Ever since I took up gaming, action games have fascinated me the most. With plenty of challenges and the opportunities to showcase my power, they have been wonderful recipes for my free time. What about you?

Though there are a number of high-octane action games full of thrill, I haven’t been charmed by all of them. Out-of-the-box concept coupled with monstrous roadblocks that can push you to the wall has always bowled me over.

Best Action Games for Android and iPhone

Here is the list of my favorite action games which have the qualities to win you over. Let’s dive ahead to explore them!

Best Action Games for Android and iPhone

#1. Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms® 3 App for Android and iPhoneLooking to show your unmatched heroics? Give “Brothers in Arms 3” a shot to thrill your heart.

High time you joined the World War 2 with your band of brothers and indulge into the massive fight against the enemies. Use your excellence to capture strategic locations, drive the enemies away and most significantly; plan missions with 12 of your unique brothers.

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#2. Need for Speed – Most Wanted

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Android and iPhone AppDo you love the game that can challenge you to the core; pushing you to think beyond the ordinary lines? “Need for Speed – Most Wanted” has everything what it takes to thoroughly entertain you.

You have to live the life of most wanted man. Use your skill to escape police and rivals while on the road. It has more than 40 cars to choose from. You can even personalize them as desired. Win every race and use your guile to evade capture.

Download for iOS ($4.99)| Download for Android ($5.60)

#3. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Android and iPhone AppHow about showcasing your superhuman expertise? “Modern Combat 5: Blackout” is an absolute champ that compels you to think as a victor.

The entire world is in danger to get ruined for good. Come on, this is the time to find the devil responsible for this heinous act. Create your own team of soldiers from all over the globe to fight against other soldiers.

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#4. Castle of Illusion

Castle of Illusion Android and iPhone AppWhat about playing a game full of illusion? “Castle of Illusion” with all the mystery will provide you the real joy.

An evil has kidnapped Minnie. Mickey must save his beloved from him. It is the remake of Sega Genesis’s Castle of Illusions.

Download for iOS ($9.99) | Download for Android ($9.99)

#5. Blood & Glory: Legend

BLOOD & GLORY LEGEND Android and iPhone AppWilling to become the star and fight like a gladiator? Blood & Glory: Legend can be an automatic deal for you.

Destroy your enemies, join and win all of the tournaments in the empire. And finally become a legend with massive fan-followers.

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#6. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne Android and iPhon AppDoes car racing mesmerize you like no other games? I’m sure you would have a blast at Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Race against other cars, fly on ramps, perform stunts while on the road or the air. Use top car brands to remain ahead of your competitors and win every battle of speed.

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#7. Dead Trigger 2

DEAD TRIGGER 2 Android and iPhon AppDoes shooting game fascinate you? Dead Trigger 2 can be a highly-addictive option.

Go on a shooting spree. Shoot zombies and win a lot of real prizes. This game has the space to turn heads.

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#8. Chaos Rings

CHAOS RINGS Android and iPhone AppHow about fighting against monsters? Chaos Rings is insanely fun and presents all the tricks to keep engrossed.

You have to select a pair of characters and start a fight against other pairs in the Ark Arena. It requires you to battle with humans and monsters to survive.

Download for iOS ($6.99) | Download for Android ($7.99)

#9. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 Android and iPhone AppAs the world has been captured by a demon, you need to step up to save it from destruction. Join forces with a great many hunters to start off the most thrilling adventure.

Showcase your mighty power to destroy monsters and villains through all 69 missions. While playing the game, you will discover a number of different environments from the shattered realm of Valenthia to the ferocious Valen Outpost. You have the option to wield over 900 pieces of armor and weaponry.

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#10. Plunder Pirates

Plunder Pirates Android and iPhone AppAre you in quest of a fast-faced game full of action, fun, and glitz? Plunder Pirates can be a readymade choice for you.

Players have to build an island and create a pirate crew to loot other players’ islands. You will have to create the excellent strategy, a lot of manpower, and tons of resilience to protect your island from the attacking hordes of swashbuckling pirates. You will love exploring the uncharted waters in your mighty pirate ship.

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Which one of these action games has won you over? Would you like to let us know your favorite pick? At the same time, tell us about your all-time favorite game.

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