When Apple got rid of jack and introduced wireless AirPods the question was raised about its security. It was very easy to forget AirPods in a hurry. So the answer was to have good, compact and soft straps fixed with them so the security of AirPods remains intact.

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Once the decision of having a strap attached with AirPods is taken the question raised was that whether it will give the comfort both to the neck and also to the skin. So the length and the material used in these best AirPods straps were also considered and after that long consideration we have come up with these best straps for your AirPods. Just have a look at them and pick the one which you feel is the best for you.

Best Airpods Straps

10 Best Apple AirPods Straps

#1. Spigen AirPod Strap

Spigen Airpods Strap

Leaders in smartphone accessories have brought Spigen AirPod strap which guarantees you that you will never loose AirPods when they are fixed with this strap. The design is compact; the material is lightweight and extremely durable. If you are busy with any of the outdoor activity then this strap are ideal for your AirPods. It fastens your AirPods on each mount so perfectly so it can give you stability and security always.

Price: $9.99
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#2. AirEars AirPod Strap

AirEars Airpods Strap

These are extremely light-weighted straps which will keep your Airpods fixed and thus you will need not to worry about losing them. Keep them connected always as they are easy to hang around your neck. You can keep your AirPods either hanging or even keep them in your pockets. This strap is great if you are involved in any sports activity or even for your daily usage as well. The design is made exclusively for iPods hence it is always reliable.

Price: $12.99
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#3. VIMVIP Silicone Strap

VIMVIP Airpods Strap

This AirPod strap actually comes in 2-pack so that you get one strap extra by paying for one. Because silicon is used in this strap it is extremely easy to remove and very comfortable to wear because it won’t give any rash or irritation to your skin. The design is tangle-free so you can keep it anywhere even in your pocket without worrying about knots or kinks. Use it at home, car or even in the outdoor at utmost ease.

Price: $7.89
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#4. iAbler Sports Strap Wire Rope Connector (White)

iAbler Airpods Sport Strap

This strap for AirPods is designed for all types of users. It doesn’t mean whether you are using them while at home, at work, driving or even doing some rigorous exercise this strap will always keep your AirPods close to you without making you fear of losing them. The tangle-free design will ensure that you can store it anywhere without worrying about any knots or kinks.

Price: $12.99 [$7.88 on Amazon when we are writing this.] 
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#5. Shalwinn Sports Strap Wire Rope Connector (Black)

Shalwinn Airpods Strap

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This Apple AirPods Strap is made from a silicon material; hence it is extremely durable and comes with a soft feel so when the Airpods are hanging around your neck your skin will not get any irritation. Very easy to install and remove this strap is ideal for any condition and for any group of people. The strap is designed in such a way that your AirPods will always remain by your side.

Price: $7.99
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#6. Kartice Airears AirPods Strap

Kartice Airpods Strap

This strap is compatible with Apple AirPods only hence they won’t fix in any other earbuds or even with AirPods alternatives as well. Get the complete comfort while wearing it as it can give you full access to your neck and will not strangle it while moving it on both the sides. You can use it at any time of the day without even worrying about losing your AirPods at all.

Price: $6.99
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#7. EloBeth AirPod Strap White Wire Rope Connector

EloBeth Airpods Strap

EloBeth Apple AirPods strap can be connected directly from one earpiece to the other in simplest of way possible. The tangle-free design will ensure easy storage without making you worry about any knots or kinks. The material used in this strap is silicone so it is very light-weight and easy to handle and also soft on feel. You can ea4sily hang around your neck and the AirPods will remain by your side.

Price: $6.99
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#8. Stouch Sports Strap Wire Rope Connector

Stouch Airpods Strap

AirPods Strap presented by Stouch is made from edible silicon material which is soft and easy to handle when the strap is around your neck. Even if you are wearing it for a longer period of time your skin will not get any rash or irritation. It is designed to use by one and everyone so you can be assured of similar result whether you are at home, work, driving a car or exercising.

Price: $14.90 [$7.90 on Amazon when we are writing this.] 
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#9. Proboths 30 inch Cotton Rope Strap

Proboths Airpods Strap

Compatible only for Apple AirPods so don’t even think about using this strap for any other earbuds. This strap has a length of 75cm which is long enough to give you comfort while hearing your favorite music. Plus this strap has hooks so they are easy to fix and remove. Now skip worry about losing your AirPods just in case they are dropped from your ears.

Price: $7.99
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#10. iAbler Cotton Rope String Strap

iAbler Airpods Strap

When you use this strap it is extremely to connect directly from one ear to the other one. Fits perfectly with iPhone AirPods and thus you can get the best out of your favorite music. All you need to do is to keep it around your neck and it will hang around either you are using your AirPods or not at all. Remains comfortable at any point of time or any given situation.

Price: $12.98 [$7.88 on Amazon when we are writing this.] 
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With these best AirPods straps, you can be assured of comfort and quality. So what you are waiting for? Just pick up your AirPods strap from the given list and tell us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or even here in the comments section about your experience.