Letting the earphone jack away for its new iPhones, Apple has certainly created history. We all know that iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X can beam music to your ears through Bluetooth enabled AirPods.

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If you have not purchased AirPods yet, then take a look at this AirPods alternatives. And if you already have one then have a look at this post to find the best tips and tricks to get the best out from the device.

Use these eight tricks and start using your wireless earphones with comfort.

Best Apple AirPods Tips and Tricks to Get Most Out of Them

Best Tips and Tricks for Apple AirPods

#1. Pairing AirPods with iPhone

The entire pairing process between AirPods with iPhone is extremely easy and the entire process of pairing should take 3 seconds only. Make sure your device should have iOS 10 or the latest version. You need to open the charging case and then after a while, your iPhone will prompt you to connect. Now tap on ‘Connect’ and that’s it! If you are on the same iCloud then you can use Apple AirPods for all Apple devices.

#2. Change the name of your AirPods

You can easily customize the name of your AirPods so that you can distinguish it easily later on. Just go to Settings → Bluetooth and then tap on ‘i’ icon next to AirPod’s current name and change it according to your choice.

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#3. Not your AirPods

What if someone tries to connect your AirPods from his iPhone? Well, you can customize a message by saying “Not Your AirPods” and he or she will know about it when he tries to connect via “Connect” button.

#4. Connect your AirPods with everything

As we mentioned above you can connect your AirPods with almost everything if your Apple gadgets are linked on the same iCloud. But let us add one more thing here is that you can connect your AirPods with everything except those things which don’t work with Apple’s W1. So, in short, your AirPods can be paired with everything and you can even pair them with your Android device.

#5. Know the AirPods battery status on iPhone

Whenever you will open the charging case of your AirPods your iPhone will get a pop-up message about the current battery status of your AirPods. The second way is to add the battery widget to Notification Center’s Today panel, but make sure that the widget will run only if your AirPods are active.

#6. Know the AirPods battery status on iPhone

If you are also using Apple Watch and using AirPods also then you need to open the Control Center on your Apple Watch and then tap on the battery button. Over here you will know the current battery status of both Apple Watch and AirPods together.

#7. Give Siri some respite

When you are viewing your AirPod’s setting on your iPhone you will also be able to change the double-tap function to Play or Pause your Music without asking Siri to do it each time.

#8. AirPods on Mac

Yes, you can easily use your AirPods on Mac and for that, you need to select your AirPods as your audio output device. Just click on the speaker icon you see on the menu bar and then select your AirPods from the list. You can also use the AirPlay icon in iTunes and select AirPods to stream the music from it.


These 8 superb tips and tricks will make the usage of your AirPods extremely easy and can save your time too. Do let us know how these tricks are working on your AirPods here in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.