We know a lot about stands and charging docks for smartphone and gaming devices. And probably most of you have a single stand or a charging dock for your smartphone or gaming device. But have you heard about stand or charging dock for Apple AirPods? If not then take a look at this top 10 best AirPods Charging stands and docks that you can use it as a stand as well as charging dock.

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If you have best Apple AirPods Straps and also have best AirPods carrying case then why not have a charging dock for your Apple AirPods? The AirPods charging docks that we have collected here is very convenient to keep to charge and the charging cases that have an opening through then this charging docks are perfect for them. Apart from them, there are many other features of this stand for Apple AirPods, so let us jump to them and see which brand offers which unique feature with their charging dock and stand for AirPods.

Best AirPods Charging Stands

10 Best AirPods Charging Stands and Docks

#1. Spigen

Spigen is always leading brand in the market of the smartphone accessories. Now, this brand has come up with charging stand or dock for Apple AirPods. This charging case dock for AirPods is very sleek looking, and compact charger that is very easy to carry anywhere and it even look great on the work desk.

Spigen Airpods Stand Charging Case DockFeatures:

  • This dock is featured with Nanotac base to make sure you have non-slip experience.
  • It equipped along with the TPU exterior and PC interior that maintains the charging case extra durable and scratch-free as well.
  • This patent pending charging is compatible only with the Spigen or Apple Authentic Original Lightning cable.
  • However, this dock doesn’t pack with any cable.

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#2. Elago

Keep you AirPods charging case along with this Apple AirPods Charging Dock and put it on your work desk or use it as a nightstand. This charging dock station from Elago look incredibly great, and its sleek, compact and professional look and design makes it look different from other Apple AirPods charging station in this list.

elago AirPods Charging StationFeatures:

  • This charging dock has broad compatibility with the Apple devices like Siri remote (Apple TV), iPhone, iPad Mini, Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse.
  • The dock station is equipped with the D stand design.
  • The dock station is very portable you can easily fix in the lightning cable and easily charge a variety of your Apple gadgets.
  • You can install the Lightning cable by simply separating the top and bottom caps of the dock station and just insert the Apple’s original cable through the slots, and this is it, installation is complete.

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Next is the AHASTYLE the compact AirPods charging dock. Like other charging stands in this list this charging dock has an opening for the Apple Lightning cable on the top, so you can safely dock your Apple AirPods along with their original charging case. This charging stand is available in three different colors such as black, red and silver.

AHASTYLE AirPods StandFeatures:

  • Made of premium aluminum and durable silicone.
  • The installation of this charging dock is very easy.
  • All you need is to just apply the Apple Lightning cable by inserting it on the separate bottom and top of the dock and fix all the different parts, and that’s it.
  • This charging dock is only compatible with the Apple Lightning cable. However, the brand doesn’t include charging cable with the charging stand.

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#4. Bestand

Bestand brand offers you three-in-one aluminum Apple AirPods charging station, iWatch stand, and Qi fast wireless charging station for your iPhone as well. However, there is no charging option for the iPad. Besides only its charging station this docking station has an impressive and irresistible design. This docking station is available in two different colors that are Grey and Silver.

Bestand Airpods Charger DockFeatures:

  • It equipped with internal hidden charging line so no more issue with the placing and charging your AirPods along with another device.
  • It is made from aluminum alloy, and the bottom of this charging stand gives anti-skid silicone pad which is durable and sturdy stand.
  • The unique logo hole design helps better manage your phone charging line that makes thing much tidier.
  • This charging dock fits well with the Otterbox and even waterproof case on all the smartphone.

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#5. Kinnara

Kinnara offers strong, yet elegant AirPods charge stands for your Apple AirPods. One can hardly find such refined and sleek beauty that can elevate its overall look of the office desk. This charging dock is functional and fine-looking, and this is why it catches many of the eyes. Along with the attraction, this dock station is fantastic at stability and the strength.

Kinnara AirPods Charging Station Charge StandFeatures:

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  • This compact charging dock is made from aluminum charging stand, and it is designed for displaying and charging your Apple AirPods.
  • It is significantly developed that suits with the Apple lightning cable.
  • The material is durable that even features non-slip silicone pads that ensure stability.
  • Both the material makes the installation of Apple lightning cable easy.

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PECHAM is one of the most flexible and elegant ones. The simple, quality and fashion design of this charging stand provide a better protection. This charging dock provides cylindrical charging station along with the lightning cable management system that keeps the messy wiring out of sight. This charging station is available in only one color that is silver.

PECHAM Charging Stand Dock Holder for AirPodsFeatures:

  • It features Apple inspired design that features stunning machine aluminum detail in the modern style.
  • It is only compatible with the AirPods as it specially designs for it.
  • The aluminum alloy material keeps the body smudge-free and even offers non-slip functionality.
  • The compact and portable design makes the installation of the Apple lightning cable easy.
  • However, the charging dock doesn’t come with the cable.

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#7. YoFeW

YoFeW brings a charging dock that is a four-in-one docking station. This product doesn’t only charges your AirdPods but even power up your iOS gadgets like iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. The product is the ideal accessory to prefer as a night-stand at your home and even office desk. This charging dock available in three colors like silver, pink and gray.

YoFeW Charging Stand for AirPodsFeatures:

  • This four-in-one dock holds Apple devices very well.
  • It made from premium aluminum alloy with refined polishing that makes it stable, durable and sturdy.
  • The anti-scratch rubber and TPU back protects your iWatch and iPhone from scratching.
  • Installing the Apple Lightning cables in this docking station is effortless.
  • It is compatible with wide range of devices.

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#8. Juoos

If you are looking for an AirPods Charging Dock that matches your personality, then go for this Juoos Apple AirPods dock station. It is all design with the cylindrical shape, just like the Elago charging dock. This charging stand available in a variety of fun colors such as blue, orange, red, magenta, green, and in classic ones like gold, rose gold, black, bronze, and space gray.

Juoos Charging Dock Stand for AirPodsFeatures:

  • It is made from the 6061-T6 aluminum and featured along with the anodized finish.
  • It is effortless to dock your AirPods while charging it.
  • It featured with Non-slip silicone pads that make sure the stability of the charging dock.
  • It is compatible only with the Apple lightning cable.
  • However, the brand doesn’t offer cable in the pack.

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#9. GOOQ

Across the world, this two-in-one minimalism has spread like a wildfire. Of course, there are all the right reasons to trust this phenomenon which has influenced everything. The design of this dock station never lag behind because of it built with art. It adds luxury to minimalism and offers a great look for your work desk.

GOOQ Charging Station Dock for AirpodsFeatures:

  • It is made from high-quality PC, and it is specially designed for AirPods charging the case and even for the iPhone.
  • This two-in-one charging dock prevents scratching and smudges and gives comfortable viewing angle of your iPhone as well.
  • It offers very easy installations than any other dock station in this list, all you need is to plug the Apple lightning cable.
  • It supplies 5V-2V MAX power and allows you to charge AirPods and iPhone simultaneously.

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#10. Xiemin

Xiemin is another brand that offers two-in-one charging stand that lets you charge AirPods and iPhone as well. This docking station lets you charge all the models of iPhone like iPhone7/7 Plus, 6/6 Plus, 6S/6S Plus and 5/5S/SE iPhone as well. This charging station is available in two colors such as black and white.

Xiemin Charger Station Charging Stand for AirPodsFeatures:

  • This multi-functional dock can charge your AirPods and iPhone at the same time.
  • It also offers a comfortable viewing angle of your iPhone that tilts to 15 degrees, so that you can easily watch or read.
  • It supplies power to up to 5V-2A MAX and prevents short circuit and overloading.
  • The charging dock doesn’t pack with Apple Lightning cable.

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If you have Apple AirPods, or if you are planning to buy one, then you should surely consider one of these charging docks for your Apple AirPods, as these are the best of the charging stand that the market has to offer as of now. But we assure you, we will update this article when more AirPods docks or stand come out.

So, do you use a charging stand with your Apple AirPods? If you do, then which one of here do you like the most, and why? Even, if you know of a great stand for the Apple AirPods that we didn’t cover in this list, then do let us know by dropping us a line your valuable comment in the comments section below.