Whenever you walk or run with your Apple Watch, it always keeps tracking your physical movement. But, what if you have done enough workouts and suddenly found that your Apple Watch not counting steps, tracking activities. That’s annoying but true. Luckily, you can calibrate it.

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We all know that Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2 are great fitness trackers. If you are a fitness freak, then you will get very disappointed when you realize that Apple Watch has not counted your steps especially your last one hour run. For sure, you won’t like it and you indeed won’t like to mess with your schedule. If you are fighting with this problem and trying to fix it, then you can fix Apple Watch Series 1 or Series 2 not counting steps error via few following solutions.

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Counting Steps, Tracking ActivitiesApple Watch Not Counting Steps, Tracking Activities? How to Fix

As aforesaid that Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker, but it won’t track your running accurately until you have calibrated it properly. You can also calibrate you Apple Watch to improve the accuracy of distance, calories measure and pace. Additionally, it can also help to learn your fitness level. Let’s try to fix it.

Fix Apple Watch Not Tracking Steps via calibrating

Step #1. Launch Settings on your iPhone.

Open Settings on your iPhoneStep #2. Tap on PrivacyLocation Service.

Go to Privacy and tap on Location Service on iPhoneStep #3. In the Location Service tab, tap on System Service.

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Tap on System Service Under Location Service on iPhoneStep #4. Now, Turn ON Motion Calibration and Distance.

Turn ON Motion Calibration and Distance on iPhoneNow you can calibrate your Apple Watch Series 1 or 2 using below steps:

Step #1. Find the place that’s flat and offers decent GPS reliability. Make sure that you have your iPhone with you.

Step #2. On your watch, open Workout app and choose Outdoor Walk or Outdoor Run.

Step #3. Set a timer for 20 minutes to walk or run.

Step #4. Now walk or run at your normal pace for 20 minutes so that your Apple Watch can learn your stride speed and health.

You can repeat the process for a number of times to let your watch keep your accurate fitness record. Apart from that, there some things you should know that keep a track on your physical activity.

#1: The Stand Ring

While the stand notification function is confusing, but its role is quite clear that it will alert you that you have not moved for some time. Hence, if you get the stand notification, left your desk and walk around.

#2: The Exercise Ring

This ring doesn’t start its works until you heat beat starts pumping above average. It cannot track your normal routine. This function specially designed to do more, not just keeping the record daily routine. This will track only those things that you do to keep your body fit.

#3: The Move Ring

The move ring function actually designs to calculate calories that you have burned. There are two types of calories that we burn in our regular life- Resting and Active calories. Resting calories are the calories that you burn just by living like breathing. Active calories are the calories that burn by doing some extra work or work out like gym and running. The Move ring only calculates your Active calories.

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Hope now you have the better idea why was your Apple Watch not counting your steps. Hope you followed this guide and get back to the schedule. Don’t forget to share any other tricks to fix this error.