we already discussed Amazon Echo tips and tricks earlier, you can check it.

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Sometimes when you got bored with Echo Show after asking a number of questions and got screwed up with the same Wikipedia answer, maybe you are not aware of some hidden skill of Amazon Echo Show. Hence, I have made a list of the best Amazon Echo Show trips and tricks for you.
Best Amazon Echo Show Tips and Tricks

11 Best Amazon Echo Show Tips and Tricks

#1. Watch Videos

One of the most interesting features of Amazon Echo Show is that you can watch your most favorite videos from YouTube and Amazon Prime. You need to ask Alexa a command like “Show me my video library”, “Search for [name of the TV show] or “Show me [actor] movies. She will show you the outcomes and then you can ask her to play the video as per your choice.

You can also say “Watch [movie/show title].”, “Play the movie [movie title].” or “Watch [name of TV series], season [number].” If you want to take a break, then you just need to say “pause” and after that, you can say “resume” to start it again. You can also use “rewind” and “fast forward” commands.

#2. Adjust Drop In Access

Drop In is one of the valuable features of Amazon Echo show which let other Echo and Alexa app users to access your Echo Show without your authorization. But, you can get the control of Drop in with the help of Alexa app.

In Alexa app, go to Settings → Select Echo Show→ Drop in→ Set as “Only my household” or “off”.

If you want to turn on Drop In for your friends and family, you can enable it by selecting the Conversations tab at the middle bottom of the screen. After that choose contacts you want to give authorization of Drop in anytime and then enable Contact can Drop in.

#3. “What movies are playing nearby.”

Echo Show show you the nearby playing movie list with posters. You can watch the trailer of the movie on its 7-inch canvas. Alexa can also show you the nearby playing movies schedule along with all detail about the movies and approximate time to reach the theater.

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#4. Enable Do Not Disturb

If you are chit-chatting with Alexa and don’t want any disturbance, then you can enable Do Not Disturb on your Echo Show with only a few touches. To do it swipe down from the top of the screen, you will see turn DND on or off button. You can select the button as per your desire, you can also set up a schedule for auto activation and deactivation of DND. Just swipe down the screen to launch the Menu and tap Settings, scroll down and choose Do Not Disturb to set your own schedule.

#5. Customize background image

Well, if you don’t want to the irksome Amazon’s default background wallpaper always there on your screen, then you can change it using Alexa app on your phone. To change Echo Show background image, go to Settings and scroll down to the Choose A Photo with a blue button. And then select the image from your phone and set it as your Echo Show’s background image.

#6. Latest news feeds

If you want the latest news feed update on the morning of the day then you can ask Alexa. She will show full briefing of the current news with video with an audio addition on your Echo Show.

#7. Guide you anytime

Amazon Echo Show’s one best trick is that it will guide you every time when you need it. If you want to make a special recipe on the Thanksgiving Day and do not have the idea how to start the recipe then you can Alexa through Echo Show she will guide you with the full tutorial with audio and videos steps. She will guide you every step when you touch the Echo Show screen while making the recipes she will stop reading you.

#8. Live Shopping Lists

The shopping list is one of the useful tips of Amazon Echo Show which you can use to show the updated shopping list of the grocery and other items. It will show you a shopping list in large text so that you can see it from every corner of your room. Alexa will show you four items each time, you can command it to show more items by saying “scroll down”.

#9. Set up touch instead of talk

If sometimes when you are not in the condition to talk with Echo Show, but you want to use Echo Show then you can use touch mode instead to voice commands. Just tap the screen to launch news feed, video and list other suggested commands and then touch any specific command. You can also use touch to play, pause and next song while playing music.

#10. Shot a picture

You can also capture a photo on your Amazon Echo Show if you don’t have your smartphone nearby. To do it, tell Alexa to “Take a photo”, Echo Show will show you three different camera captions. Touch on any one option or command Alexa to select the number of a camera to take a photo. If you want a take a picture in sticker mode, just say “Take a sticker photo”.

#11. Go home Screen anytime

If you are on any screen of the Echo Show, you can quickly launch the home page by saying “Alexa, go home”. and also you can use the touch screen to open the app, just swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Home.

This tips and tricks of Amazon Echo Show will help you to control your daily things smartly. If you have found something interesting while using Echo Show, you can share us in the comments and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.