While many of the newest and shiniest fitness trackers that start at $100, there are many of the fitness freaks who are looking for the low-cost fitness and activity tracker for which a person don’t have to spend that much amount to get the efficient high-tech health helpers.

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In this list of best activity and fitness tracker, we have collected fitness tracker which are under $50. In this great selection of activity and fitness tracker under $50, you will find all the excellent fitness gears with major functionality to track fitness activities.

Take a note: All the tracker that we have collected in this list of best fitness and activity tracker calculates distance and steps, heart rate, sleeping time and lots more.

Most of the tracker here are waterproof so that you can enjoy wearing it for a longer time and even in an extreme workout. We know that many of you have found yourself stuck in finding a great smart bracelet at low cost this is why we have spent some time to find some excellent fitness tracker for you and make you work easy.

Best Activity & Fitness Trackers Under $5010 Best Activity & Fitness Trackers Under $50

Fitness Trackers 


The X-CHENG fitness band is the best activity and fitness tracker under $50. This waterproof tracker tracks steps, calories, distance, and monitoring sleep quality. This band even assigns personalized daily goals of your fitness. So all over this is a complete fitness tracking capabilities.

x-cheng fitness trackerFeatures:

  • This fitness tracker equipped with a fashionable design that provides 0.96 inch OLED HD display with touch screen control.
  • This health bracelet can charge through the PC or any USB port that fast and lasts for a very long time.
  • It features Smartwatch like the screen which offers powerful functions such as Date/Time display, Heart Rate Monitor, Clock alarm, Pedometer, and Sports Mode (including Swimming mode, Bicycle-riding mode, Rope skipping and a lot more).
  • It integrates intelligence along with fashionable life so that you can enjoy creative style function with science and technology.
  • The high-quality Silicone TPU heart rate wristband is constructed from high-performance AMICCOM 8107V microchip.
  • Not only just microchip the OLED large screen even supports 3-axis G-sensor, but with the powerful micro chip and 3-axis G-sensor, the band measures the pedometer more accurately.
  • You can connect this fitness tracker with a smartphone via Bluetooth. It is compatible with Android & iOS smartphones.
  • And even the brand includes three different colored bands so if you love to try different color band then this is a great pick at a great price.

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The LETSCOM brings powerful technology to the masses with its activity tracker. This Bluetooth Fitness Tracker is waterproof that features OLED screen just like X-CHENG. This tracker is extremely good for those who are fitness freak because it carries everything that any fitness lover want in their fitness tracker.

letscom fitness trackerFeatures:

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  • With multiple sports mode, this smart fitness wristband tracks you all day activity such as steps, heart rate, burned calories and the active time.
  • Besides this includes eight default activity mode along with six additional modes that include APP, running, treadmill, walking, fitness, basketball and a lot more other.
  • Its standby time is around five days which is incredibly cool.
  • The auto heart rate and sleep monitoring function record heart rates 24 hours continuously that helps you control your heart rate.
  • With this fitness tracker even supports function of calls and messages notification, so that you can timely get call, text and all the SNS information.
  • It is very easy to charge too.

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#3. 11TT

Just like the two shared above, this fitness tracker supports almost everything. Thus, you can shine with this fitness tracker. You can utilize this tracker after connecting to your smartphones such as Android or iOS.

11tt fitness trackerFeatures:

  • It displays the time, steps, distance and burned calories so that you can have sports data right away.
  • Once the Bluetooth paired with it, you can easily sync your sports data with it.
  • The remote camera feature of this fitness tracker is a piece of cake that lets you take whole families photo without other help.
  • Whenever you receive any message or call, this fitness tracker will keep on reminding you with a short vibration which doesn’t bother your wrist physically.
  • One great thing about this activity tracker is that it can help you to find your phone.
    The IP67 waterproof design lets you wear this tracker even in your extreme workout.

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#4. Gosund

The Gosund might look intimidating; however, this is simple to use and designed for all the level. If you have a sleeping disorder and looking for the tracker that even wakes you up on the best time then this smart bracelet you really should take a look.

gosund fitness trackerFeatures:

  • Just like another fitness tracker, it also tracks the primary factor of your fitness like steps, calories burned and distance.
  • Its auto sleep monitoring lets you monitor how long and how well you sleep.
  • It features functioning like anti-lost, online upgrade, a reminder for call and text, and even remote camera feature.
  • However, it recommends not to wear when you are playing games like football, basketball and other fierce physical touch games.
  • Overall this is affordable fitness tracker with lots of functioning.

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#5. Towabo

The value of this Towabo smart band is unbeatable because the tons of the features that it includes is extremely surprising at this price point. It looks pretty stylish as well as it performs more than its look.

teslasz fitness trackerFeatures:

  • The flexible wristband is lightweight and comes in pure black color.
  • The waterproof design lets you wear it 24/7 truly.
  • It tracks daily activity adding heart rate, Calorie burning, steps and distance, and monitor sleep.
  • Its vibrating alert supports call, messages, SMS, QQ, Facebook, Wechat, ad Twitter.
  • It supports Bluetooth off-line monitoring app so that you can sync the data anytime.

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Monitor your all day activities with this slim and stylish smart fitness band. It is one of the excellent fitness and activity trackers under $50. With the Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily sync your fitness data on your smartphone with it.

letscom activity trackerFeatures:

  • It automatically records your daily activities like active minutes, steps, calories burned and sleep monitoring.
  • Apart from that, it supports many different features such as Call Reminder, SMS reminding, Incoming Call ID Show, SNS notification, Camera Remote control and few more features.
  • This ultra-slim design band comes with 0.86 inch OLED screen display with mini vibration alerts motor.
  • The IP67 waterproof design makes it more durable.
  • With the inbuilt USB plug, you can charge it with computer, laptop and even with the portable power bank.

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#7. Ronten

Ronten Fitness Band available in two different color combination, the brand has grabbed the hearts of fitness freaks. The perfect mix of style and functionality keep the Ronten smart band a desirable fitness tracker.

ronten fitness trackerFeatures:

  • You can track sleep timing, heart rate and all the other primary things as in every other fitness bracelet.
  • It packed with two different color silicone replacement band that is very easy to install and remove.
  • With the syncing through the Bluetooth 4.0 you will never find hard to use Ronten fitness tracker.
  • It is also waterproof.

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#8. Antimi

Antimi supports Android and iOS. But you require an app on your smartphone to get insights about your daily activity like walking, running and much more. With this tracker, you can even monitor your Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen that no other above fitness tracker can do.

antimi fitness trackerFeatures:

  • This IP67 waterproof tracker tracks all the basic fitness activity.
  • It even supports alert about call, SMS, SNS, message and other sedentary alert.
  • It featured with low-power-consumption Bluetooth chip, 70mAh rechargeable battery, and sensor.
  • The complete charge of this band requires about 1 hour.

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#9. AK1980

This is another fitness band that also monitor your blood pressure but not the blood oxygen. This band from AK1980 is a tracker for all those fitness tracker lovers who can’t afford hundreds of bucks for a fitness tracker.

ak1980 fitness trackerFeatures:

  • For a price of $49.90, you can track almost everything as in other trackers.
  • However, the display is quite small about 0.86 inch OLED screen.
  • It supports touch button that lets you access all the features that track your health and fitness.
  • With an app called H Band, you can keep on tracking the heart rate and movements. It makes very easy to track everything.

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#10. Teslasz

Along with all the features if you are looking for the color splashes in the fitness band then why not take a look at this tracker? The brand Teslasz offers six different color splashes that you can pick from as per your color choice.

teslasz fitness trackerFeatures:

  • Tracks time, calories, pedometer, distance counter, sleep time, alarm alert and few more.
  • Calories consumption and measurement functions record daily burned calories.
  • It supports Bluetooth 4.0 system, and you can use VeryFit 2.0 app to track all your movements.

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Wrapping up

So these are 10 best of the activity and fitness trackers under $50 for Android and iOS users.

What do you think of this list? Which one suits your needs? Feel free to share your thoughts on that tracker and tell us how it works for you.