AT&T has announced that it has introduced an automated blocking system to fight against fraud and spam calls. This service is known as AT&T Call Protect.

What we have come to know is that this system will automatically block the fraudulent phone call and also will warn the AT&T customer about a possible spam call. But what makes it no use at all that the spam call warning will work only if the customer is in HD Voice cover area.

AT&T Adds Spam Filter to Fight Fraud Calls

To enable this feature you need to go to AT&T support or can directly download the myAT&T app. But the million dollar question is that when we have got hundreds of such apps how this feature for AT&T will get popular? But still, this is a worth noticing feature for those people who are not aware of such an advanced technology available for them. So next time when you visit your home you can educate your Mom and Dad about this feature from AT&T and they might get agree to sign with it as they will get the relief from fraudulent and spammers.

Currently, this feature is available for AT&T’s postpaid customers who are using Android and iOS. The fraud filter system will only work on permanent blocking and for temporary blocking, you need to download any third party app.

For last few months, AT&T is active on many fronts. Recently it even started talks on takeover with Time Warner and now this new feature which will enable its customers to fight against spam.