I have been using Android for several years. With a number of highly advanced features, it’s undoubtedly the most popular mobile OS on the planet. No wonder more than 70% smartphone owners use it.

Over the years, there is one problem that I have had to face from time to time is app crashing. When I was quite new to the ecosystem, I didn’t have much idea about how to fix this annoying issue. However, once I got a hang of it, fixing any Android app crashing became quite easy to me.

If any app is crashing randomly on your Android device, you need to try out these quick tips to troubleshoot it right away. Let’s find out!

How to Fix App Crashing Issue on Android

Clear App Data, Cache

Do you clean up app data or clear cache regularly on your Android device? If no, make sure to remove it from time to time.

Whenever any app begins to crash time and again on my device, I fix this problem by clearing its data and cache. In short, it’s my straightforward trick to troubleshoot such issue.

Step #1. To clear the app data, you have to open Settings.

Step #2. Tap on Apps.

Step #3. Next, you need to select the application (preferably the one which randomly crashes.) which data or cache you want to remove.

Step #4. Finally, tap on Clear Data. Make sure to Clear Cache as well.

Don’t Keep Switching Networks

Sometimes, certain apps crash out when you change the active network connection like between Wi-Fi and mobile data on your smartphone.

The apps, which have not been coded properly, have been found to be the main culprits. Hence, it’s advisable to use the same network and avoid switching networks too frequently.

Uninstall Useless Apps

At times we download apps just for the sake of having them on our device. Though those apps remain useless in day-to-day life, we continue to keep them.

Earlier I would download several apps without thinking too much about their usability. And then there came a time when my device was cluttered with a number of apps which were of no use at all. That’s when I realized that it’s better to get rid of the apps which you don’t use more often.

Head over to your app drawer to check out the applications that you don’t need. If you barely put your hands on a few apps, do away with them.

Clean Up Your Device, Remove Associated Files with Apps

One of the best tricks that help me keep my Android phone trouble-free is cleaning it up on regular intervals.

Over the time, useless files pile up to become huge problematic for the device making it crash time and again.

Make sure to get rid of the associated files with any apps frequently with a view to preventing it from not only eating too much space on your device but also crashing repeatedly.

There are several apps like CCleaner which can let you remove files associated with any apps. You can use DiskImage to have the better idea as to how the memory is used on your device.

That’s all!

Hopefully, you will be able to fix app crashing with ease after taking these handy tips into account. If you have any inputs, we would appreciate to have them.