Amazon Echo and Echo Dot is one of the most amazing smart devices that world has seen yet. It helps you to manage your home smartly, and thus it reduces the workload. To communicate in the best possible way with inbuilt Alexa, you need the best Amazon Echo and Echo Dot wall mounts, because this smart device needs zero interference and blockages.

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You can place your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot on the table or at your reach, but then it can be disturbed by kids easily, and you may also include pets if you have any of them at your home. So you need a place situated high on the wall to put the Amazon Echo/Echo Dot, and these wall mounts will help you for that. Apart from that, the wall mounts we have selected are friendly with the best Amazon Echo cases and covers too. Hence you can load your Echo even when they are in the case.

Best Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Wall MountsBest Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Wall Mounts


The LANMU wall mount for Amazon Echo Dot is a professionally designed product, and hence it takes care of everything related to your Alexa enabled device. From the security of the Amazon Echo Dot to the ease of usage, everything has been taken care off so that you can have seamless usage.

lanmu amazon echo dot wall mountFeatures of LANMU Wall Mount for Amazon Echo Dot

  • It is a simple steel black bracket, and it works according to the principle of triangle stability, so it has a total balance when the Amazon Echo Dot is with this wall mount.
  • This wall mount is made from ultra-thin steel plate which is not only solid but beautiful as well, and the size of it is so small that you can place it anywhere in the room.
  • Very easy to install and the way this product is designed it will almost remain invisible in the room and will fit in the wall perfectly to let your house become beautiful and intelligent.
  • Because of the tailor made design for Amazon Echo Dot, you can use your device with utmost ease.

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#2. CUVR

Once this entire list is over, we might conclude that this product from CUVR could be the best Amazon Echo Dot wall mount we came across. The CUVR wall mounts for Amazon Echo Dot has a high-quality 3M adhesive pad so to install this wall mount in the room there is no need for drilling the wall.

cuvr echo dot wall mountFeatures of CUVR Wall Mount for Amazon Echo Dot

  • Made from soft silicon which doesn’t allow any scratch on the device and with the 3M adhesive pad it fits perfectly and securely on the wall.
  • Another advantage of the 3M pad is that you can mount the Echo Dot to any dry and smooth surfaces like walls, plastic, wood, metal, tile, glass, and ceiling and even under the desks or shelves as well.
  • Remove the 3M pad and then it can be put on a desk or near the bed rest or anywhere else that allows you the mobility of your smart device.
  • The silicon not only great to fight the scratches but it also provides better and extra grip to inside this mount the Echo Dot remains comfortably fit.

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#3. Amaz247

Don’t want any drilling to install a wall mount for Echo Dot? No problem. Don’t even want to stick the wall mount with the help of 3M sticky pad? No problem at all! Because we now have an Amazon Echo Dot wall mount, which has a hanger loop, so now you can easily hang your Amazon Echo wherever you wish.

amaz247 wall mount for echo dotFeatures of Amaz247 Wall Mount for Amazon Echo Dot

  • Just hang the Amazon Echo Dot on the wall at the comfortable height of any room and even on the hook on the side of your wardrobe and your device will remain responsive.
  • Because the Echo is placed horizontally to receive and transmit, the sound will be stronger and also more realistic than you find with other wall mounts.
  • There are clips with the hook, which have a design to lock the Echo Dot securely, and the extra care is taken that it doesn’t block any sound or any of the blue light ring.
  • Just in case if you wish to stick the Echo Dot and not hang it then there is also a 3M sticking pad which will allow drill-free installation.

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#4. Oeveo

For those who are looking for the best Amazon Echo wall mount which has a vertical design so that one can use the entire device along with the speaker then the wall mount from Oeveo – Computer Bracket Solutions should become their choice easily.

oeveo amazon echo wall mountFeatures of Oeveo Wall Mount for Amazon Echo

  • The wall mount has a custom design for Amazon Echo, and that is why it is probably the best wall mount available right now in the market.
  • Along with the wall mount, you will get two black 1-inch screws, two wall anchors and once you fit it on the wall, you will have the endless mounting capabilities of Amazon Echo.
  • Because of the vertical design and is also protective from accidental falls and splits you will save significant space on your wall and still make the Echo safe.
  • The modern and sleek design blends well with Amazon Echo, screws are secure enough to hold the wall mount strong and black powder coating keeps the smart device scratch free.

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#5. Little Artisan

The eye-catching design of this wall mount from Little Artisan is the main feature of it as well. So if you are looking for the best Echo Dot wall mount, which also increases the look of your room, then this wall mount is at your service already. Apart from the looks, it has some excellent features as well.

little artisan wall mounting guard for echo dotFeatures of Little Artisan Wall Mount for Amazon Echo Dot

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  • The universal look of this wall mount helps you to mount the Echo Dot anywhere in the room and will still look great.
  • This mount will provide improved stability with superior quality material and will also increase the usable range of your Alexa as it provides a clear path from obstructions.
  • The classic wall type design helps to decorate your wall automatically at the same time allows the smart device to work with ease.
  • It is very easy to mount this wall mount on the wall, and it is also easy to install the Echo Dot into this mounting guard.

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#6. Fintie

When we talk about Fintie smartphone accessories, we talk about innovative designs. Now it’s time to talk about Fintie’s wall mount for Echo Dot, so we need to check that whether Fintie has kept the tradition going or not. To check that we must have a look at the features this wall mount offers.

fintie wall mount stand holder for echo dotFeatures of Fintie Wall Mount for Amazon Echo Dot

  • This wall mount has an exclusive design for Amazon Echo Dot, so the smart device is fully secured and can be installed with ease.
  • This wall mount will stabilize the speaker and will prevent it from being tipped over by pets and children, and that means it is extra secure.
  • Because this wall mount provides extra stability to the speaker, you can hear the response from the speaker clearly.
  • The hook clips are designed in such a way that the Echo Dot will be locked correctly, but at the same time, it will not block any sound.

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#7. eBoot

With an entirely different looking design, this wall mount from eBoot for Amazon Echo Dot can give you an impression that it is incredibly durable and can provide necessary security to your device. eBoot currently is offering two numbers of wall mounts for Echo Dot by paying for a single piece.

eboot metal wall mount for echo dotFeatures of eBoot Wall Mount for Amazon Echo Dot

  • The steel material used in this product will help to improve the stability and will always protect the speaker of the Echo Dot.
  • This wall mount is also durable as it is made of a good quality steel which is solid but at the time it is smooth, and hence it won’t scratch your device.
  • Despite holding the Amazon Echo Dot strongly, it doesn’t effect the sound from the Echo Dot, and hence it will provide you good audition experience.
  • You can consider this as the best companion for Echo Dot as it receives and transfers realistic sound horizontally and will make sure that you track sound smooth and accurately.

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#8. Wasserstein

The name of the brand may be tough to pronounce but the product this brand is offering works on a simple logic of providing all around security to the Amazon Echo along with its speaker and while doing that allows the easy fitting and easier access to it.

wasserstein wall mount for amazon echoFeatures of Wasserstein Wall Mount for Amazon Echo

  • Fit this wall mount directly onto a wall and because of its vertical design it will free up plenty of space in your living area and will also keep the Echo out of the reach of kids and pets.
  • The design is so sleek that it can easily match any background and can also blend well with the Amazon Echo and the entire look will be stylish.
  • The Wasserstein wall mount for Amazon Echo is uniquely designed so that the head of the speaker tilts slightly away from the wall and thus you can hear Alexa in much better way.
  • The wall mount is made from powder coated steel for superior durability, and because of the powder coating, the Amazon Echo will remain scratch free all the time.

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#9. X-super

It is heartening to see that lots of brands are coming up with different and unique designs for wall mounts for Amazon Echo and this X-super too has entirely different design than the rest of the wall mounts we offered till now. Let us know more about this product through its features.

x-super wall mount stand for amazon echoFeatures of X-super Wall Mount for Amazon Echo

  • Made from real acrylic material which is durable and great looking as well, so it will mix well with the wall color and also with the Amazon Echo while protecting it.
  • With five screws and five drywall anchors, it is very easy to install this wall mount, and you will always remain worry-free about the mounting.
  • Wrap the excess power cable of the Amazon Echo on the bottom of the bracket for help managing Echo’s long cable.
  • This wall mounts for Amazon Echo is available in two attractive colors like Black and Yellow.

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#10. HIDEit Mounts

HIDEit Mounts are the market leaders in the component mounting solutions, and thus one can assume that their wall mount for Amazon Echo must be one of the best ones. This wall mount needs to be fixed on the wall through screws, and its design allows easy access to the long wire of Amazon Echo.

hideit mounts echo wall mountFeatures of HIDEit Mount Wall Mount for Amazon Echo

  • The design of this wall mount is such that it allows the entire Amazon Echo to rest inside it and you can easily give instructions to Alexa.
  • This wall mount saves plenty of space on your wall, and it will also keep those elements away which might damage your smart device.
  • The HIDEit Mount will not block either microphone or speaker of the Amazon Echo, and hence you will continuously get the response.
  • The package comes with screws, drywall anchors for quick and easy installation of this wall mount specially designed for Amazon Echo.

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So, if you were looking for the best Amazon Echo and Echo Dot wall mounts, then we are sure that your search must end here because this is the most comprehensive list which you will not find anywhere else.

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