When we talk about online music apps, there are certain names which would come to our mind first. These names are Google Play Music, Deezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Jango Radio and much more.

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I can be sure that you might not have heard a name called Audiomay. In the list of online players’ app at all because it is yet to be popularized by its developers. Just a few days back I came across with Audiomay, which once referred, by one of my close friends.

When I downloaded Audiomay and launched it, I saw a simple interface without any razzmatazz of features. On the outset, I liked this simplicity because it is very rare. But once I started using it I felt too much simplicity is also not good either.

The interface is simple. You got only one or two options available right now. But the biggest drawback of this app is the lack in user-friendliness.

Audiomay Search Music & Play ReviewAudiomay – Search Music & Play App

For example, on the main (and the only) screen there a message saying, “Please enter a keyword to search song.” For a regular app user, be it any app and not a music app, in particular, the first reaction to such message is to tap on that message which is inviting you to deliver an action. Over here when I touched on the message nothing happened. I did twice and thrice, but it remained dead. For a second I thought maybe my touchscreen had lost sensitivity, but the reason behind that, that message was misguiding me.

When I moved my eyes further up, I saw that magnifying glass icon, and when I tapped on the icon, the app allowed me to search. Beware, there is one more trap waiting for you, just below the search space ‘Search’ is mentioned but even on tapping that nothing happens. So user-friendliness, I would give a big zero to Audiomay, sorry developers!

Tap on Search Option to Listing your Favorites SongsThera is a couple of pluses. The developers made this app with one simple funda, which is to search your music and listen and that’s about it! Once you tap on the search bar (or that magnifying glass icon), you will have to exercise your mind or your mood upon which type of song you wish to hear right now. Till you type anything, the app remains unresponsive, but once you start typing something in the search bar which relates to your choice of music, magic happens.

Well, nothing too exciting about this magic as it just starts to give you matching suggestions just below the search bar just like our very own Google. So if one of those suggestions match with your search, then you can tap on it directly without any further wait.

Once you tap on the search, the app will give you an umpteenth number of results and all you need to do is to scroll and scroll and scroll, till you find your kind of a song which you were searching.

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Search by artist name or album name, then tap on Song which you want to playYou can search music by artist’s name, album’s name, and genre and even by movie name. Once you tap on the searched song, if you have a slow internet connection then the app will buffer and then start playing your song. This is probably the best part of this entire app that you get plenty of options once you search and with one tap you can start listening to it too (well, apart from buffering).

Another good thing about it is the sound quality. Few songs, which I heard till now, using Audiomay got excellent sound quality, which we get in our inbuilt playlist. I think, if the developers want to make this app popular, then this could be their biggest USP. But a user like me needs something more than only music quality.

A user in general needs ease of usage, and if Audiomay clubs the ease of usage, then it has everything in it to become a great music app gradually.

Apart from above quality, there are plenty of missing necessary components like making a playlist, saving a playlist or easy to find songs in history, etc. are hurting the most. If you loved a song you found on Audiomay and then want to hear it again, say after few hours, then you have to go through the tiring search process again.

So, Audiomay needs to have a save or favorite option if not a playlist for sure. One more minus and a big one are that it overdoes in ads. The ads are repetitive, and they come in all sizes and natures. So, for those who just can’t handle ads should make their mind before even downloading it.

I can sincerely hope that the developers at Audiomay if they are reading this review, should consider drastic changes in their app. You can keep the interface simple but not the functions which are hurting the users. A user like me who needs everything ready and loaded will never use it again, and I can assure you there are millions like me around the world.

Open Audiomay App on your Android PhoneDownload Audiomay from Google Play Store

The bottom line is that if you have plenty of time to waste for searching your favorite music then there is no harm in installing Audiomay, but you will have to do everything on your own without any support from the app. I would give two marks out of 5 just because of the original sound quality and a huge number of search results the app provides.

If you too have downloaded Audiomay, then you can give your feedback to us here in the comments section or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.