One beautiful morning, when your iPhone or iPad is in your hand, and you find that the all-important App Store icon is missing from your iPhone or iPad! What will you do if that happens with you? The first and the knee-jerk kind of a reaction would be to search everywhere on the iPhone or the iPad in haste like a mad person. But what if even that nervous activity has not been able to find then? We all know the importance of App Store on your beloved iPhone and iPad because it provides you some of the best apps available on the platform along with the option to update the current apps installed on your gadget.

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So looking into this huge importance of the App Store and its quick access via the App Store icon, we would like to give you few simplest of solutions. We are sure that by using them you will find and restore the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPad. Here are some of the most useful solutions for the problem you are facing, currently.

How to Fix App Store Icon Missing on iPhone or iPadHow to Restore the Missing App Store Icon on iPhone and iPad

Before we give you the simple solutions to fix the problem, we would like to draw your attention towards one very important aspect. If your iPhone or iPad is provided by the organization you are working for or with a school, then it is very much possible that they have restricted the access towards Apple Store. So if this is the case, then you might first have to meet the IT department of your organization or the school to cure this. For the rest, follow these simple solutions we are giving now.

Solution #1: Check Everywhere Two Times

Sometimes what happens is that by mistake we put the App Store icon in a folder. So better you check your home screen and swipe through all the pages of your iPhone or iPad carefully to check whether you have created such folder or not. You may also search “App Store” to search section on your iPhone. If it appears that way, then kindly make sure where the icon is situated.

Search App Store to search section on your iPhoneSolution #2: Check for the Restrictions, if any

Step #1. Open Settings from your iPhone or iPad home screen.

Open Settings on your iPhoneStep #2. Now, tap on ‘General.’

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Tap on GeneralStep #3. Next, Tap on ‘Restrictions,’ option.

Scroll down and find Restrictions, tap on itStep #4. Now, Enter the passcode, all you need to do is to make sure that ‘App Store’ is ON.

Make sure that App Store icon is ONSolution #3: Reset Home Screen

This is the final option if nothing has worked till now. These options have worked in most of the cases, so first check for the App Store icon everywhere and if you still can’t find it then follow the below mentioned path.

Settings → General → Reset → Reset Home Screen Layout

Reset Home Screen Layout on your iPhoneThis will automatically bring the home screen back to its default settings and will restore your missing App Store icon.

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Parting Shot

If any or all of above solution won’t work, then we believe you have no other option then to meet the authorized Apple Store in your city, and you can take help from them. We are sure; they will fix the problem for you.