Virtual assistants have become our everyday buddies. And there is nothing these smart digital assistants can’t do. Amazon’s super-talented creation, Alexa, is one among those popular smart buddies. We know you might be ready with your celebration plan for the holidays, but, before you roll out your plan, you got to go through these best Alexa skills for Christmas.

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Best Alexa Skills for Christmas10 Best Alexa Skills for Christmas

Skill #1. Christmas Radio

Christmas without music is like a cake without sugar. It can spoil the entire festive spirit. You don’t have to put an effort to assemble holiday soundtracks and play them all. The Amazon lady will take care of that. Enable Alexa Christmas Radio skill and just ask her to “Open Christmas Radio.” There you go, she will tune in to all the wonderful seasonal tracks, which you can groove to as long as you want. Ask her to sing a Christmas carol and wait for it, you’ll be surprised.

Skill #2. Christmas Sounds

Clopping hooves, jingling sleigh bells, hooting owls, Christmas carolers, ho ho ho ……. Like you hear in movies, won’t you love is these sounds play in your background creating a magical atmosphere in your party? You know whom to ask to create such type of ambiance for you. Ask Alexa to “Play Christmas Sound” and enjoy the festivity in the air.

Skill #3. Christmas Kindness

“Be good and do good, Santa’s watching you.” Your behavior will put you on the nice or naughty list of Santa. To score the best, doing some act of kindness is a good idea. Since Christmas is the season of giving, ask Alexa to “Open Christmas Kindness,” she will suggest you a random act of kindness you can perform every day. And if you have any ideas to bring joy into someone’s life, you can submit your suggestions to its email address as well.

Skill #4. Ask Santa

Kids are the most excited ones about Santa. They remain curious to know whether they have made to the Santa’s nice list for the year or not. By enabling Santa Claus skill on Alexa, kids can ask their status to the Santa Claus on their own.

Skill #5. Christmas Jokes

Being the season of joy and laughter, spreading some humor can add more fun. For giggles to fill up in your room, ask Alexa to “Open Christmas Jokes.” Sit back and get ready to enjoy a laughter ride. If you want, you can mug up some in private and show your talent to others later.

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Skill #6. Ask Father Christmas

There is no end to the questions kids ask, and they are such that you may face a hard time answering them all. But Alexa can handle them well. Ask her to “Open Father Christmas,” and Santa Claus will himself answer all weird queries like, “How does Santa fit down chimneys?”, “What are the names of his reindeer?”, “How does Santa get to so many houses in one night?”, “Why does he always wear red?” and so on. Even adults can get some words of advice or ask Santa whatever they want.

Skill #7. NORAD Tracks Santa

Every kid is eager to know when will Santa visit his/her house with a gigantic sack of presents. The best way to surprise them is to enable NORAD Tracks Santa on the eve of Christmas and let your kid ask Santa his whereabouts. Santa will himself update his location to your kid. Isn’t that interesting. Refer our previous blog to learn how to track and talk to Santa using Amazon Echo.

Skill #8. Christmas Screensaver

A collection of beautiful video based slideshow of holiday-themed images accompanied with classical and seasonal music can be enabled through Alexa Christmas Screensaver. Note that the skill can only be used by Alexa enabled devices that come with a screen.

Skill #9. Christmas Lights

What is Christmas without lights? Though Alexa won’t decorate the lights for you, it can control them. Plug your strand of light into a smart, Alexa-compatible outlet and ask Alexa to “Turn The Christmas Tree Lights On.” For extra special effects buy, Alexa compatible, smart Light Rhapsody lights. They can change colors, perform various effects and more.

Skill #10. Christmas Facts

Want to know random facts about Christmas or anything about Santa Claus or his reindeer, Alexa has all answers. And it’s not just limited to Christmas; you can also learn about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and more.

Wrapping up

Isn’t all interesting and exciting skills that you can try with Alexa? Give them a try and let us know how thrilling it was. We have only listed 10, but there are further things that this wonderful Amazon lady can do. Feel free to drop your ideas in the comment section below or let us know if you got something to jazz up the holiday spirit more on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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