Have you been following the market for television? Then you might have marked that 4K Smart TVs are rapidly becoming popular in the market. 4K Smart TVs packed with four times more pixels like 3840 x 2160 than regular HD TVs. With the wider color gamut and HDR video, they offer excellent picture quality. They offer seamless playback of certain multimedia content with utilizing apps like YouTube, Netflix, and few more.

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Based on these and more other functionality 4K TVs are widely becoming the best-selling TVs as well. If you are seeking for the best 4K TVs under $1000 which are packed with large screen panel and more other features, then don’t worry there is no need to search for anywhere else. Your search ends here with this article.
Best 4K TVs Under $1000

10 Best 4K TVs Under $1000

#1. LG 43UJ6300 4K Smart LED TV

LG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is handily one of the best 4K TV real purchases out there in the market. This 4K TV takes place here in this list because of the HDR-compatibility of the screen is excellent. Besides that, with it, you can see more accurate and natural picture quality with its advanced color mapping.

LG 43-Inch 4K TVFeatures:

  • With 4K ultra HD resolution with the resolution rate 120Hz, it supports webOS 3.5 system.
  • The webOS 3.5 brings together every popular streaming video apps like Netflix that provides life to the 4K while enhancing it with HDR useful.
  • With this TV you can have over 70 free premium web channels through the LG Channel Plus app.
  • It supports sling TV feature that introduces A La Carte TV which customizes with some extra channels like sports, news, Hollywood, kids, lifestyle and more. However, there are available free for seven days only.
  • The Active HDR feature optimizes the clarity of content scene-by-scene, and it even provides backward compatible HLG.
  • With true-life color, it provides more consistent color and contrast.

Price: $444.44
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#2. Samsung UN49MU7000 4K Smart LED TV

You can even upgrade your home entertainment system with Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. With stunning 4K graphics, it offers life to movies while reducing the blur it provides you the best crystalline view experience of your favorite movie or video. It also saves space in any of your room and looks very sophisticated.

Samsung 49-Inch 4K TVFeatures:

  • It features a great size for the living room and even for the mid-sized home theatre space.
  • It supports 2160p resolution that offers breath-taking HD picture quality and upscale your current HD content to Ultra HD picture quality.
  • Its HDR technology enhances the contrast and color range of actual pixels for better and brighter color image.
  • It comes with built-in Wi-Fi smart TV which means you can enjoy the large world of the entertainment.
  • With three high-speed HDMI inputs that let you connect home theatre system for a digital surround system.
  • With 2 USB inputs, you can easily connect your camcorder or digital camera or any other USB device quickly.

Price: $564.36
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#3. TCL 55S405 4K Smart LED TV

TCL’s 55S405 line is made up of inexpensive 4K Roku TV that offers easy to use features. This 4K TV from this brand is perfect for streaming 4K content from different services. With the HDR compatibility they efficiently upscale the image quality even the multimedia content is Non-4K. This 4K Roku TV is one of the most affordable 4K TV that you will find here.

TCL 55-Inch 4K TVFeatures:

  • This 54.6-inches wide screen which is large enough to give the immersive experience of picture quality.
  • With HDR and 4K quality it enhances the current HD content to HD level image quality.
  • With built-in Wi-Fi system, it can stream videos or movies from Hulu, Netflix, PBS KIDS, WatchESPN and so many other apps.
  • The integrated Roku smart platform can stream videos and movies from Hulu Plus, YouTube or you can even choose more than 4000 other channels.
  • This LED TV even delivers plasma-like deep blacks and rich and bright colors.
  • It supports advanced TV sound with two 8W main channel speakers.
  • It is packed with V-chip that lets you block content based programs which are unfamiliar to you.

Price: $449.99
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#4. Sony XBR-55X800E 4K Smart LED TV

We all know that Sony brand is one of the most popular brands in the gadget world that offers tons of different devices to the users. Now, this time it is bringing one of the best 4K UHD TV to the world of television. With excellent bass-equipped speaker system this 4K TV lets you enjoy the optimal sound quality of your favorite movies.

Sony 55-Inch 4K TVFeatures:

  • This mid-size 4K television lets you stream videos and movies from other streaming channel or apps.
  • This TV comes with built-in Chromecast that enables you to cast your favorite shows, music, movies and more.
  • The frame dimming technology that gives variable backlight intensity based on the picture that is shown on LCD panel.
  • With UHD, built-in Wi-Fi system it comes with advanced TV sound system that supports different digital music.
  • It comes with four high-speed HDMI inputs that let you connect your home theatre system.
  • It provides a 178-degree viewing angle that gives a clear image to the viewer who is seated near to the side of the screen.

Price: $948.00
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#5. Sony KD43X720E 4K Smart LED TV

Let us see another best 4K quality smart LED TV from the same brand which is well-reputed right on the market that is Sony. Here with this 4K Smart LED TV, this brands give you another option to you for a great pick. This is its budget-friendly 4K TV, so if you are in love with the brand and looking for less expensive 4K UHD smart LED TV, then this option is not bad.

Sony 43-Inch 4K TVFeatures:

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  • This premium 4K HDR TV upgrades your viewing experience and takes you into the HDR entertainment.
  • It is equipped with HDR which supports dynamic contrast enhancer that enhances the picture quality.
  • It redefines the realism of the picture so that you can enjoy lifelike detail with the stunning clarity.
  • With the improved contrast quality, it also comes with the motion-flow that keeps the action smooth.
  • Just like other 4K TV this brand also offers quick access to your favorite apps like YouTube and Netflix.
  • The masterpiece design of this TV keep the wires out of sight for a clean look.

Price: $538.95
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#6. Sony XBR55X930D 4K Smart LED TV

With another 4K UHD Smart LED TV from Sony, we are bringing another 4K HDR Ultra HD television. From the other two 4K TV from the Sony brand this is a little bit expensive but few extra functions as well. With bright HDR images and vibrant colors, it makes this television worth considering. So let us take a look at its features.

Sony 55-Inch 4K TVFeatures:

  • With 120Hz refresh rate, it also equipped with Motionflow XR 960 that makes your picture quality effective.
  • The backlight packed with Grid Array and local dimming as well that boosts the color contrasts.
  • It comes with 4 HDMI port and 3 USB port so that you can connect more devices with it.
  • It captures the complete range of the dark and light color contrast.
  • With more colors, it adds depth and realism to your picture.
  • With this 4K TV, each of the scene of the picture looks more lifelike real.
  • It also supports voice search like a Google search, so your search makes much easy for you.

Price: $899.99
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#7. LG 60UH7700 4K Smart LED TV

LG which is yet another well-known brand that offers super ultra HD LED TV. It provides a superior 4K experience by incorporating with the advanced technologies that offer billion vibrant colors. With superb picture quality, it includes Dolby sound surrounding system which gives excellent sound experience.

LG 60-inch 4K TV 2017 ModelFeatures:

  • It delivers HDR super with the Dolby vision for deeper black levels and good brightness with a wider range of colors.
  • This TV can reproduce a large pallet of rich colors over a billion to make graphic pictures.
  • It supports webOS 3.0 system which makes it incredibly easy to use with the Magic Remote.
  • The Magic Zoom lets you enlarge live screens while you watch any movies video on it.
  • The magic mobile connection feature allows you download the free LG TV plus app that is compatible with the smart device.
  • The Magic remote is an ideal partner for this LG Smart TV that allows you to scroll or use the voice commands to control the system.

Price: $779.44
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#8. Samsung UN55MU6500 4K Curved Smart LED TV

This 4K TV model from Samsung is a straight-up solid investment as it comes with complete 4K UHD resolution along with a high refresh rate. And the price of this 4K TV is the icing on a cake you can get this TV at a less price. However, compared to the price the brand doesn’t compromise on the functionality of the 4K TV.

Samsung Curved 55-inch 4K TVFeatures:

  • The TV packed with four times more pixels than the traditional HD TV which means you can get four times more resolution.
  • It lets you view the vibrant and pure color so that you can enjoy the realistic experience.
  • It comes with one remote that automatically detects and control the connected devices and content as well.
  • With 120 motion rate, it gives smooth action on fast-moving content so that you can get quality clarity of the picture.
  • It is compatible with the next generation UHD Blu-ray players as well as HDR content decoding.
  • It quickly navigates and as mentioned before it can control by the voice commands with its built-in microphone.

Price: $705.00
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#9. Samsung UN55MU7600 4K Smart LED TV

Just like Sony brand this brand Samsung is also offering another 4K UHD Smart LED TV. And this time it offers 55-inches wide 4K Smart LED TV. This is the latest model which is 2017 model that adds some incredibly well-built functionality. With Ultra HD quality it won’t let you compromise with your immersive picture quality.

Samsung 55-Inch 4K TVFeatures:

  • This is 4K TV comes with a curved screen with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 that offers lifelike visuals.
  • The UHD functionality of this 4K TV even converts the Non-4K content to near UHD quality.
  • The curved design of this TV envelops your places as well as the senses you and provide you the best view of the picture.
  • The 4K color drive Pro reveals a vast spectrum of realistic colors.
  • With 360-degree design, it offers stylish front as well as the back along with the sleek metallic finish.
  • With the smart view, it provides auto depth enhancer and One Remote control.

Price: $989.97
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#10. LG 60UJ7700 4K Smart LED TV

The LG brand offers 60-inch wide 4K smart LED TV with some extremely well-designed features. This large LED TV is perfect for any of the room of your house. This TV can reproduce the wide gamut colors that are useful for the HDR. With the Active HDR, it will let you the Dolby Vision and real color accuracy. Let’s take a look at few other features.

LG 60-inch 4K TV 2017 ModelFeatures:

  • With resolution 2160p it supports TruMotion about 120Hz.
  • It supports smart platforms like webOS 3.5 and LG App store that lets you stream videos from other stream channel or app.
  • This smart TV introduces A La Carte TV which just Live TV service to let you personalize your channel.
  • With this TV you can enjoy the most HDR content as it offers brilliant bright colors with deepest darks with ultimate expression.
  • It provides lifelike natural pictures as it is equipped with advanced color mapping.
  • The IPS technology in LG TV it uses in-plane switching to provide most consistent color so that you can enjoy from any seat.

Price: $877.36
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There are quite a lot of 4K smart LED TV available in a market, but most of them are too expensive. But we are sure that with this collection of the best 4K TV under $1000 you will have a list of some great 4K TV options. Which one of is your choice from the above-listed TVs? Tell us in the comments section below, or you can leave your comment on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.