Typing username, password, phone numbers, address, and credit card info every time is annoying while filling up some forms and detail on the Smartphone. For that reason, Google has introduced new “Autofill” feature in the latest Android 8.0 Oreo update along with plenty of pretty features.

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However, Some users have been reported about the Autofill not working issue on Google and Reddit community. Considering this problem, we have come with the possible solution to fix the Autofill not working issue on Android Oreo device. Let’s head over to give them a try.

Autofill Not Working on Android Oreo

How to Fix Android Oreo Autofill Not Working Issue

Autofill is the best platform for some Password Manage apps like LastPass, 1Password, and Dashlane. So, if you are using these type of apps, then you can securely select among these app to automatically fill up log in detail and other information on apps and webpages. You will see all these options deep inside the Autofill option.

Note: We have tried this solution on Pixel 2 running Android 8.0 Oreo, but the steps would be different on other Android Smartphone running Oreo

Autofill feature is not activated default when your Smartphone updated to Android Oreo, So, first of all, you will have to enable the Autofill function by heading to the SettingsSystemLanguage & inputAdvancedAutofill. If you see the “Autofill with Google”, then tap to enable it. Once, you turn on Autofill with Google, it will become super cool to enter usernames and password in apps that support autofill feature.

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Don’t see “Autofill with Google” option?

But, what if you do not get Autofill with Google or any other app options? Don’t worry. We have the solution. If there is no “Autofill with Google” or other Password Manager App option in the Autofill service list, then you will need to clear caches and data of Google Play Service and clear caches of that respective app that doesn’t show in the list.

To do that, go to SettingsAppsGoogle Play Service → Tap on clear Cache and Data. And also, select those Password Manager app to clear only caches. Make sure that you have not wrongly cleared data; you may lose all saved detail.

After clearing caches and data, just restart the phone and navigate again to Autofill option as mentioned above. You will see there “Autofill with Google”, just tap on it to activate Autofill on your Android Oreo device.

After correctly following above steps, if the Autofill feature is still not working on your phone, then we suggest you to factory reset your device, or you could also speak with Google Support Specialist to get the proper solution of this problem.

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Is Autofill service perfectly working now? Don’t forget to share your happiness with us. You can also suggest us any other solution if you have found it works. Just drop comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.