‘Planet Earth II’ is regarded as one of the greatest shows BBC has ever produced and aired. The show was aired in the UK late last year, which explained the nature with extremely expressive narration. The cinematography of this documentary outclassed many of its contemporary. Now, the big news is that this show is coming soon on Snapchat.

Yes, Snapchat and BBC have joined hands, and they have agreed to release a slightly modified version which is to be released on this popular social media network. The series will have about 4 to 6 minutes episodes each. The total number of episodes will be six as per the latest news. Of course, the episodes are modified for the vertical viewing and will also have the binaural recording.

BBC’s Best Show Planet Earth II is Coming To Snapchat

Planet Earth II will make its debut in the US and Canada on 18th February, but it will be available on Snapchat a day earlier exclusively. It is also learned that by bringing this show to Snapchat both BBC and Snapchat are targeting the young audience between 16 years to 34 years of both US and Canada. This will be a premium TV content, and Snapchat has now made sure that it is not limited to sports and reality TV shows only.

Interestingly, Snapchat will allow its users to watch Planet Earth II by using the app’s newly launched Snap Code which is a QR-Code style security measure. This Snap Code allows Snapchat users to create their custom Snap Codes and then they can link it directly to the websites.