“Artificial Intelligence” is all set to change our life as well as perspective. With digitization on an incredible rise, AI to have a dominating impact on our life.

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According to Ericsson Consumer Lab’s global research activities of over more than 20 years, representing 27 million citizens as well as data from an online survey of advanced internet users in 14 major cities across the world, AI will become a lot smarter in 2017. It has also found that VR will be indistinguishable from physical reality in three years. Following are the ten ways AI will change the world in 2017. Let’s find out!

10 Ways AI will Change the World in 2017

10 Ways AI Will Rule the World in 2017

“Beyond real time, I believe we should be talking about reality time. In fact, what we call reality becomes ever more personal and subjective. Consumers not only surround themselves with the like-minded on social networks but also are also starting to customize the way they experience the world with augmented and virtual reality technologies.” Michael Björn, Head of Research, Ericsson ConsumerLab, said.

#1. More Versatile Smartphones: As more people are using automated applications, IoT (Internet of Things) adoption is on the rise. Two in five people say that smartphones cannot just learn their habits but also perform their activities.

#2. More People Crave for Autonomous Cars: If all the cars became autonomous, one in four pedestrians would feel safer crossing a street. Huge 65% people would want to have an autonomous car. With the advent of autonomous cars, drivers may exist.

#3. Penchant for Virtual Reality: About four out of five virtual reality users think that it will be difficult to distinguish between VR from reality in merely three years.

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Half of respondents have showed a lot of interest in gloves or shoes that let users interact with virtual objects.

#4. Top Brands to Rule the Roost: More than two out of five advanced internet users want to buy all their products from the biggest five IT companies. Three out of four think that it’s going to be a reality in just five years.

#5. The Fear: Over 50% consumers are already using emergency alarms, tracking or notifications on their smartphones. Three out of five people say they take more risks as they rely on their phone.

#6. Social Networks a Strong Force: One out of three people say that social networks are their main source of news. More than one in four people rate their contacts’ opinions higher than politicians’ views.

#7. Edit Reality: More than 50% people wish to use augmented reality glasses to light up dark surroundings as well as highlight dangers. More than one out of three people want to edit troubling elements around them.

#8. AI Advisor: 35% of advanced internet users wish to have AI advisor at work. More significantly, one in four want an AI as their manager. Almost 50% fear that AI robots will increase a lot of unemployment; making people lose their jobs.

#9. Huge Lack of Privacy: Two out of five advanced internet users wish to use only encrypted services. About 50% people wish to have good privacy across all services. More than one out of three thinks that privacy doesn’t exist anymore.

#10. Car Sickness Issues: With autonomous cars becoming reality, there will be the increase in car sickness issues. Three out of ten people predict that sickness pills will be required to be used. One out of three consumers wish to use motion sickness pills for virtual as well as augmented reality technology.

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